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2006-12-30 Jim Meyering <>
* bootstrap (gnulib_extra_files): Remove announce-gen.
* bootstrap.conf (gnulib_modules): Add it here instead, now that
it's a module.
* tests/misc/base64: Factor a long, repetitive string.
* src/c99-to-c89.diff: Adjust remove.c offsets.
Clean up after the change of 2006-12-28.
* src/remove.c (AD_pop_and_chdir): Change **DIRP parameter to *DIRP,
now that this function never modifies the pointer. Adjust comments
and code accordingly.
(remove_dir): Set "dirp" to NULL right after AD_pop_and_chdir call,
now that AD_pop_and_chdir no longer does that.
* tests/rm/fail-eperm: Avoid spurious differences (the error function
from latest glibc no longer prints the full program_name): so don't
invoke rm via ../../src/rm. Instead, invoke it via "PATH=../../src rm".
* tests/mv/acl (skip): Skip this test also if the destination
directory, which is on a different file system, lacks ACL support.
* src/copy.c (copy_reg): Rewrite a comment that was rendered
inaccurate by the 2006-10-18 change.
2006-12-28 Jim Meyering <>
When moving "up" the hierarchy, be careful to remove a just-emptied
directory before opening ".", to avoid trouble with file system
implementations that cache readdir results at opendir-time.
* src/remove.c (AD_pop_and_chdir): Add a file descriptor parameter.
Don't update **DIRP. Don't call fdopendir here.
(remove_dir): Call fdopendir here instead.
Report and patch from Mikulas Patocka:
2006-12-27 Jim Meyering <>
* src/tail.c (usage): Mention +N for --bytes and --lines.
Suggestion from Evan Hunt.
2006-12-26 Jim Meyering <>
* Require autoconf-2.61 and automake-1.10.
Without the former (even with autoconf-2.60), "make distcheck"
would fail (without the 2006-09-26 autoconf AC_CHECK_DECL fix),
due to an inttypes.h generated with CFLAGS including -pedantic.
With the old decl check, @HAVE_DECL_STRTOUMAX@ would be 0.
* Makefile.maint (VC-tag): Define, so as to gpg-sign each release
tag, using the release version number as the message.
(vc-dist): Use $(VC-tag), rather than "$(VC) tag".
2006-12-21 Paul Eggert <>
* NEWS: dd bs= operands now silently override later ibs= and obs=,
as POSIX requires.
* src/dd.c (scanargs): Implement it.
* tests/dd/misc (outbytes): Test it.
* doc/coreutils.texi (dd invocation): Specify that bs=N
overrides later ibs and obs, undoing part of the
previous change. (The behavior was wrong.)
2006-12-20 Jim Meyering <>
"rm -rf /etc/motd" (run by non-root) now prints a diagnostic.
* src/remove.c (remove_entry): Handle EACCES for a non-directory, too.
Don't let a non-directory get by with errno == EPERM, either.
Check the file type directly (using cached stat value), rather
than trying to guess it from errno values.
Karl Berry reported that a cross-partition "mv /etc/issue ~"
failed with the um,... suboptimal diagnostic,
"mv: cannot remove `/etc/issue': Not a directory".
* tests/rm/ (TESTS): Add fail-eacces.
* tests/rm/fail-eacces: New file.
* NEWS: Mention that both mv and rm are affected.
"cut -f 2- A B" no longer triggers a double-free bug
* src/cut.c (cut_fields): Set file-scoped global to NULL after
freeing it. This avoids a double-free (and core dump on some systems)
for this usage: "echo 1>a; echo 2>b; cut -f2- a b". Reported by
James Hunt in <>.
* NEWS: List this bug fix.
* THANKS: Mention him.
* tests/misc/cut: New file.
* tests/misc/ (TESTS): Add cut.
2006-12-15 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/cp/open-perm-race: Correct the gdb-existence check.
Don't run either subsequent gdb command in a sub-shell.
Reported by Thomas Schwinge.
* THANKS: bring up to date.
2006-12-14 Paul Eggert <>
Make sure cp -p isn't too generous with file permissions.
* tests/cp/ (TESTS): Add file-perm-race.
* tests/cp/file-perm-race: New file.
Ensure cp -pR --parents isn't too generous with parent permissions.
* tests/cp/ (TESTS): Add parent-perm-race.
* tests/cp/parent-perm-race: New file.
2006-12-14 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/chgrp/default-no-deref: Don't assume that files are created
with the primary group by default. That's not true in a directory
with the set-GID bit set.
Don't hang when there's no input tty.
* tests/cp/open-perm-race: Skip this test if there is no
controlling input `terminal'.
Test for a hard-to-detect race fix, using gdb.
* tests/cp/open-perm-race: New file, to test for the
cp --preserve=ownership fix of 2006-12-06.
* tests/cp/ (TESTS_ENVIRONMENT): Define abs_top_builddir.
(TESTS): Add open-perm-race.
* src/chgrp.c (main): Don't prohibit -RLh, aka -RL with --no-dereference.
* src/chown.c (main): Likewise.
* src/chown-core.c (change_file_owner): Add to a comment.
* tests/chown/preserve-root: Add tests.
* NEWS: --preserve-root now works with chgrp, chmod, and chown.
* src/chmod.c (process_file): Do honor the --preserve-root option.
