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Hypatia Academy

Here are lecture notes, videos, tutorials, and solutions to coding exercises for Hypatia Academy.

We teach Python programming to children ages 13 to 18. But adults can use this material too. Because it's for children comments are disabled on the YouTube videos.

See our video tutorials as well.


Class Notes in Greek


Tutorials and Lectures

Functions Lists Dictionaries Convert CSV to JSON
String Functions String Functions Part II Convert Decimal to Hex
Calculate Square Root Manually Sorting Algorithm Character Encoding Bits and Bytes
Sets and Tuples Decimal Language and Countries Rolling Dice
Dates and Times Formatting Output Pip and Import Tic Tac Toe
Team Project: Inventory System Working with Files Encryption Binary Gap
Classes and Objects CSV Reader Object If-then-else Assignments
Using APIs SQL Databases Bash Shell commands Apache Spark
Numpy Introduction Slicing Numpy Arrays Linear Regression in Google Sheets Linear Regression with scikit-learn
Is IQ related to COVID Vaccination Rate? Panda Introduction Is there Global Warming in Cyprus?

Video Tutorials

Python Data Types Python Editors and Interpreters Calculate Square Roots Learning to Sort
Character Sets and Character Encoding Functions Sets and Tuples Class and Objects
Intro to APIs String Functions


Variables and types
Dictionaries Lists Sets and Tuples Localization
Integers and Floats Strings None Dates and Times
Bites and Bytes Character Encoding Ranges Binary
Regular Functions Main Lamda Map
Control Flow
If-Then-Else While Loops For Loops Handling Exceptions
Formatting Output
Strings and Variables Floating Point Numbers Dates and Times Localization
Working with Files
Reading and Writing CSV and JSON Internet S3 and Hadoop
Manual Sorting Square Root Google Page Rank Search Bubble Sort
Fun Topics
Rolling Dice Tic-Tac-Toe Working with Instagram Black Jack
Advanced Topics
Objects and Classes Regular Expressions Tasks and Threads Modules
MongoDB PostgreSQL Spark Hive
Machine Learning Math Background
Basic Descriptive Statistics Linear Algebra Regression Models in Excel
Machine Learning
Pandas Numpy Matplotlib Linear Regression
Logstic Regression Nueral Networks Classification Decision Trees


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