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Loading… seems to be broken. #145

priithaamer opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Priit Haamer Simone Carletti
Priit Haamer

The format seems to have changed. Please confirm. If yes, then i'll fix it.

Simone Carletti

Yes, I confirm it.

Also, I searched for [Nservers] and no other response contains that string. It means the response format is proprietary and is not shared with any other existing server.

Priit Haamer priithaamer referenced this issue from a commit in priithaamer/whois
Priit Haamer priithaamer Update parser
The server response format has been changed. This is the minimal change to check the availability of .lv domains. Fixes #145
Simone Carletti weppos closed this in 5f5483c
Simone Carletti weppos was assigned
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