* src/chown-core.c (change_file_owner): Likewise, but here, also
handle the case in which a traversal would go "through" a symlink
to root. Reported by Matthew M. Boedicker
* tests/chown/preserve-root: Test for the above.
* tests/chown/ (TESTS): Add preserve-root.
* NEWS: Mention the chmod fix induced by the 2006-12-11 change
to gnulib's m4/openat.m4.
2006-12-13 Andreas Schwab <>
Don't fail if mv/acl test succeeds.
* tests/mv/acl (skip): Check for acl support in the file system.
* tests/mv/ (XFAIL_TESTS): Remove.
2006-12-13 Paul Eggert <>
Remove some arbitrary restrictions on size fields, so that
commands like "sort -k 18446744073709551616" no longer fail merely
because 18446744073709551616 doesn't fit in uintmax_t. The trick
is that these fields can all be treated as effectively infinity;
their exact values don't matter, since no internal buffer can be
that long.
* src/join.c (string_to_join_field): Verify that SIZE_MAX <=
ULONG_MAX if the code assumes this. Silently truncate too-large
values to SIZE_MAX, as the remaining code will do the right thing
in this case.
* src/sort.c (parse_field_count): Likewise.
* src/uniq.c (size_opt, main): Likewise.
* tests/join/ (bigfield): New test.
* tests/sort/ (bigfield): New test.
* tests/uniq/ (121): New test.
2006-12-13 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/chgrp/default-no-deref: New test.
* tests/chgrp/ (TESTS): Add default-no-deref.
2006-12-12 Jim Meyering <>
* src/system.h (SETVBUF): Remove definition, now that the
autoconf macro, AC_FUNC_SETVBUF_REVERSED, does nothing.
* src/tee.c (tee_files): s/SETVBUF/setvbuf/.
* src/od.c (open_next_file): Likewise.
2006-12-09 Jim Meyering <>
* man/ (.x.1): Make help2man use $(PACKAGE_STRING) as the
"source". I.e. "GNU coreutils 6.7".
* NEWS: With the change from "-pre" to "-dirty" suffix, also change
from NEXT_VER-pre to CUR_VER-dirty. So, this is 6.7-dirty.
* (AC_INIT): s/6.8-dirty/6.7-dirty/.
* tests/uniq/ (test_vector): Skip the pipe-reading test
whenever uniq is expected to fail. This should catch the other case
[test #112] in which uniq emits "cat: write error: Broken pipe" on
some systems.
2006-12-08 Jim Meyering <>
Include bootstrap tool version info in the announcement form.
* Makefile.maint (gnulib_snapshot_date): Define.
(announcement): Use two new announce-gen options,
--bootstrap-tools and --gnulib-snapshot-date.
* Makefile.cfg (gnulib_dir): Set.
Post-release version change.
* NEWS: Add a line for 6.8-dirty.
* (AC_INIT): Set new version string.
2006-12-07 Jim Meyering
Version 6.7.
* NEWS: Record release date. Remove '-pre' suffix.
* (AC_INIT): Remove version string suffix.
2006-12-07 Jim Meyering <>
Make the output of "make check" more reproducible.
* tests/touch/empty-file: Use envvar-check, so "make check" doesn't
evoke diagnostics like this when COLUMNS=0 in the environment:
ls: ignoring invalid width in environment variable COLUMNS: 0
* tests/touch/no-rights: Likewise.
* tests/help-version: Likewise.
* tests/uniq/ Don't perform the pipe-reading version of test
118, since it emits "cat: write error: Broken pipe" on some systems.
2006-12-06 Paul Eggert <>
* NEWS: Document the cp -p fix for special bits.
* src/copy.c (set_owner): Now returns a three-way result, so
that the caller can clear the special bits. All callers changed.
(copy_reg): Don't set the special bits if chown failed.
(copy_internal): Likewise.
* tests/cp/special-bits: Test this fix.
2006-12-06 Paul Eggert <>
* NEWS: Document the cp --preserve=ownership fix.
* m4/jm-macros.m4 (coreutils_MACROS): Check for fchmod.
* src/copy.c (fchmod_or_lchmod): New function.
(copy_reg): New arg OMITTED_PERMISSIONS. All uses changed.
Omit confusing and unused ", dst_mode" arg to 'open' without O_CREAT.
When creating a file, use O_EXCL, so we're more likely to detect
funny business by other processes. At the end, if permissions
were omitted, chmod them back in.
(copy_internal): If the ownership might change, omit some permissions
at first, then restore them after chowning the file.
* src/cp.c (make_dir_parents_private): Likewise.
* src/copy.c (cached_umask): New function.
* src/copy.h (cached_umask): New decl.
2006-12-06 Jim Meyering <>
Make the output of "make check" more reproducible.
* tests/misc/date-sec: Don't emit any diagnostic about sleeping.
2006-12-03 Paul Eggert <>
* src/install.c (install_file_in_file): Preserve time stamps
before changing owner or file mode bits, for consistency with
other coreutils programs.
2006-12-03 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/misc/date-sec: Output a fixed string.
* NEWS: du --one-file-system (-x) would skip subdirectories of any
directory listed as second or subsequent command line argument.
* tests/du/one-file-system: New file. Test for today's fts.c fix.
* tests/du/ (TESTS): Add one-file-system.
