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base fork: weppos/whois
base: v1.3.4
head fork: weppos/whois
compare: v2.6.1
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Commits on Jan 06, 2012
@weppos CHANGELOG 879c527
@weppos Update copyright year 4e68eec
@weppos .VA TLD no longer provides public WHOIS interface (closes GH-93) 84e4801
Commits on Jan 07, 2012
@weppos Fixed warning: method redefined; discarding old to_time 0250e42
@weppos .WEB.COM was already removed 0bf8054
@weppos Update parser to reflect changes in the record f…
@weppos Reorganize files into folders 30b2dbf
@weppos Extract #unexpected_token feature into a method 89e66e5
@weppos Fix typo c9d430a
@weppos Rewrite Base scanner using a modular approach 88943bf
@weppos Rename scanner used just in one class eb413f1
@weppos CHANGELOG 083be43
@weppos Skip content to reduce memory usage e2119b0
@weppos Skip empty line immediately 7111bcc
@weppos Update docblock 8d59dbf
@weppos Don't run rake task in verbose mode by default 0fec60c
@weppos Rename #contact to #build_contact.
#build_contact better reflects method purpose.
@weppos Missing type check in spec 30bbb32
Commits on Jan 08, 2012
@weppos Added full parser. b9cc2c6
@weppos Added full parser. b3f85a3
@weppos Add fixture for invalid response.
This response is returned when trying to query a .COM.UY domain.
This should never happen. It's likely the user is trying to query the "" domain itself.
@weppos parser must support `To be suspended' status bbb23b3
@weppos Regenerate gemspec 282f875
@weppos Fix crash when trying to parse not-US address 9fa5c0f
@weppos Leave :name empty, .EDU are only organizations (GH-141) 4ec6fcd
@weppos Regenerate gemspec 9a88e6f
@weppos Regenerate gemspec 745f20a
Commits on Jan 20, 2012
@mat813 mat813 Add domains and parsing. 28fe436
@mat813 mat813 Add spec for 1d228ec
@mat813 mat813 Flatten the second level domains list. 2f1d17f
@mat813 mat813 Cleanup the scanner.
* The scanner should not use complex types, so, return hashes.
* The registrar should be a Whois::Record::Registrar, so, remove my home
  made one.
Commits on Jan 24, 2012
@cu39 cu39 response_throttled? for parser a677a28
Commits on Jan 25, 2012
@cu39 cu39 Now parser supports 'Maximum queries per hour' message. ddcac44
@cu39 cu39 Now parser supports 'QUARANTINE' and 'OUT OF SERVICE' st…

Both are reported as :registered.
Commits on Jan 26, 2012
@cu39 cu39 Merge branch '' b0b7985
Commits on Jan 27, 2012
@weppos Fix 'struct size differs' error 54ccec0
@weppos Indentation b5acaec
Commits on Jan 30, 2012
@weppos Whitespaces and conventions da1d9a2
@weppos AST should only contain primitive types 0b61342
@weppos Prefix all fields with the field: prefix 6fe3ce8
@weppos Take advantage of block 0dc93c6
@weppos CHANGELOG 2fab9e6
@weppos AST should only contain primitive types 06ce8de
@weppos Sort specs 2373fba
@weppos Normalize status values 6083c97
@weppos Check unsupported properties 85273cf
@weppos Test disclaimer content d1f1cc3
@weppos Prefer not-rspec syntax a629bec
@weppos Set type in the parser e867656
@weppos Support (closes GH-144) e3f8aee
@weppos Take advantage of the response being a YAML output 3749ed5
@weppos No field: prefix here 14ea029
@weppos Merge branch 'smallregistry-yaml' e100a76
@weppos Missing timezone in test 01d1c87
@weppos Coding Standards ebec2e0
@weppos Fix error TypeError: can't dup NilClass 2286c53
@weppos Regenerate gemspec e41c29a
@weppos Regenerate gemspec 095eac9
@weppos Use a less rspec-oriented syntax af19273
Commits on Jan 31, 2012
@priithaamer priithaamer Update parser
The server response format has been changed. This is the minimal change to check the availability of .lv domains. Fixes #145
@priithaamer priithaamer Put back proper status checking for 0c5910e
@priithaamer priithaamer Restore empty lines for grouping methods. 50372b4
@priithaamer priithaamer Rename fixture files. 4ca28fc
@priithaamer priithaamer Fix invalid spec introduced in previous commit. 35ca735
Commits on Feb 01, 2012
@weppos parser must support `NotRenewed' status. 08b189c
@weppos Normalize classes de94117
Commits on Feb 03, 2012
@weppos Merge pull request #146 from priithaamer/
Update parser (closes GH-145)
@weppos Restore tests removed in ad2e2d3 (references GH-145, GH-146) 4c0177b
@weppos Fix invalid date in test (references GH-145, GH-146) 39c307e
@weppos CHANGELOG 3a59219
@weppos Renamed :quarantine status to :redemption. c5f53fe
@weppos One-line case statements 0329e3f
@weppos now understands invalid responses. 1b0fe93
@weppos Regenerate .gemspec b362002
@weppos Code cleanups eb5bd31
@weppos Experiment with Travis 28ccbfc
@cu39 cu39 'QUARANTINE' and 'OUT OF SERVICE' statuses on become rep…
…orted as :redemption.
