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The interface for Estonian .ee TLD whois has changed #62

0 commits merged into from Jan 4, 2011

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Hi! I changed the whois parser and server information for .ee domains as it changed recently.

As the format is same as it is with .cz domains, then the contact information parser could be also copied over there.

Btw, i love your work. I think it's getting a lot of use in my application pretty soon.


weppos commented Jan 4, 2011

Hi Priit,

Thanks for taking the time to submit a patch to Whois.

I reviewed your patch and looks great and the fact you submitted it with a complete test suite makes the contribution almost perfect.
There are only a few minor changes that should be done before merging the changes.

  1. Please, do not change the .gemfile file. Could you restore the previous version?
  2. Please, do not change the files in the /data/c folder. They mirrors the Debian whois library.
  3. Don't remove the I usually tend to preserve BC when an host is changed. For this reason, I usually aliases the class name. See 86ebbdb and the parser as example.
  4. This point is more a suggestion rather than a requirement. Since you tool the time to write a parser, it would be cool to use the parser to collect response properties using the AST instead of regular expressions. See the as example.

Thank you very much,
-- Simone

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