Reported by Mike Frysinger.
2006-12-02 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/du/basic: Generate 4KB file simply using printf, rather than
seq+head. This avoids a spurious "Broken pipe" diagnostic from seq.
2006-11-28 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/mv/no-target-dir: Detect a buggy rename syscall. If found,
skip this test. This happens at least on ia64 linux-2.4.19 w/ext3.
Reported by Matthew Woehlke.
* tests/mv/dir2dir: Also accept EBUSY.
Reported by Matthew Woehlke.
2006-11-27 Jim Meyering <>
* Makefile.maint (patch-check): Rewrite to diagnose failure.
* src/c99-to-c89.diff: Adjust shred.c offsets.
2006-11-26 Paul Eggert <>
Improve the check for departures from C89, and fix the departures
I found.
* Makefile.maint (my-distcheck): Also check for C89 compatibility
as best we can with GCC.
* src/stat.c (PRINTF_OPTION): Omit comma before } in enum
declaration; C89 doesn't allow this.
* src/dcgen: Don't generate string literals longer than
what C89 requires support for.
* src/cut.c (usage): Don't use string literals longer than
what C89 requires support for.
* src/date.c (usage): Likewise.
* src/dd.c (usage): Likewise.
* src/du.c (usage): Likewise.
* src/ls.c (usage): Likewise.
* src/od.c (usage): Likewise.
* src/readlink.c (usage): Likewise.
* src/seq.c (usage): Likewise.
* src/shred.c (usage): Likewise.
2006-11-26 Mike Frysinger <>
Recognize new archive, audio and image formats.
Give audio files a separate color.
* src/dircolors.hin: Add comments for common .sh and .csh scripts.
Add .bz2, .tbz2, .tz, .rar, .ace, .zoo, .cpio, .7z, .rz as archive
suffixes. Add .mng, .pcx, .m2v, .mkv, .ogm, .mp4, .m4v, .mp4v, .vob,
.qt, .nuv, .wmv, .asf, .rm, .rmvb, .flc, .yuv as image formats.
Add .aac, .au, .mid, .midi, .mka, .ra as audio suffixes. Change
audio color to 00;36 to differentiate from image/video color.
2006-11-26 Jim Meyering <>
* Makefile.maint (patch-check): Compile patched sources with
CFLAGS='-Wdeclaration-after-statement -Werror', to ensure that
no violations remain.
* src/c99-to-c89.diff: Remove 3 bogus hunks.
* src/remove.c (fd_to_subdirp): Remove unused parameter, ds.
Update callers.
* src/c99-to-c89.diff: Adjust for changes in rm.c and in remove.c.
* src/rm.c (main): Remove unnecessary (assuming C99) braces.
2006-11-26 Paul Eggert <>
Port parts of the code to C89 to minimize the need for c99-to-c89.diff,
while trying to retain the readability of C99 as much as possible.
* src/remove.c (rm_1): Remove decl of local, fd_cwd.
Replace each of two uses with literal AT_FDCWD.
(cache_stat_init): Return its argument, for convenience.
Update the caller in remove_dir.
(AD_pop_and_chdir): Return prev_dir rather than storing through
a pointer argument. All uses changed.
(AD_ensure_initialized): New function.
(AD_mark_helper): Use it, to avoid the need for declaration
after statement.
(rm): Move cycle_check_init call into callee...
Use an else clause in place of a "continue" statement.
(close_preserve_errno): Remove.
(fd_to_subdirp): Rewrite to avoid the need for decl after statement.
2006-11-25 Jim Meyering <>
* (EXTRA_DIST): Remove announce-gen from here, too.
2006-11-24 Theodoros V. Kalamatianos <> (tiny change)
* tests/du/inacc-dest: Skip this test when running as root.
2006-11-23 Jim Meyering <>
* announce-gen: Remove file. It's moving to gnulib.
* bootstrap: Pull it from gnulib/build-aux instead.
* Makefile.maint (announcement): Reflect move to ./build-aux.
* tests/du/deref-args: Use "printf %65536s x" to create a 64KB file,
rather than a pipeline that would sometimes evoke a diagnostic
like "seq: write error: Broken pipe".
* tests/help-version: Suppress dd transfer rate output.
* (AC_INIT): Bump to 6.7-pre, not 6.6-pre.
2006-11-22 Jim Meyering <>
* announce-gen (print_news_deltas): Fix silly, but harmless typo:
change "(:?..." to "(?:..." in regexps.
Post-release version change.
* NEWS: Add a line for 6.7-pre.
* (AC_INIT): Bump to 6.7 and add "-pre" suffix.
Version 6.6.
* NEWS: Record release date. Remove "-pre" suffix.
* (AC_INIT): Remove "-pre" suffix from version string.
* announce-gen: Remove unused --release-archive-directory option.
(print_news_deltas): Accept new adjective, "Noteworthy", in addition
to the old "Major".
Match version numbers in NEWS using tighter regular expressions.
(main): Require the --gpg-key-id=ID option.
* Makefile.maint (announcement): Don't use now-removed
--release-archive-directory=... option.
* NEWS: Mention the three noteworthy changes, all fixed via gnulib.
2006-11-21 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/rm/one-file-system: Upon setup failure (e.g., mount failure),
skip the test rather than failing. Reported by Michael Deutschmann.