@cu39 cu39 Merge branch '' 58b39fc
@weppos Merge pull request #147 from cu39/master
Some enhancements for and
@weppos CHANGELOG 965fa6e
@weppos Release 2.3.0 19eba1f
Commits on Feb 04, 2012
@weppos parser must support `Delegate' status. 0897c5e
@weppos Don't need to be that 'on the edge' for now 81b6469
Commits on Feb 06, 2012
@weppos Upgrade to fuubar 1.0 51fd6ed
@weppos $ bundle update yard de53f44
Commits on Feb 14, 2012
@hadees hadees Updating godaddy parser to the new response by Godaddy 80272f4
Commits on Feb 16, 2012
@weppos Standardize .gitignore a189de0
@weppos Standardize RSpec support class names 2307218
@weppos SHAPSHOT feature is no longer required 52e0b51
@weppos Merge pull request #148 from hadees/master
Updated the GoDaddy parser.
@weppos .KP TLD no longer provides public WHOIS interface (closes GH-52). ce5aabd
@weppos Update changelog for GH-148 e06ce05
@weppos Fixed parser crash when the response doesn't contai…
…n nameserver IPs
@weppos Move fixtures at the top-level 2bb84ac
@weppos Use a function name instead of an anonymous convention 1fc2ddd
@weppos Use a less RSpec-oriented syntax a4857a5
@weppos Fix invalid VERSION keyword 8d02652
@weppos Fix description typos 03f926e
@weppos Prepare fixture for b57c9d0
@weppos Replace fixture, use 7fb2e2e
@weppos Added full parser. d983455
@weppos Merge branch '' 82c9c61
@weppos Regenerate gemspec 2cc4809
Commits on Feb 17, 2012
@weppos Added ability to check for an unavailable response. c33b0e8
Commits on Feb 19, 2012
@semaperepelitsa semaperepelitsa Place "core_ext" under "whois" namespace.
"core_ext" is a common name and may collide with other files in load path.
@weppos Merge pull request #149 from semaperepelitsa/master
Place "core_ext" under "whois" namespace
@weppos Changelog for GH-149 f21ea47
Commits on Feb 22, 2012
@weppos parser must support `Delegate' status. b9d635d
Commits on Mar 04, 2012
@weppos Simplify status parser b4e73f6
@weppos parser must support `pendingUpdate` status. 21d9f2a
@weppos Normalize status parser 263fc06
@weppos now understands reserved domains. 6015638
@weppos parser must support `PENDING-DELETE' status. a55c700
@weppos Regenerate gemspec 7c399c6
@weppos Fix 1.8.7 compatibility with splat operator 5489901
@weppos Fix 1.8.7 compatibility with trailing comma 137830f
Commits on Mar 05, 2012
@weppos Added IDN XN--80AO21A (.ҚАЗ, Kazakhstan) b3c7ebc
@weppos Query object should match server 24a1ed7
@weppos Whois::Client#query is no longer case sensitive (closes GH-151). e569a0c
@weppos Fix invalid expectation, I want to check the case. 55dcee1
Commits on Mar 06, 2012
@weppos Add donations section. 826d25b
@weppos Fix link to /api 2e3a4d0
Commits on Mar 14, 2012
@kliuchnikau kliuchnikau Defined whois server for .by d162596
@weppos Updated ipv4 allocations. ba00a3c
@weppos Removed .GP TLD server (closes GH-44) 071d828
@weppos Updated .CV, .GF, .MQ, .XN-MGBAYH7GPA TLD servers f508bde
@weppos Change to (closes GH-153) bf49848
@weppos Change to (closes GH-133) cd61897
@weppos Added .RS TLD server and full parser e4aee3f
@weppos Added .LK TLD server and full parser faeb1f3
