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Yukon is a set of libraries and applications that are designed to capture realtime videos of OpenGL applications (games). The original design idea is based on Anandtech's FrameGetter, but was extended to suit todays high-performance computers.

Check out the Examples, videos of games and applications captured with yukon. They show the amazing flexibility of the underlying framework. If you are not convinced yet, take a look at LiveStreaming: a unique feature that allows users to create live streams and broadcast them over internet to the whole world. Compatibility with applications is guaranteed as long as they properly use the Unix environment.

Excited to create your own videos? Go to HowTo and follow the steps to make it happen! If you have questions or suggestions, visit Contact to find out how to get in touch with the thriving community.


Feb 12, 2008 - Java Multipart JPEG Streaming Server

I'm currently working on a Streaming server for yukon written entirely in Java. At the same time it should provide a small simple API to access yukon/seom streams (and maybe other formats in the future). Currently it supports streaming multipart jpegs streams via http, which you can view in your browsers and players like VLC, so you can display your games live on any website. Go to the YunikornServer wiki for more details.


Feb 01, 2008 - Updated the Install HowTo wiki

A new install HowTo is up, it includes info on the compile procedures for the new Seom Packetized-stream branch that is needed for the Yukon Rewrite branch, it also includes build information for 64bit users that need to record 32bit applications on their systems.

Aug 12, 2007 - Ideas for a video sharing website

Now that yukon rewrite is going so well, I'd like to create a website where yukon users could upload and share their high-quality videos (unlike youtube and other sites where they rescale the videos to a small resolution). I looked at various open-source streaming servers but each one has its shortcomings. If you have suggestions, experience with video-streaming software or even want to help us creating the website, tell us about it (see Contact)!

Aug 4, 2007 - Rewrite started

A complete rewrite has started to take place in the [RewriteBranch rewrite branch]. The rewrite was necessary so we can add sound capturing. As of now, the code works reasonably well and can be used to capture video and audio. If you want to help, check out the branch. Test it and report any new regressions to us. Please join our IRC channel to get the very latest news and information about progress.

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