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whois 1.0.12 fails to parse answers from ARIN. #22

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I tested Whois 1.0.12 on Ruby 1.8.7 and 1.9.1, but I could not get it to parse the results returned for common IP Addresses such as for (

require 'whois'

w =
answer = w.query('')
# => "\nOrgName:    ICANN \nOrgID:      ICANN\nAddress:    4676 Admiralty Way\nAddress:    Suite 330\nCity:       Marina del Rey\nStateProv:  CA\nPostalCode: 90292\nCountry:    US\n\nNetRange: - \nCIDR: \nOriginAS:   AS26711\nNetName:    ICANN-MDR\nNetHandle:  NET-192-0-32-0-1\nParent:     NET-192-0-0-0-0\nNetType:    Direct Assignment\nNameServer: A.IANA-SERVERS.NET\nNameServer: B.IANA-SERVERS.ORG\nNameServer: C.IANA-SERVERS.NET\nNameServer: D.IANA-SERVERS.NET\nNameServer: NS.ICANN.ORG\nComment:    \nRegDate:    2009-06-29\nUpdated:    2010-02-09\n\nOrgTechHandle: JAB349-ARIN\nOrgTechName:   Abley, Joe \nOrgTechPhone:  +1-310-578-8673\nOrgTechEmail:\n\nOrgTechHandle: MAK93-ARIN\nOrgTechName:   AKCIN, Mehmet \nOrgTechPhone:  +1-310-823-9358\nOrgTechEmail:\n\nOrgTechHandle: DCL131-ARIN\nOrgTechName:   Closson, David \nOrgTechPhone:  +1-310-578-8670\nOrgTechEmail:\n\nOrgTechHandle: DSO63-ARIN\nOrgTechName:   Soltero, David \nOrgTechPhone:  +1-310-301-3890\nOrgTechEmail:\n\n# ARIN WHOIS database, last updated 2010-04-27 20:00\n# Enter ? for additional hints on searching ARIN's WHOIS database.\n#\n# ARIN WHOIS data and services are subject to the Terms of Use\n# available at\n"
# => {:status=>nil, :referral_url=>nil, :admin=>nil, :domain=>nil, :created_on=>nil, :technical=>nil, :updated_on=>nil, :nameservers=>nil, :disclaimer=>nil, :expires_on=>nil, :domain_id=>nil, :registrar=>nil, :referral_whois=>nil, :registrant=>nil, :registered?=>nil, :available?=>nil}

The reason is that no parser is currently available to handle ARIN responses.

w =
answer = w.query('')
# => Whois::Answer::Parser::Blank

The Blank parser means no parser is currently available.

As soon as a parser will be available, the properties will be correctly extracted from the response. New parsers are added almost every week.

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