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== Installation of GNU ZRTP 1.1.0 ==
GNU ZRTP 1.1.0 introduces a new and simpler header file structure for
its development packet. GNU ZRTP 1.1.0 version greatly reduces the
number of header files installed in the include directory. Only six
header files are installed in GNU ZRTP's include directory
=== Mandatory first step: uninstall old version ===
Before you install GNU ZRTP 1.1.0 uninstall previous version(s) of GNU
ZRTP to remove all existing headers and existing libraries. The GNU
ZRTP installation script by default uses the location
''/usr/local/include/libzrtpcpp'' to store the header files and
''/usr/local/lib'' to store the shared library. Older versions of GNU
ZRTP implmented an older version of the ZRTP protocol that is not
compatible with the new ZRTP specification.
Depending how you installed the previous version it may be sufficient
to use ''make uninstall'' from the base directory of the previous GNU
ZRTP version or to remove the packet (RPM or APT packet) using the
appropriate packet manager. Please make sure the header files and the
libraries are really done. Check for a sub-directory name
''libzrtpcpp'' in your usual include paths and for a library name
''libzrtpcpp.*'' in your usual library paths if you use non-default
paths during GNU ZRTP configuration and installation.
=== Configure, build and install GNU ZRTP 1.1.0 ===
=== Configure, build and install GNU ZRTP 1.4.x ===
After uninstalling the prevoius version you can build and install the
new version. Building and installation of the GNU ZRTP 1.1.0 uses the
usual triplet of ''./configure; make; sudo make install''. By default

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