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Web base whois search cabability / plugin? #206

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I'm working on an Internet surveillance project for a large co in the US. I notice that certain TLDs such as .fm did not have the traditional whois server implemented. Instead, it provides web base whois query functionality only:

$ ruby-whois
This TLD has no WHOIS server, but you can access the WHOIS database at `'

It would be desirable to build a web base client/plugin in order to automate the submition and retrieval the whois query result. I'm thinking of build it up by using the 'net/http' gem. Could you provide some pointers in this direction? Thank you.


Scraping web based whois is most of the time forbidden by the registries, that's the reason why I decided to not support this kind of handlers in the core library.

I think you're waling towards a very hard path. Registries normally implements a lot of human detection systems such as captcha protection in order to prevent automatic submissions.

I'm closing this ticket.
Please feel free to continue the discussion at the mailing list.

-- Simone

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