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Powerline Web Fonts working in Secure Shell and working also on Chromebook (or pretty much anything running Chrome).

There are several font-family you can choose from (all Powerline-enabled):

See preview.html and Slant if you don't know which to choose.

Usage example

Usage example for Secure Shell

  • Launch Secure Shell and click on Options (or go to chrome-extension://pnhechapfaindjhompbnflcldabbghjo/html/nassh_preferences_editor.html):
    • Set font-family: "Source Code Pro", monospace
    • Set user-css: https://cdn.rawgit.com/wernight/powerline-web-fonts/ba4426cb0c0b05eb6cb342c7719776a41e1f2114/PowerlineFonts.css

Usage example for Crosh Window

  • Start crosh window then press Ctrl+Shift+J and paste in the following:
term_.prefs_.set('font-family', '"Source Code Pro", monospace');
term_.prefs_.set('user-css', 'https://cdn.rawgit.com/wernight/powerline-web-fonts/ba4426cb0c0b05eb6cb342c7719776a41e1f2114/PowerlineFonts.css');

If you have Crouton installed on a developer mode Chromebook, or if you're on pretty much any other OS, you can install those fonts locally or copy them locally and it'll work with little to no effort.

Note that the RawGit links require a specific commit SHA-1 because files are cached permanently. Please update your projects to use the CDN links, as overusage of the development URLs (those without cdn.), could result in this repo being blacklisted from RawGit.

Suggesting a new font

To add a new font, you can submit a GitHub pull request through a forked repository. Your pull request should:

  • Include a new font file in WOFF2 format.
  • Add your font to PowerlineFonts.css, preview.html and README.md (might use Transfonter to help with the CSS).
  • Once merged, send another pull request, I might forget, that updates all https://cdn.rawgit.com/ in this README to the latest commit SHA-1. You can do that in the original Pull Request if it gets rebased (merge and sqashes would not work in that case).

Converting to WOFF2

There are various methods, including: