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Yukon OpenGL video capturing library
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Yukon is a set of libraries and applications that are designed to capture realtime videos of OpenGL applications (games).


Yukon depends on seom, and a few standard X11/OpenGL libraries. Other than that, it's a standard configure+make project.

./configure && make && sudo make install

If you want to cross-compile, set CC on the make command-line. For example, the following command-line will correctly install the 32bit version of yukon in a 64bit userspace:

./configure --libdir=lib32 && make CC="gcc -m32" && sudo make install


Explaining "how" yukon works can be little difficult -- therefore, we've provided a wrapper script written in Bash that you can use to greatly simplify matters. Just run the "yukon" script (installed into $PREFIX/bin) with your application and it's parameters following. For example:

yukon glxgears


You'll probably want to use the yukon.conf file in the tools directory as a starting point for you own configuration setups. However, the following briefly describes which configuration files are parsed when Yukon is invoked.

  • /etc/yukon/conf
  • $HOME/.yukon/conf
  • $HOME/.yukon/programs/$APP
  • $HOME/.yukon/profiles/$PROFILE

$APP is the name of the executable (extracted from /proc/self/cmdline). You may need to set VERBOSE=4 to see under which name your application is running. $PROFILE is a profile name as selected using the --profile=??? option of the yukon script.


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