A boilerplate mobile hybrid app for I/O with maps
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Screenshot of report screen

This is a boilerplate mobile hybrid app for I/O with maps. The idea is that many civic apps have to do with reporting things as people see them. That means people are mobile, they're talking about things that are mappable, and they're reporting those things and getting those reports (I/O). These were the three key things that drove this project, in addition to the frequent reinvention of this sort of generic app infrastructure ad-hoc.

Now, if you want to make an app for your neighbors to report broken streetlights, fork this repo. If you want to make an app for your community to report code violations, fork this repo. If you want to make an app to post all your favorite resturants, fork this repo. You can do all those things out of the box. If you want to make this into something slightly different, like a system that connects businesses and hungry people, follow these instructions to start developing:

  1. Install npm, mysql, and a web server
  2. Run npm install
  3. Run bower install
  4. Copy .env.example to just .env and add your secret keys/config
  5. Import api/reports.sql mysql -u[username] -p[password] -h[hostname] [database] < api/reports.sql
  6. Update ionic.config.json proxyUrl variable to point to your API (ignore if using defaults)
  7. Run sudo npm start to run server
  8. Run ionic serve to run app
  9. Build app for android ionic build android, usually saving to platforms/android/build/outputs/apk/android-debug.apk
  10. Check out the CONTRIBUTING.md file for how to contribute back

This project

This software is licensed to Andrew Nelson, see the LICENSE file. If you would like an exception to this license for commercial/proprietary derivative work, please email me.