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Bug in status parsing of pihrtstudio.cz #190

MartyIX opened this Issue Oct 21, 2012 · 1 comment


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MartyIX commented Oct 21, 2012


When I try to make a query on the domain pihrtstudio.cz I get the error:

C:/Ruby193/lib/ruby/gems/1.9.1/gems/whois-2.7.0/lib/whois.rb:134:in bug!': Unknown statusDomain is not generated into zone'. Please report the issue at http://github.com/weppos/whois/issues (Whois::ParserError)

The origin of the problem can be easily spotted in the raw Whois record (see the excerpt below):

status:       Domain is not generated into zone
status:       Expired

More detailed info

>> w = Whois::Client.new
>> c = w.query('pihrtstudio.cz")
>> c.status  

# my debugging output
record.rb: method_missing [start]
record.rb: method_missing -- Parser::PROPERTIES.include?(method = :status)
record.rb: method_missing -- self.class.define_property_method(method)
record.rb: self.define_property_method(method = :status) [start]
record.rb: self.define_property_method - [end]
record.rb: method_missing - send(method, *args, &block)
parser.rb: method_missing?(method = :status)
parser.rb: define_missing_method?(method = :status)
parser.rb: delegate_to_parsers?(method = :status)
parser.rb: select_parser(property = :status, status = :supported)
parser.rb: select_parser() - |parser| =  Whois::Record::Parser::WhoisNicCz # parser if parser.class.property_registered?(property, status)
parser.rb: delegate_to_parsers? -- Parser that supports method: parser = Whois::Record::Parser::WhoisNicCz
parser.rb: delegate_to_parsers? -- parser.send(method = :status)
base_whoisd.rb: :status -- node('status')
base_whoisd.rb: :status -- (#1) string = ["Domain is not generated into zone", "Expired"]
base_whoisd.rb: :status -- (#2) string = "Domain is not generated into zone"
base_whoisd.rb: :status -- self.class.status_mapping[string.downcase] = nil

C:/Ruby193/lib/ruby/gems/1.9.1/gems/whois-2.7.0/lib/whois.rb:134:in `bug!': Unknown status `Domain is not generated into zone'. Please report the issue at http://github.com/weppos/whois/issues (Whois::ParserError)

RAW whois of pihrtstudio.cz: 

%  (c) 2006-2012 CZ.NIC, z.s.p.o.
% Intended use of supplied data and information
% Data contained in the domain name register, as well as information
% supplied through public information services of CZ.NIC association,
% are appointed only for purposes connected with Internet network
% administration and operation, or for the purpose of legal or other
% similar proceedings, in process as regards a matter connected
% particularly with holding and using a concrete domain name.
% Full text available at:
% http://www.nic.cz/page/306/intended-use-of-supplied-data-and-information/
% See also a search service at http://www.nic.cz/whois/
% Whoisd Server Version: 3.6.0
% Timestamp: Sun Oct 21 15:48:17 2012

domain:       pihrtstudio.cz
registrant:   ZONER-2008371226
nsset:        NSSET:ZONER
keyset:       KS:ZONER:1289219690
registrar:    REG-ZONER
status:       Domain is not generated into zone
status:       Expired
registered:   22.08.2011 14:29:51
changed:      22.08.2011 14:30:34
expire:       22.08.2012

contact:      ZONER-2008371226
org:          Kamil Egermajer
name:         Kamil Egermajer
address:      Kaprova 42/14
address:      Praha 1 - Staré Město
address:      110 00
address:      CZ
phone:        +420.602526398
e-mail:       k.egermajer@email.cz
registrar:    REG-ZONER
created:      07.03.2008 12:26:25
changed:      29.08.2012 11:28:18

nsset:        NSSET:ZONER
nserver:      ns1.regzone.info 
nserver:      ns1.regzone.de 
nserver:      ns1.regzone.cz (, 2a00:19a0:2:300::2)
tech-c:       ZONER
registrar:    REG-ZONER
created:      08.04.2010 12:23:52
changed:      28.04.2011 14:16:23

contact:      ZONER
org:          ZONER software, a.s.
name:         ZONER software, a.s.
address:      Nové Sady 583/18
address:      Brno
address:      602 00
address:      CZ
phone:        +420.543257244
fax-no:       +420.543257245
e-mail:       admin@zoner.cz
registrar:    REG-ZONER
created:      10.11.2006 13:45:00
changed:      01.12.2011 10:55:14

keyset:       KS:ZONER:1289219690
dnskey:       257 3 7 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
tech-c:       ZONER
registrar:    REG-ZONER
created:      08.11.2010 13:34:55

@ghost ghost assigned weppos Oct 22, 2012

@weppos weppos closed this in 5f27dd1 Oct 22, 2012


weppos commented Oct 22, 2012

Hi @MartyIX, thank you for your detailed bug report.
I fixed the issue in 5f27dd1

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