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compiler cache
C Shell
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COPYING ccache 1.9 ccache 2.4
README ccache 2.1.1
args.c ccache 2.4
ccache.1 ccache 2.4
ccache.c ccache 2.4
ccache.h ccache 2.4
ccache.yo ccache 2.4
cleanup.c ccache 2.3 ccache 2.3
configure ccache 2.4 ccache 2.4
execute.c ccache 2.4
hash.c ccache 2.4
install-sh ccache 1.9
mdfour.c ccache 2.4
mdfour.h ccache 1.9
snprintf.c ccache 2.1.1
stats.c ccache 2.4 ccache 2.4
unify.c ccache 2.4
util.c ccache 2.4


This is a re-implementation of "compilercache" in C

The original compilercache scripts were by Erik Thiele
( and I would like to thank him for an excellent
piece of work. See for the
original shell scripts.

I wrote ccache because I wanted to get a bit more speed out of a
compiler cache and I wanted to remove some of the limitations of the
shell-script version.

Please see the manual page and documentation at


Please run:

  make install

then read the ccache manual page


Andrew Tridgell

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