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werf v1.2.10+fix25

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@flant-team-sysdev flant-team-sysdev released this 16 Apr 17:49
· 3960 commits to main since this release


Fix manual werf-host-cleanup instruction: remove /var/log/werf-host-cleanup.log, because:

  1. This file should be created and chown-ned to the right user by the system administrator manually.
  2. Separate log file should be rotated.

Thus standard /var/log/syslog file will be used instead.

Fix werf-render command suppresses errors

[logging] Update the processing of logging modes

Fix object-not-found error when using submodules

[git_repo] Switch to repo handle working with ls tree

[git_repo] Implement git repository handle
A solution to get away from the worktree when working with the git repository, caching the necessary data from the worktree during initialization, and then working exclusively with git objects.

Other fixes

[path_matcher] Fix incorrect path matcher IDs

[git_repo] Fix checksum calculation locking


Linux amd64

Darwin amd64

Windows amd64