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  original version by Rory McCann (
  modified by Christoph Lupprich (
  modified and extended by Werner Hoch (

python-osm contains tools to read Open Street Map Data (*.osm).
It is splitted into several python classes:

base class that contains the datamodel of osm. It parses the osm
file or data and puts every osm-object into pythonobjects.

analyzes a multipolygon relation and provides a node-in-polygon check.
This class can export a polygon files for osmosis, too.

offers an api to read osm objects from large or large compressed osm files
like the planet.

Exports one or more relations into a gpx file. This tool can be used to
create gpx tracks for your gps-unit or to create maps with routes.

With this tool you can get an old versions of osm-objects at a given
timestamp. (experimental, use with care)

see also: doc/index.html for more documentation.