* tests/rm/fail-eperm: Use the "(exit N); exit N" idiom,
rather than just "exit N".
Arrange for "make check-root" to run the new root-only test.
* tests/ (t7): New target, to run tests/ls/nameless-uid.
(all_t): Add t7.
2006-11-20 Jim Meyering <>
Add a root-only test for today's lib/idcache.c fix.
* tests/ls/nameless-uid: New file.
* tests/ls/ (TESTS): Add nameless-uid.
(TESTS_ENVIRONMENT): Add PERL to the list.
2006-11-19 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/tail-2/assert-2: Mark as a very-expensive test, because I
find the 7-second sleep annoyingly long. Besides, this test is
probably far too specific and timing sensitive ever to trigger again.
* tests/tail-2/assert: Likewise.
Post-release version change.
* NEWS: Add a line for 6.6-pre.
* (AC_INIT): Bump to 6.6 and add "-pre" suffix.
Version 6.5.
* NEWS: Record release date. Remove "-cvs" suffix.
* (AC_INIT): Remove "-cvs" suffix from version string.
2006-11-18 Jim Meyering <>
"ln --backup f f" produces a misleading diagnostic:
ln: creating hard link `f' => `f': No such file or directory
* src/ln.c (do_link): Give a better diagnostic in this unusual case.
(do_link): Rename local: s/lstat_ok/dest_lstat_ok/.
* tests/ln/ (TESTS): Add hard-backup.
* tests/ln/hard-backup: New test for the above.
* NEWS: Mention this fix.
2006-11-16 Paul Eggert <>
* bootstrap.conf (gnulib_modules): Add sys_stat, since we use it
directly too.
* lib/.cvsignore, lib/.gitignore: Add root-dev-ino.c, root-dev-ino.h.
* m4/.cvsignore, m4/.gitignore: Add root-dev-ino.m4.
Omit unnecessary parenthesization of args.
* src/od.c (EQUAL_BLOCKS): Likewise.
* src/system.h (STREQ, ASSIGN_STRDUPA): Likewise.
2006-11-16 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/tail-2/append-only: If chattr +a fails, exit 77 (to tell
automake we're skipping this test), and give a diagnostic to tell
the user the same thing. Reported by Mike Grayson.
2006-11-16 Ralf Wildenhues <>
* man/ (dist_man_MANS): Replace all optional manpages
with `$(MAN)', computed at configure time; also, list them ...
(optional_mans): ... in this new variable.
(max_aux, EXTRA_DIST): Ensure that we distribute all manpages.
2006-11-16 Jim Meyering <>
Help valgrind see that there is no leak in dd.c.
* src/dd.c (dd_copy): Declare real_buf and real_obuf to be static,
so we need not free them at all. This is easier than freeing
both buffers at each of the early "return"s.
* src/csplit.c (load_buffer): Plug an inconsequential leak.
2006-11-15 Jim Meyering <>
* .x-po-check: Exclude gl/ files. Otherwise, po-check would
complain that some of gl/lib/*.[ch] are not listed in
2006-11-14 Jim Meyering <>
* gl/m4/root-dev-ino.m4: Now that this is part of a real "module",
remove the now-unnecessary use of AC_LIBSOURCES.
Adapt to new version of gnulib-tool.
* gl/modules/root-dev-ino: New file.
* lib/root-dev-ino.c, lib/root-dev-ino.h: Move these files ...
* gl/lib/root-dev-ino.c, gl/lib/root-dev-ino.h: ... to here.
* m4/root-dev-ino.m4: Move this file ...
* gl/m4/root-dev-ino.m4: ... to here.
* bootstrap.conf (gnulib_modules): Add root-dev-ino.
2006-11-13 Jim Meyering <>
* src/sort.c (insertkey): Use xmemdup, rather than xmalloc+assignment.
From Paul Eggert.
Plug another technically-unimportant leak in sort.
* src/sort.c (main): Don't allocate memory for each new key here.
(insertkey): Allocate memory for each key here, instead.
(key_init): Rename from new_key. Don't allocate.
* src/sort.c (main): Plug a tiny memory leak.
Move declaration of local "minus" down to be nearer point of use.
2006-11-12 Jim Meyering <>
du would exit early, when encountering an inaccessible directory
Reported by Mike Frysinger, in
* tests/du/inacc-dest: New test, based on an example from Mike Frysinger.
* tests/chgrp/no-x: Remove the "fts_read failed: ..."
diagnostic from the expected output when using native fdopendir.
* tests/chmod/no-x: Likewise.
* tests/du/no-x: Likewise.
* NEWS: Mention this bug fix.
* tests/du/ (TESTS): Add inacc-dest.
* Makefile.maint (sc_cast_of_x_alloc_return_value): Add an exclusion
for xalloc.h itself.
Avoid false-positive when testing via valgrind.
* tests/mv/atomic: Grep strace output for a more specific pattern
than just "unlink", since that got a false positive when testing
under valgrind: unlink("/tmp/valgrind_proc_9657_cmdline_A51E9991") = 0
* tests/mv/ (TESTS_ENVIRONMENT): Define EGREP.
2006-10-28 Jim Meyering <>
* Makefile.maint (patch-check): Make it easier to regenerate
the src/c99-to-c89.diff file. E.g., I do this:
make patch-check REGEN_PATCH=1; ediff src/c99-to-c89.diff new-diff
* src/c99-to-c89.diff: Update to reflect new offsets in rm.c.
