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Tool: "autorandr"

Automatically select a display configuration based on connected devices

Stefan Tomanek <>

How to use:

Save your current display configuration and setup with:
 $ autorandr --save mobile

Connect an additional display, configure your setup and save it:
 $ autorandr --save docked

Now autorandr can detect which hardware setup is active:
 $ autorandr
   docked (detected)

To automatically reload your setup, just append --change to the command line

To manually load a profile, you can use the --load <profile> option.

autorandr tries to avoid reloading an identical configuration. To force the
(re)configuration, apply --force.

To prevent a profile from being loaded, place a script call "block" in its
directory. The script is evaluated before the screen setup is inspected, and
in case of it returning a value of 0 the profile is skipped. This can be used
to query the status of a docking station you are about to leave.

If no suitable profile can be identified, the current configuration is kept.
To change this behaviour and switch to a fallback configuration, specify
--default <profile>

Another script called "postswitch "can be placed in the directory
~/.autorandr as well as in all profile directories: The scripts are executed
after a mode switch has taken place and can notify window managers or other
applications about it.

While the script uses xrandr by default, calling it by the name "autodisper"
or "auto-disper" forces it to use the "disper" utility, which is useful for
controlling nvidia chipsets. The formats for fingerprinting the current setup
and saving/loading the current configuration are adjusted accordingly.


Auto-detect the connect display hardware and load the appropiate X11 setup using xrandr or disper






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