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WWW::Delicious is a Ruby client for XML API.

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WWW::Delicious maps all the original API calls and provides some additional convenient methods to perform common tasks. For a full API overview, visit the official Delicious API documentation.

WWW::Delicious is compatible with all API constraints, including the requirement to set a valid user agent or wait at least one second between queries.


  • Ruby >= 1.8.6 or Ruby 1.9.x


The best way to install WWW::Delicious is via RubyGems.

$ gem install www-delicious

You might need administrator privileges on your system to install the gem.

Getting Started

In order to use this library you need a valid Delicious account. Go to and register for a new account if you don't already have one.

Then create a valid instance of WWW::Delicious providing your account credentials.

require 'www/delicious'

# create a new instance with given username and password
d ='username', 'password')

Now you can use your instance to interact with the API interface.

Last account update

The following example show you how to get the last account update Time.

time = d.update # => Fri May 02 18:02:48 UTC 2008

Reading Posts

You can fetch your posts in 3 different ways:

# 1. get all posts
posts = d.posts_all

# 2. get recent posts
posts = d.posts_recent

# 3. get a single post (the latest one if no criteria is given)
posts = d.posts_get(:tag => 'ruby')

Each post call accepts some options to refine your search. For example, you can always search for posts matching a specific tag.

posts = d.posts_all(:tag => 'ruby')
posts = d.posts_recent(:tag => 'ruby')
posts = d.posts_get(:tag => 'ruby')

Creating a new Post

# add a post from options
d.posts_add(:url => '', :title => 'Cool site!')

# add a post from WWW::Delicious::Post
d.posts_add( => '', :title => 'Cool site!'))

Deleting a Posts

# delete given post (the URL can be either a string or an URI)

Note. Actually you cannot delete a post from a WWW::Delicious::Post instance. It means, the following example doesn't work as some ActiveRecord user might expect.

post = => '')

This feature is already in the TODO list. For now, use the following workaround to delete a given Post.

# delete a post from an existing post = WWW::Delicious::Post


Working with tags it's really easy. You can get all your tags or rename an existing tag.

# get all tags
tags = d.tags_get

# print all tag names
tags.each { |t| puts }

# rename the tag gems to gem
d.tags_rename('gems', 'gem')


WWW::Delicious enables you to get all bundles from given account.

# get all bundles
bundles = d.bundles_all

# print all bundle names
bundles.each { |b| puts }

You can also create new bundles or delete existing ones.

# set a new bundle for tags ruby, rails and gem
d.bundles_set('MyBundle', %w(ruby rails gem))

# delete the old bundle



Feedback and bug reports

Please submit bug reports or feature requests to Github Issues.


See the file for details.


WWW::Delicious is copyright (c) 2009-2011 Simone Carletti. This is Free Software distributed under the MIT license.