A small but functional interpreter for a Tcl-like language
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Fiz - A Tcl-like scripting language.

I was inspired to write a Tcl interpreter after I realised how simple the language really was (it took me some time to become enlightened) and how elegant the API for embedding it in another program could be.

I call it a Tcl-like language because it doesn't attempt to implement all the features of Tcl. It has several useful features though, like dict and expr and so forth.

Due to limits in the expression evaluator you can't just write an if- or while-statement condition like

if {$x<2} {puts "Yea"};

because the {$x<2} will be treated as a command. You should rather use the expr command, as follows:

if {expr $x<2} {puts "Yea"};

This interpreter goes for simplicity. It uses strings to represents all variables, with the result that it has to use atoi() and snprintf() to convert to and from numbers when performing arithmetic. It also does a lot of strdup()ing internally. The result is that that it could be too slow for some tastes. Please don't hold it against me.

Another note: I have removed all checks on the return values of malloc() and friends functions to make the interpreter a little bit leaner. I would not recommend using the interpreter in environments where you may run out of memory.

I took some inspiration (like how the callframes are handled and several of the API functions) from Salvatore Sanfilippo's Picol Tcl interpreter, which can be found at http://antirez.com/page/picol. This is, however, a new implementation.