2006-10-26 Jim Meyering <>
* src/system.h (ftello): Add a compile-time check for the highly
unlikely condition of off_t narrower than long int, rather than
handling it at run time. Based on a patch from Paul Eggert.
2006-10-25 Paul Eggert <>
* tests/chmod/c-option: When double-quoting part of a word, prefer
to double-quote the whole word. This is a bit easier to read (at
least for me), and in some cases it avoids a shell bug with Tru64
4.0 sh reported by Nelson H. F. Beebe. For example, instead of
"$abs_srcdir"/../setgid-check we now write
* tests/cp/cp-parents: Likewise.
* tests/du/inaccessible-cwd: Likewise.
* tests/du/long-from-unreadable: Likewise.
* tests/install/basic-1: Likewise.
* tests/install/trap: Likewise.
* tests/misc/close-stdout: Likewise.
* tests/mkdir/concurrent-1: Likewise.
* tests/mkdir/p-1: Likewise.
* tests/mkdir/p-3: Likewise.
* tests/mkdir/parents: Likewise.
* tests/mkdir/perm: Likewise.
* tests/readlink/can-e: Likewise.
* tests/readlink/can-f: Likewise.
* tests/readlink/can-m: Likewise.
* tests/rm/inaccessible: Likewise.
* tests/rm/unread3: Likewise.
* tests/touch/no-create-missing: Likewise.
* lib/.cvsignore: Add uinttostr.c.
2006-10-25 Jim Meyering <>
Portability to Tru64 V4.0.
* src/system.h (ftello) [!HAVE_FSEEKO && !defined ftello]:
Define inline replacement function.
This (along with a yesterday's fix for autoconf's
_AC_SYS_LARGEFILE_MACRO_VALUE macro) makes it so coreutils
now builds once more on Tru64 V4.0. Reported by Nelson Beebe.
2006-10-25 Bruno Haible <>
* src/cat.c (infile): Add "const" to declaration.
* src/csplit.c (prefix): Likewise.
* src/printf.c (cfcc_msg): Likewise.
* src/tail.c (valid_file_spec): Likewise.
* src/cut.c (cut_file): Likewise, for a parameter.
* src/expr.c (str_value): Likewise.
* src/fold.c (fold_file): Likewise.
* src/pr.c (init_header): Likewise.
* src/dircolors.c (dc_parse_stream): Likewise, for a local.
* src/tr.c (make_printable_str): Likewise.
* src/nl.c (body_type, header_type, footer_type, current_type):
(separator_str, build_type_arg, nl_file): Likewise, for many.
* src/paste.c (main): Don't assign a read-only string to 'optarg'.
* src/tac.c (separator, tac_seekable, copy_to_temp): Likewise.
2006-10-25 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/sample-test: Update copyright year list to include only
the current year, since this is what I'll want in any new test.
2006-10-24 Jim Meyering <>
* src/c99-to-c89.diff: Update to reflect new offsets.
* NEWS: new feature: rm accepts new option: --one-file-system
Suggested by Steve McIntyre in <>.
* src/remove.h (struct rm_options) [one_file_system]: New member.
* src/rm.c (rm_option_init): Initialize it.
(usage): Document the option.
* src/mv.c (rm_option_init): Likewise.
* src/remove.c (remove_dir): With --one-file-system and --recursive,
for each directory command line argument, do not affect a file system
different from that of the starting directory. And give a diagnostic.
* src/rm.c (ONE_FILE_SYSTEM): New enum.
(main): Handle new option.
* tests/rm/one-file-system: Test the above.
* tests/rm/ (TESTS): Add one-file-system.
* tests/ (check-root): Add the rm/one-file-system
test to the list.
(EXTRA_DIST): Add other-fs-tmpdir.
* tests/mv/setup: Removed. Renamed to...
* tests/other-fs-tmpdir: ...this new file.
* tests/mv/ (EXTRA_DIST): Remove setup.
* tests/mv/acl: Reflect renaming: use ../other-fs-tmpdir.
* tests/mv/backup-is-src: Likewise.
* tests/mv/hard-link-1: Likewise.
* tests/mv/leak-fd: Likewise.
* tests/mv/mv-special-1: Likewise.
* tests/mv/part-fail: Likewise.
* tests/mv/part-hardlink: Likewise.
* tests/mv/part-rename: Likewise.
* tests/mv/part-symlink: Likewise.
* tests/mv/partition-perm: Likewise.
* tests/mv/to-symlink: Likewise.
* tests/mv/into-self-2: Likewise.
Don't let a failure in one test stop "make -k" from running the others.
* tests/ (t1 t2 t3 t4 t5): New targets.
(check-root): Depend on them, rather than executing the five
commands in a single rule. Reported by Greg Schafer.
2006-10-23 Bob Proulx <> (tiny change)
* Makefile.maint (alpha beta major): Use a better log message for
the automatic commit of .prev-version.
2006-10-23 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/misc/pwd-long: Undo last change, since it made Perl invoke
pwd via a shell. Instead, ensure that the absolute name of the
pwd binary consists solely of reasonable characters.
Whoops. Don't exec the perl script. Otherwise, the sh-trap-based
clean-up code isn't run.
