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Docker Image for Web Development with Grav CMS
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Base PHP with Apache Docker Container, adapted for use with Grav CMS by Werner Joss

Cloned from (

Dockerized environment for PHP web development with CMS Grav and Apache web server. See ( for Instructions how to use.

Basically, first build Docker Container named 'grav-php-apache', then use 'docker-compose up -d' with provided docker-compose.yml File. Then proceed with Grav Installation as lined out in (


  • Ability to set Apache document root through APACHE_DOC_ROOT environment variable. Default document root is /var/www/html
  • Enabled Apache modules: rewrite
  • Ability to set PHP date.timezone through PHP_TIMEZONE environment variable. Default timezone is Europe/Rome
  • Enabled PHP extensions: gd, mcrypt, intl, mbstring, soap, opcache, zip, xls, simplexml
  • Composer installed globally at /usr/local/bin/composer
  • Xdebug PHP extension installed but not enabled
  • Ability to enable xdebug PHP extension through XDEBUG_ENABLE environment variable which has to be set to 1
  • Ability to set xdebug.remote_enable setting through HOST_IP environment variable.
  • GIT installed (required by Composer)
  • sSMTP installed (as Mail Transfer Agent for PHP mail function)
  • Ability to set sSMTP mailhub, AuthUser and AuthPass through SSMTP_MAILHUB, SSMTP_AUTH_USER and SSMTP_AUTH_PASS environment variables
  • MySQL CLI Client not installed - not needed for Grav CMS


Standalone usage example with host's current working directory as document root:

$ docker run -p 80:80 -v $(pwd):/var/www/html webgriffe/php-apache-base


Webgriffe® Hoernerfranzracing©

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