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(ns herpderp.multo
"A first draft of multi-predicates for core.logic.
Enables attaching additional clauses at runtime.
In the current implementation goals follow the pattern of being extra defne clauses;
Every time a new clause is added the var cointaining the predicate
is overwritten by a new defne invocation.
Potential alternatives include dynamic predicates, reading goals from a seq
at runtime. This option currently does not seem very compatible with the macro
setup in core.logic.
(use 'clojure.core.logic)
(use 'herpderp.multo)
(defmulte mymulte [a b])
(defclause mymulte [a [:bar]] (== a :foo))
(run* [q] (fresh [r s] (mymulte r s) (== q [r s])))
;([:foo [:bar]])
(defclause mymulte [:baz b] (== b 42))
(run* [q] (fresh [r s] (mymulte r s) (== q [r s])))
;([:baz 42] [:foo [:bar]])
; order may differ (it's a set by design)
(:refer-clojure :exclude [==])
(:use clojure.core.logic))
; todo: treat docstrings appropriately
(defmacro defmulte [nom args]
"Initialize an empty multi-predicate. (Clauses can be added at runtime using defclause.)
(defmulte mymulte [a b])"
(let [unsuc #'u#
goalset (ref '#{})]
(list #'defne
(with-meta nom {:multo {:goalset goalset :goaltype #'defne}})
; attach trailing failing clause
(list args unsuc))))
(defmacro defclause [nom & body]
"Add a new clause to a multi-predicate. Unfortunately uses eval.
(defclause mymulte [a [:bar]] (== a :foo))"
(let [unsuc #'u#]
`(let [~'meta-data (meta (var ~nom))
~'args (first (~'meta-data :arglists))
~'goalset ((:multo ~'meta-data) :goalset)
~'kind ((:multo ~'meta-data) :goaltype)]
; we do a dosync in order to get a side-effect whenever the goalset gets updated ;)
(alter ~'goalset into (list '~body ))
(list ~'kind (with-meta '~nom ~'meta-data) ~'args)
(deref ~'goalset)
(list (list ~'args ~unsuc))))))))