* NEWS: Add a line for 6.5-cvs.
* (AC_INIT): Bump to 6.5 and add "-cvs" suffix.
2006-10-22 Jim Meyering <>
Version 6.4.
* NEWS: Record the 6.4 release date.
* (AC_INIT): Remove "-cvs" suffix from version string.
* Makefile.maint: Complete the adaptation to function with a working
directory that is using git (rather than cvs) for version control.
2006-10-22 Ralf Wildenhues <>
* tests/chmod/c-option: Double-quote instances of `$abs_srcdir'.
* tests/cp/cp-parents: Likewise.
* tests/mkdir/parents: Likewise.
* tests/mkdir/perm: Likewise.
* tests/sample-test: Quote variables containing absolute build
tree paths. In the cleanup trap, make sure `cd' succeeds before
`chmod'ing and `rm'ing the temporary files.
* tests/chgrp/basic: Likewise.
* tests/chgrp/deref: Likewise.
* tests/chgrp/no-x: Likewise.
* tests/chgrp/posix-H: Likewise.
* tests/chgrp/recurse: Likewise.
* tests/chmod/c-option: Likewise.
* tests/chmod/equal-x: Likewise.
* tests/chmod/equals: Likewise.
* tests/chmod/inaccessible: Likewise.
* tests/chmod/no-x: Likewise.
* tests/chmod/octal: Likewise.
* tests/chmod/setgid: Likewise.
* tests/chmod/umask-x: Likewise.
* tests/chmod/usage: Likewise.
* tests/chown/basic: Likewise.
* tests/chown/deref: Likewise.
* tests/chown/separator: Likewise.
* tests/cp/acl: Likewise.
* tests/cp/backup-1: Likewise.
* tests/cp/backup-dir: Likewise.
* tests/cp/backup-is-src: Likewise.
* tests/cp/cp-HL: Likewise.
* tests/cp/cp-deref: Likewise.
* tests/cp/cp-i: Likewise.
* tests/cp/cp-mv-backup: Likewise.
* tests/cp/cp-parents: Likewise.
* tests/cp/deref-slink: Likewise.
* tests/cp/dir-rm-dest: Likewise.
* tests/cp/dir-slash: Likewise.
* tests/cp/dir-vs-file: Likewise.
* tests/cp/fail-perm: Likewise.
* tests/cp/into-self: Likewise.
* tests/cp/link: Likewise.
* tests/cp/link-no-deref: Likewise.
* tests/cp/link-preserve: Likewise.
* tests/cp/no-deref-link1: Likewise.
* tests/cp/no-deref-link2: Likewise.
* tests/cp/no-deref-link3: Likewise.
* tests/cp/perm: Likewise.
* tests/cp/preserve-2: Likewise.
* tests/cp/r-vs-symlink: Likewise.
* tests/cp/same-file: Likewise.
* tests/cp/slink-2-slink: Likewise.
* tests/cp/sparse: Likewise.
* tests/cp/special-bits: Likewise.
* tests/cp/src-base-dot: Likewise.
* tests/cp/symlink-slash: Likewise.
* tests/dd/not-rewound: Likewise.
* tests/dd/skip-seek2: Likewise.
* tests/dd/unblock-sync: Likewise.
* tests/du/2g: Likewise.
* tests/du/8gb: Likewise.
* tests/du/basic: Likewise.
* tests/du/deref: Likewise.
* tests/du/deref-args: Likewise.
* tests/du/exclude: Likewise.
* tests/du/fd-leak: Likewise.
* tests/du/hard-link: Likewise.
* tests/du/inaccessible-cwd: Likewise.
* tests/du/long-from-unreadable: Likewise.
* tests/du/long-sloop: Likewise.
* tests/du/no-deref: Likewise.
* tests/du/no-x: Likewise.
* tests/du/restore-wd: Likewise.
* tests/du/slash: Likewise.
* tests/du/slink: Likewise.
* tests/du/trailing-slash: Likewise.
* tests/du/two-args: Likewise.
* tests/fmt/long-line: Likewise.
* tests/install/basic-1: Likewise.
* tests/install/create-leading: Likewise.
* tests/install/d-slashdot: Likewise.
* tests/install/trap: Likewise.
* tests/ln/misc: Likewise.
* tests/ln/target-1: Likewise.
* tests/ls/color-dtype-dir: Likewise.
* tests/ls/dangle: Likewise.
* tests/ls/dired: Likewise.
* tests/ls/file-type: Likewise.
* tests/ls/follow-slink: Likewise.
* tests/ls/infloop: Likewise.
* tests/ls/inode: Likewise.
* tests/ls/m-option: Likewise.
* tests/ls/no-arg: Likewise.
* tests/ls/recursive: Likewise.
* tests/ls/rt-1: Likewise.
* tests/ls/stat-dtype: Likewise.
* tests/ls/stat-failed: Likewise.
* tests/ls/stat-vs-dirent: Likewise.
* tests/misc/cat-proc: Likewise.
* tests/misc/close-stdout: Likewise.
* tests/misc/csplit: Likewise.
* tests/misc/date-sec: Likewise.
* tests/misc/false-status: Likewise.
* tests/misc/head-c: Likewise.
* tests/misc/head-pos: Likewise.
* tests/misc/mknod: Likewise.
