A framework for reasoning about your software's behavior using logic programming.
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Herpderp is a logic-based monitoring and testing framework. It leverages Clojure's core.logic to enable reasoning about the temporal behavior and control-flow of your software. The aim is to have a general-purpose reasoner in which one can specify conditions that should always hold while your program is executing, as well as an array of client-libraries to feed this reasoner with data, either in batch-mode via logs, or as messages to a running server.


Herpderp still is in prototyping. I am working out the temporal logic, as well as the general workflow.

Once that is more or less built, I'll develop a Clojure and a server-side JavaScript logging-client.

Building a logical debugger

Next it would be interesting whether one could integrate herpderp into a debugging-server setup, this should be rather easy for node.js using the V8 debugging protocoll, get further info from the wiki and the node-inspector source.

Code quality

I am building this partially to gain experience with the core.logic framework. I come more from a Prolog-background, hence I'm unfamiliar with many of the appropriate Clojure core.logic, or even Lisp idioms. Friendly pointers are much appreciated!


Copyright (C) 2012 Gabriel F. Pickard

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.