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Before you can proceed with installing this software, you'll have to make sure to have all the necessary tools and headers. There's surprisingly few files you have to have in your system. However, failing to even miss one can make the installation fail. You'll need:

  • The complete toolchain (compiler, binutils, etc)
  • X11/XVideo and OpenGL headers and libraries
  • A subversion client
  • yasm 0.5.0 or higher

Please consult your distribution documentation to find out how to install those.

Getting the source

The sourcecode is only available through subversion:

svn co seom
svn co yukon

Compiling the software

Compiling the software is as usual: ./configure && make && sudo make install.

cd seom
./configure && make && sudo make install
cd ../yukon
./configure && make && sudo make install
cd ..

NOTE: This compiling procedure will make 32bit libs for 32bit systems, 64bit libs for 64bit systems. To record 32bit applications on a 64bit system you will also need to compile the libs for 32bit as shown below, or use the scripts from the CrossCompiling page. Also note that some 32bit libs are needed for compiling, see the Debian page for more details.

cd seom
./configure --prefix=/usr --arch="x86" --cflags="-W -Wall" && make CC="gcc -m32" && make install LIBDIR="lib32"
cd ../yukon
./configure --prefix=/usr --libdir="lib32" --arch="x86" && make CC="gcc -m32" && make install
cd ..

System configuration

Yukon requires system configuration files which it uses to find out where the modified libraries are stored. Two directories are checked for those files:

  • /etc/yukon/system/
  • $HOME/.yukon/system/

One such configuration files has been generated for you, you just need to copy it to one of the directories listed above:

cd yukon
sudo mkdir -p /etc/yukon/system
sudo cp sysconf /etc/yukon/system/default
cd ..

Now, if everything went smoothly, you should have yukon installed and configured and ready to capture videos, to find out how that works, please go to HowTo/Capture.

Now, if everything went smoothly ... MeatROme on Ubuntu 8.04 (64-bit) [2008-06-12] notes: Yes, yukon/tools/ reported no errors I did miss some information about yukon/filter and it replacing seom-player/-filter more .. prominently than Ticket#44. Still got sound issues to figure out, but should have a work-around (physical) so that's not priority ATM .. anyway, sound on linux, eh! I'd also suggest a copy of to /usr/local/bin (with appropriately prepended path). I had to copy over [source:trunk/tools/yukon.conf] to ~/.yukon/conf for it to recognize my personal configuration, also the keysymdefs.h is called keysymdef.h on my system ... weird Ubuntu ;) HTH

Verifying configuration

To verify that everything is installed correctly, use the ./yukon/tools/ script.

If you get not found, and installed seom with the default prefix (/usr/local), then you should make sure that /usr/local/lib is in your /etc/ file and run ldconfig:

echo '/usr/local/lib' | sudo tee -a /etc/
sudo ldconfig

The second approach can be used to convert the video into other formats using mencoder instead of mplayer. If you get messages about missing libraries, try using LD_LIBRARY_PATH or running ldconfig as above.


The default output file is /tmp/yukon.seom. This can be played like this:

$ ./ /tmp/yukon.seom


The default output file is /tmp/yukon.seom. This can be played converted to an avi file like this(mencoder need to be installed):

$ ./ /tmp/yukon.seom

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