@weppos Sync with debian whois 5.0.12 (closes GH-138) 09b00cb
@weppos Update .XN--XKC2AL3HYE2A TLD server 765c526
@weppos Update .XN--FZC2C9E2C TLD server 763f48a
@weppos Added full parser (closes GH-122, closes GH-139) 0a32d35
@weppos Regenerate gemspec 7e73410
@weppos Merge branch 'master' of 9be7f51
@weppos Remove 1.9-only syntax 99fdca7
@weppos Fix match assignment b24bee9
Commits on Mar 16, 2012
@weppos Update definition for dc95fa6
@weppos Added .NC TLD server and full parser (closes GH-109). 92e7542
@weppos Merge branch '' df7d9da
@weppos Release 2.4.0 744cc6b
Commits on Mar 19, 2012
@weppos Moved scanners from Whois::Record::Parser::Scanners to Whois::Record:…
@weppos Fix unchanged @since tag. f8d9fcc
@weppos Added full parser. 33c3573
@weppos Regenerate gemspec c5e2558
Commits on Mar 20, 2012
@kliuchnikau kliuchnikau Initial commit of parser + its specs 34236d7
@kliuchnikau kliuchnikau Generated missing tests for not supported properties: disclaimer, ref…
…erral_whois, referral_url
@kliuchnikau kliuchnikau Added ast scanner and implemented properties status, r…
…egistered? and available?
@kliuchnikau kliuchnikau Implemented all properties for 62be50e
@kliuchnikau kliuchnikau Corrected parser to skip last line ea9f4c5
@kliuchnikau kliuchnikau removed note (because all properties were implemented) f64e656
@kliuchnikau kliuchnikau Merge branch 'master' into by_zone_whois 89111f3
@kliuchnikau kliuchnikau scanner moved to folder whois/record/scanners/ cab0948
@kliuchnikau kliuchnikau Standard order for properties in parser and for specs 1905708
Commits on Mar 21, 2012
@weppos .IE availability checking returns incorrect results (closes GH-155) 5f48d7a
@weppos Merge pull request #154 from kliuchnikau/by_zone_whois
Whois for .by (
@weppos Significant whitespaces and CHANGELOG for GH-154 ac3b9d1
@weppos Code cleanup. 578ca06
@weppos Remove duplicate `scan_empty_line` tokenizer 6b10af5
@weppos Scanner-based .IE parser f68473a
@weppos Update comments 73c88f8
@weppos Added full server. ed0d6ff
@weppos Extract common patterns. 96efe8f
@weppos Fix SyntaxError with Ruby 1.8 7c13c5a
Commits on Mar 26, 2012
@weppos Remove and ignore Gemfile.lock 893102f
@weppos Don't force Fuubar as dependency. 67bf22e
@weppos Upgrade to rspec 2.9.0 d6acd8e
@weppos Add post-install message e58b1a8
Commits on Mar 28, 2012
@weppos Remove support for schema-1 from parser. 487dbe9
@weppos Convert into a scanner-based parser. 158911c
@weppos Added full parser c7bb7e9
@weppos Merge branch '' 675b405
@weppos Fix parser incompatibility with Ruby 1.8 92c3a41
@weppos Added parser. 1d412ea
@weppos Merge branch '' bd89791
@weppos Fix parser crash with long address b90d99e
@weppos Regenerate gemspec 2bc8e88
@weppos contact => contacts 0e000d1
@weppos Fix parser crash when contact is almost empty e0fec47
@weppos Regenerate gemspec d2f940d
Commits on Mar 30, 2012
@weppos Update RELEASE number c2329d1
@weppos Release 2.5.0 a45264e
Commits on Mar 31, 2012
@weppos Fix error when name is empty 8d7be2e
Commits on Apr 11, 2012
@weppos parser crashes when there is a pending applic…
…ation token for the domain.
