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The official How To Play guide repo for

Writing guides

Guide files are stored within docs. Each guide is written in Markdown and has a heading section to set the name of the guide, here's a super-basic example:

name: Cupid
menu: The Neutral
route: /guides/cupid

# Cupid


## Reasons

It dumb.


Install Node.js (see .nvmrc for suggested version, latest LTS should be fine). Then run:

npm i # yarn

Preview your changes in realtime

npm run dev # yarn dev

Build as a static site

npm run build # yarn build

Preview the built site

npm run serve # yarn serve

or if you haven't run build yet:

npm run preview # yarn preview


Automatically done before a commit, or manually with:

npm run pretty # yarn pretty


There is also a Dockerfile to build/run the site in a docker container for testing or developing without needing to install node/npm etc directly.

To just build and view the site, you can do:

docker build -t wwes-h2p .
docker run --rm --name wwes-h2p -p 8000:80 wwes-h2p

This may take some time as it will need to pull in all the npm dependencies, but you can then access the completed site at http://localhost:8000/ as it would appear online.

For development copy of the site at http://localhost:8000/ that hot-reloads as you edit files, you may want to use something like:

docker build --target install -t wwes-h2p-dev .
docker run -it -w /app -v wwes-h2p-dev:/app -v ${PWD}/src:/app/src -v ${PWD}/static:/app/static -v ${PWD}/gatsby-config.js:/app/gatsby-config.js -v ${PWD}/doczrc.js:/app/doczrc.js --rm -p 8000:8000 wwes-h2p-dev npx gatsby develop --host=

This attempts to keep your current working directory clean of node_modules/gatsby cache etc, but if the node modules change in an incompatible way, you will want to run docker volume rm wwes-h2p-dev; docker build --target install -t wwes-h2p-dev . to rebuild the base image.

If you don't care about keeping your working directory clean, then a simpler approach would be:

docker run --rm -it -v ${PWD}:/app -w /app node npm install
docker run --rm -it -v ${PWD}:/app -w /app -p 8000:8000 node npx gatsby develop --host=