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Move your code from the working directory into the $GOPATH. Introspection is done via environment variables, to determine the git provider host, owner, and repository name. You are able to overwrite this path using a option.


  • package-dir (optional) The path inside $GOPATH/src to use. If left empty, the step will use the environment variables to figure out where to put the code.
  • gopath (optional, default: $GOPATH) This should contain a path to the workspace where the code should be installed. Use this when $GOPATH contains multiple directories.


Setup a Go workspace using environment variables to figure out the path:

        - wercker/setup-go-workspace

Setup a Go workspace using a fixed path:

        - wercker/setup-go-workspace:

Known issues

Doesn't work in Single-player mode

Currently the wercker cli does not inject the git details as environment variables. You can either set the package-dir option to a fixed value. Or you can pass the git details to the wercker cli using the following flags: --git-domain, --git-owner, and --git-repository (see wercker build --help).

Changes made during build are not present during a deploy

Currently this step will copy all content from $WERCKER_SOURCE_DIR to a directory inside the $GOPATH. It will also change $WERCKER_SOURCE_DIR to point to this new directory. This will ensure that any steps run after this step will be run in the $GOPATH. The store step however will still look at the original $WERCKER_SOURCE_DIR path. So any changes will not be persisted.

The recommended workaround is to put your artifacts in the $WERCKER_OUTPUT_DIR directory. This will ensure that only the files you pick are available during a deploy.


The MIT License (MIT)



  • Fix bug where the original folder was deleted.


  • Remove rsync dependency


  • Initial release