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71cdae5 @koush Add an extraction script and build flag that allows building images w…
koush authored Feb 15, 2010
1 mkdir -p proprietary
3 adb pull system/app/BugReport.apk proprietary
4 adb pull system/app/CarDock.apk proprietary
5 adb pull system/app/ proprietary
6 adb pull system/app/EnhancedGoogleSearchProvider.apk proprietary
7 adb pull system/app/Facebook.apk proprietary
8 adb pull system/app/GenieWidget.apk proprietary
9 adb pull system/app/Gmail.apk proprietary
10 adb pull system/app/GmailProvider.apk proprietary
11 adb pull system/app/GoogleApps.apk proprietary
12 adb pull system/app/GoogleBackupTransport.apk proprietary
13 adb pull system/app/GoogleCheckin.apk proprietary
14 adb pull system/app/GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk proprietary
15 adb pull system/app/GoogleGoggles.apk proprietary
16 adb pull system/app/GooglePartnerSetup.apk proprietary
17 adb pull system/app/GoogleSettingsProvider.apk proprietary
18 adb pull system/app/GoogleSubscribedFeedsProvider.apk proprietary
19 adb pull system/app/googlevoice.apk proprietary
20 adb pull system/app/gtalkservice.apk proprietary
21 adb pull system/app/HtcCopyright.apk proprietary
22 adb pull system/app/LatinImeTutorial.apk proprietary
23 adb pull system/app/Maps.apk proprietary
24 adb pull system/app/MarketUpdater.apk proprietary
25 adb pull system/app/MediaUploader.apk proprietary
26 adb pull system/app/NetworkLocation.apk proprietary
27 adb pull system/app/PassionQuickOffice.apk proprietary
28 adb pull system/app/SetupWizard.apk proprietary
29 adb pull system/app/Street.apk proprietary
30 adb pull system/app/Talk.apk proprietary
31 adb pull system/app/TalkProvider.apk proprietary
32 adb pull system/app/Vending.apk proprietary
33 adb pull system/app/VoiceSearchWithKeyboard.apk proprietary
34 adb pull system/app/YouTube.apk proprietary
35 adb pull system/etc/permissions/ proprietary
36 adb pull system/etc/permissions/ proprietary
37 adb pull system/etc/permissions/ proprietary
38 adb pull system/framework/ proprietary
39 adb pull system/framework/ proprietary
40 adb pull system/lib/ proprietary
41 adb pull system/lib/ proprietary
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