whois.cira.ca Unknown status `unavailable' #102

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you can get an "unavailable" status in the whois data for domain names that already have an old province level domain name conflicting:
'01114 The domain name provided conflicts with at least one other registered domain name and as a result is not available for registration (e.g. xyz.ca conflicts with xyz.on.ca).'

you can test it with "mediom.ca" for instance

the unavailable status is also returned when you query for a 3 segments domain name which is not available anymore, and only exists for specific reasons ( like if you had your domain names before 2000 when they went from free to paid or if the organisation asking is a city )

but you can receive registered status for 3 or 4 segments

whois -h whois.cira.ca city.toronto.on.ca
gives an answer because it's an official city domain name

whois-2.0.4/lib/whois.rb:136:in bug!': Unknown statusunavailable'. (Whois::ParserError)
whois-2.0.4/lib/whois/record/parser/whois.cira.ca.rb:43:in `_property_status'

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