@weppos parser should support multiple contacts. 80fe6a0
Commits on Apr 15, 2012
@weppos now uses "not available" and "available" statuses. 4460e28
@weppos Regenerate gemspec 91a6ed0
Commits on Apr 24, 2012
@weppos scanner fails to recognize some reserved domains. 90cbd07
Commits on May 01, 2012
@weppos fails to recognize "registered until expiry date" status. 31b4446
@weppos Release 2.5.1 d695b62
@weppos changed response format 2f6f995
@weppos This status was part of before 2012 response. aeacdac
Commits on May 03, 2012
@weppos Update response fixtures to version 5.00 23c1710
@weppos Use more meaningful names. 08bb26c
@weppos Update specs for throttled response. d7e23b1
@weppos now recognizes throttled responses. 4b88785
@weppos Regenerate gemspec 6aabc31
Commits on May 04, 2012
@weppos Add fixture that generates error. 9ef1ebb
Commits on May 07, 2012
@weppos Coding style 836b6c7
@weppos parser crashes when expiration date is "null". b2342a3
@weppos Added .OM TLD server and full parser. a5c3212
Commits on May 11, 2012
@sherwind sherwind parser must support 'Delegate' status. d81116d
@sherwind sherwind parser must support 'Expired' status. b5115c4
@weppos Merge pull request #159 from sherwind/na-delegated-status parser must support 'Delegate' status.
@sherwind sherwind parser crashes when domain is private. ef7f9b6
@weppos Merge pull request #163 from sherwind/rs-domain-privacy parser crashes when domain is private.
@sherwind sherwind Fixed parser not to split nameserver name at the hypen db01bee
Commits on May 12, 2012
@sherwind sherwind Implement registrar property for CoCCA 7ff1ef0
Commits on May 20, 2012
@weppos Merge pull request #164 from sherwind/rs-nameservers-hyphenated
Fixed parser not to split nameserver name at the hypen
@weppos Merge pull request #165 from sherwind/cocca-property-registrar
Implement registrar property for CoCCA
@weppos More credits in README 863c6b5
@weppos Update CHANGELOG 429f8bb
Commits on May 21, 2012
@weppos Indentation 3716db1
Commits on May 22, 2012
@weppos Added .TN TLD server and full parser. 00019a6
@weppos Merge branch '' 6bb777a
@weppos Add link to file b8df043
Commits on May 24, 2012
@weppos Extend parser. 8051510
@weppos Parse contacts. 9b9b787
@weppos Update CHANGELOG 6c71f69
@weppos Regenerate gemspec 4068557
Commits on May 25, 2012
@weppos Coding conventions 7621ca8
@weppos parser fails to support 'Unconfirmed' status. ab729da
@weppos Upgrade to rspec 2.10.x 1d5f3da
@weppos Packaged gem is missing .md files 1590606
Commits on May 27, 2012
@sherwind sherwind parser crashes when expiration date is dash 8e98516
@sherwind sherwind Add support for "RESERVED" status to parser 3019807
Commits on May 28, 2012
@sherwind sherwind WhoisNicGl < BaseCocca e307448
@weppos Merge pull request #161 from sherwind/uz-no-expiration parser crashes when expiration date is dash.
@weppos Merge pull request #162 from sherwind/uz-reserved-status
Add support for "RESERVED" status to parser
@weppos Merge pull request #160 from sherwind/tz-expired-status parser must support 'Expired' status.
@weppos Update CHANGELOG 20d8a98
@weppos Merge pull request #166 from sherwind/gl-base-cocca
WhoisNicGl < BaseCocca
@weppos Update CHANGELOG fe42a8f
@weppos Regenerate gemspec fe58b0b
@weppos Deprecate initialization without Hash 2dad3d3
@weppos Fix deprecated usage 7a96b26
@weppos Fix deprecated usage 38fa052
@weppos Fix deprecated usage 9f8d86e
@weppos Fix deprecated usage in specs. 28d8f09
@weppos Fix deprecated usage. 8c18f67
@weppos Fix deprecated usage. 3909f1f
@weppos Introduce deprecation backtrace dcee304
@weppos Deprecate SuperStruct initialization with list of params 776abfa
@weppos Merge branch 'superstruct-hash' d735815
@weppos Fix match incompatibility with Ruby 1.8.7 5b3d5b9
Commits on May 29, 2012
@weppos Fix infinite loop when in parser when contact addr…
…ess doesn't start with digits.
@weppos Inline rescue doesn't rescue LoadError cccb6ce
Commits on Jun 05, 2012
@weppos Release 2.6.0 d6b91fe
@weppos Release 2.6.1 8c1b2ab