* tests/misc/nl: Likewise.
* tests/misc/nohup: Likewise.
* tests/misc/pathchk1: Likewise.
* tests/misc/printf: Likewise.
* tests/misc/printf-hex: Likewise.
* tests/misc/pwd-long: Likewise.
* tests/misc/shuf: Likewise.
* tests/misc/sort-rand: Likewise.
* tests/misc/split-a: Likewise.
* tests/misc/split-fail: Likewise.
* tests/misc/split-l: Likewise.
* tests/misc/stat-fmt: Likewise.
* tests/misc/tac-continue: Likewise.
* tests/misc/wc-files0: Likewise.
* tests/mkdir/concurrent-1: Likewise.
* tests/mkdir/p-1: Likewise.
* tests/mkdir/p-2: Likewise.
* tests/mkdir/p-3: Likewise.
* tests/mkdir/p-slashdot: Likewise.
* tests/mkdir/p-thru-slink: Likewise.
* tests/mkdir/p-v: Likewise.
* tests/mkdir/parents: Likewise.
* tests/mkdir/perm: Likewise.
* tests/mkdir/t-slash: Likewise.
* tests/mv/acl: Likewise.
* tests/mv/atomic: Likewise.
* tests/mv/backup-dir: Likewise.
* tests/mv/childproof: Likewise.
* tests/mv/diag: Likewise.
* tests/mv/dir-file: Likewise.
* tests/mv/dir2dir: Likewise.
* tests/mv/dup-source: Likewise.
* tests/mv/hard-2: Likewise.
* tests/mv/hard-3: Likewise.
* tests/mv/hard-4: Likewise.
* tests/mv/hard-link-1: Likewise.
* tests/mv/hard-verbose: Likewise.
* tests/mv/i-2: Likewise.
* tests/mv/i-3: Likewise.
* tests/mv/i-4: Likewise.
* tests/mv/i-5: Likewise.
* tests/mv/i-link-no: Likewise.
* tests/mv/into-self-4: Likewise.
* tests/mv/leak-fd: Likewise.
* tests/mv/mv-special-1: Likewise.
* tests/mv/no-target-dir: Likewise.
* tests/mv/part-fail: Likewise.
* tests/mv/part-hardlink: Likewise.
* tests/mv/part-rename: Likewise.
* tests/mv/part-symlink: Likewise.
* tests/mv/partition-perm: Likewise.
* tests/mv/perm-1: Likewise.
* tests/mv/reply-no: Likewise.
* tests/mv/trailing-slash: Likewise.
* tests/mv/update: Likewise.
* tests/od/od-N: Likewise.
* tests/od/x8: Likewise.
* tests/readlink/can-e: Likewise.
* tests/readlink/can-f: Likewise.
* tests/readlink/can-m: Likewise.
* tests/readlink/rl-1: Likewise.
* tests/rm/cycle: Likewise.
* tests/rm/dangling-symlink: Likewise.
* tests/rm/deep-1: Likewise.
* tests/rm/dir-no-w: Likewise.
* tests/rm/dir-nonrecur: Likewise.
* tests/rm/dot-rel: Likewise.
* tests/rm/empty-inacc: Likewise.
* tests/rm/f-1: Likewise.
* tests/rm/fail-2eperm: Likewise.
* tests/rm/hash: Likewise.
* tests/rm/i-1: Likewise.
* tests/rm/i-no-r: Likewise.
* tests/rm/ignorable: Likewise.
* tests/rm/inaccessible: Likewise.
* tests/rm/interactive-always: Likewise.
* tests/rm/interactive-once: Likewise.
* tests/rm/ir-1: Likewise.
* tests/rm/isatty: Likewise.
* tests/rm/no-give-up: Likewise.
* tests/rm/r-1: Likewise.
* tests/rm/r-2: Likewise.
* tests/rm/r-3: Likewise.
* tests/rm/r-4: Likewise.
* tests/rm/readdir-bug: Likewise.
* tests/rm/rm1: Likewise.
* tests/rm/rm2: Likewise.
* tests/rm/rm3: Likewise.
* tests/rm/rm4: Likewise.
* tests/rm/rm5: Likewise.
* tests/rm/sunos-1: Likewise.
* tests/rm/unread2: Likewise.
* tests/rm/unread3: Likewise.
* tests/rmdir/fail-perm: Likewise.
* tests/rmdir/t-slash: Likewise.
* tests/shred/exact: Likewise.
* tests/shred/remove: Likewise.
* tests/sum/sysv: Likewise.
* tests/tail-2/append-only: Likewise.
* tests/tail-2/assert: Likewise.
* tests/tail-2/assert-2: Likewise.
* tests/tail-2/big-4gb: Likewise.
* tests/tail-2/fflush: Likewise.
* tests/tail-2/infloop-1: Likewise.
* tests/tail-2/proc-ksyms: Likewise.
* tests/tail-2/start-middle: Likewise.
* tests/tail-2/tail-n0f: Likewise.
* tests/tee/basic: Likewise.
* tests/tee/dash: Likewise.
* tests/touch/fail-diag: Likewise.
* tests/touch/no-create-missing: Likewise.
* tests/touch/not-owner: Likewise.
* tests/touch/obsolescent: Likewise.
* tests/touch/read-only: Likewise.
* tests/touch/relative: Likewise.
