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OpenStreetMap library for python
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Latest commit 5e5b90c @werner2101 bbox simplified and recursion option
removed itemgetter and attribute getter functions.
added recursion option to calculate bbox with and without recursive relation usage.
Added test cases with the border of Germany.


  original version by Rory McCann (
  modified by Christoph Lupprich (
  modified and extended by Werner Hoch (

python-osm contains tools to read Open Street Map Data (*.osm).
It is splitted into several python classes:

base class that contains the datamodel of osm. It parses the osm
file or data and puts every osm-object into pythonobjects.

analyzes a multipolygon relation and provides a node-in-polygon check.
This class can export a polygon files for osmosis, too.

offers an api to read osm objects from large or large compressed osm files
like the planet.

Exports one or more relations into a gpx file. This tool can be used to
create gpx tracks for your gps-unit or to create maps with routes.

With this tool you can get an old versions of osm-objects at a given
timestamp. (experimental, use with care)

see also: doc/index.html for more documentation.
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