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This file contains the sources and build files to create the GNU ZRTP modules for pjproject's ZRTP support. In additon this file also contains a SRTP implementation that support different key lengths. The distribution also contains all files to build the GNU ZRTP library, thus no special download is necessary.

The directory structure and the build process follows the well known and established process of pjproject's third_party build process.

The structure is:

build/zsrtp/             # contains the Makefile
example/                 # a modified simple_pjsua.c
zsrtp/                   # Contains transport_zrtp
|-- include
|   `-- crypto           # *.h files for PJSIP ZRTP transport and SRTP
|-- srtp                 # SRTP source for PJSIP
`-- zrtp                 # GNU ZRTP sources, cloned via ''


The only prerequisits the build ZRTP for PJ are:

  • openSSL development environment
  • a C and C++ compiler (tested with gcc and g++)
  • installed and build pjproject - tested with 1.8.5 and 1.10 and the latest SVN trunk
  • to use ZRTP together with PJSUA you may need to apply a patch to add a specific callback mechanism. The patch is quite small and should work without any problems. After applying the patch just rebuild pjsip / pjsua. NOTE: Since 17-Jun-2011 this callback function is part of PJSIP's SVN repository and is available in the SVN branch 1.x. If you use this branch and a recent SVN version then do not apply the patch and just use ZRTP4PJ.

You may clone this directory or get the pre-packaged tar file (see Download). If ou clone this repository just change to the cloned repository and skip the steps to copy and unpack the tar file.

Copy the ZSRTP4PJ.tar to your pjproject's third_party directory, for example:

cp ZSRTP4PJ.tar ~/development/pjproject/third_party

Unpack the tar file:

cd ~/development/pjproject/third_party
tar xvf ZSRTP4PJ.tar

The tar file and the cloned repository does not contain the ZRTP and its associated SRTP sources. To get these sources change to the zsrtp directory and get the sources.

cd zsrtp
cd ..

The shell scripts clones the ZRTP source repository into the zrtp directoy. If this directory already exists then the script updates the sources to get the latest version.

Before you can build the project you need to adjust a path setting in the Makefile. Change to the correct build directory and open the Makefile file with your preferred text edito. Adjust the setting of the variable PJDIR to your environment. Store the makefile and run make dep and make.

cd build/zsrtp
make dep

If make does not report errors (some warnings are displayed) the build was successful and the static library was copied to


Now the ZRTP for PJ is ready to use.

Building an application

Create a makefile that follows the known pjproject pattern for makefiles. The following annotated example shows the important parts of the example makefile (see example directory):

# Modify this to point to your pjproject location.
PJBASE = ~/development/pjproject

# include pjproject's standard build.mak
include $(PJBASE)/build.mak

# include the ZRTP specific build.mak. The ZRTP build process creates
# this build.mak. It modifies some variable to include the ZRTP library
# and the ZRTP include path
include $(PJBASE)/third_party/build/zsrtp/build.mak

# Make sure to use the C++ compiler as defined by $(PJ_CXX). This is
# necessary because GNU ZRTP uses C++
CC      = $(PJ_CXX)

# Here we create a modified version of pjproject's simple_pjsua.
all:  simple_pjsua # streamutilzrtp

streamutilzrtp: streamutilzrtp.c
    $(CC) -o $@ $< \
    $(CPPFLAGS) \
    $(LDFLAGS) \

simple_pjsua: simple_pjsua.c
    $(CC) -o $@ $< \
    $(CPPFLAGS) \
    $(LDFLAGS) \

    rm -f streamutilzrtp streamutilzrtp.o simple_pjsua simple_pjsua.o

After you adapted your makefile just run make to create the application

Some documentation

The source code contains a lot of inline documentation and is ready for doxygen. The makefile in build/zsrtp contains a doc make target to produce the documentation files, just call make doc. Please generate them and you have all documentation ready for browsing.

The directory example contains a slightly modified version of simple_pjsua.c together with the makefile to build it. You probably need to adjust the makefile to reflect your development environment and adapt simple_pjsua.c to your SIP environment. This modified version shows how to setup the ZRTP callback structures, register ZRTP callbacks, and how to initialize and start ZRTP.


Implements ZRTP support for pjsip






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