2006-10-21 Jim Meyering <>
* NEWS: (cp --backup fix): Fix a typo.
* .gitignore: Remove some references to files in subdirectories.
* build-aux/.gitignore, doc/.gitignore, lib/.gitignore: New files.
* m4/.gitignore, po/.gitignore, src/.gitignore: Likewise.
* src/copy.c (copy_internal): Add a comment saying why we prefer
mknod over mkfifo.
Enable an fts optimization (call lstat only for directories,
on some file system types) also with the --preserve-root option
of chown or chgrp.
* src/chown-core.c (change_file_owner): Compare fts_statp-based
dev/ino against root dev/ino only for directories.
(chown_files): Don't let the root_dev_ino setting influence whether
we use FTS_NOSTAT: fts always sets *fts_statp for a directory.
2006-10-20 Jim Meyering <>
* src/od.c (usage): Change description of default to use "-w16",
not the now-invalid "-w 16" syntax. From Dan Jacobson.
2006-10-19 Jim Meyering <>
* bootstrap: Add names to each .gitignore file (if it exists)
as well as to .cvsignore.
* Makefile.maint (po-check): This rule didn't detect the new use
of "gettext" (as opposed to the use of "_" everywhere else) in
lib/xstrtol.h. Adjust the grep regexp so that now it does.
2006-10-18 Paul Eggert <>
* src/copy.c (copy_reg): Rewrite slightly to avoid duplicate code
when opening dst_name.
(copy_reg, copy_internal): Use (SYSCALL != 0) rather than plain
(SYSCALL) to test for failure in a system call.
* src/copy.c (copy_internal): Use mknod rather than mkfifo to copy
a fifo. This preserves the special mode bits on Solaris 10, which
is compatible with what Solaris 10 cp -R does.
* src/copy.c (copy_internal): Remove redundant and confusing local
variable src_type.
* src/copy.c (copy_internal): Don't pass mkdir a mode greater than
7777. This matches historical 'cp' behavior and avoids some
(though not all) implementation-defined behavior of mkdir.
* src/cp.c (make_dir_parents_private): Likewise.
* src/copy.c (copy_internal): Don't pass 'open' a mode greater
than 777. This is required by POSIX. It doesn't make any difference
in actual behavior on any host that I know of.
2006-10-17 Jim Meyering <>
* src/dd.c (usage): Use two spaces (not one) to separate the
"fdatasync" option string from its description, so help2man formats
the derived man page properly. Reported by Samuel Thibault
in <>.
2006-10-16 Jim Meyering <>
* .x-sc_trailing_blank: Remove names of files that are no longer
2006-10-16 Paul Eggert <>
* src/ (version): Reword message to match the other programs.
Problem reported by Eric Blake.
2006-10-14 Jim Meyering <>
* Makefile.maint (headers_with_interesting_macro_defs): Define.
(.re-defmac, sc_always_defined_macros): New rules.
* src/system.h (EXIT_FAILURE, EXIT_SUCCESS): Remove definitions.
Instead, include "exit.h". This hereby retires the work-around for
"Sony NEWS-OS Release 4.0C"'s bug due to "#define EXIT_FAILURE 0".
* src/cksum.c (uint_fast32_t): Don't define.
Instead, include <stdint.h>.
* src/pinky.c (S_IWGRP): Don't define.
It's already defined by "stat-macros.h" (included via system.h).
* Makefile.cfg: Remove cruft that's now handled via bootstrap.
* Makefile.maint: Likewise, remove these targets/rules/variables:
(local_updates, update, cvs-update, wget_files, get-targets): Remove.
(cvs_files, wget-update, automake_repo): Likewise.
Move the comment about cvsu to build-aux/vc-list-files,
where cvsu is actually used.
* Makefile.maint (cvs-update): Use $(CVS), not "cvs".
Work also when the working directory (with e.g. coreutils sources)
is version controlled with git, rather than CVS.
* bootstrap (CVS_only_file): Test for the existence of README-cvs,
rather than CVS.
In messages and comments, say e.g., "checked-out sources",
rather than "CVS sources".
(version_controlled_file): New function. Work for git as well as
for CVS. Don't use grep's -q option.
(slurp): Call it here, in place of CVS-specific code.
* NEWS: cp -r --backup dir1 dir2, would rename an existing dir1/dir2
to dir1/dir2~.
* src/copy.c (copy_internal): Although we do create a backup of each
destination directory when in move mode, don't do that when copying.
Reported by Peter Breitenlohner, in
* tests/cp/backup-dir: New file. Test for the above.
* tests/cp/ (TESTS): Add backup-dir.
2006-10-13 Jim Meyering <>
More chown/chgrp dereferencing-related fixes.
* src/chown-core.c (change_file_owner): Don't use fts_statp if
we're dereferencing symlinks.
Reverse conjuncts, so that we use dereference file_stats
(aka ent->fts_statp) only *after* we've confirmed that
chopt->affect_symlink_referent is true. Otherwise, we might
use ent->fts_statp uninitialized.
Don't turn on FTS_NOSTAT when dereferencing symlinks.
* tests/chown/deref: Update the expected diagnostic, now that
this test case (trying to use "chown --dereference ..." on a
dangling symlink) takes a different code path.
2006-10-13 Paul Eggert <>
Sync from Bison, as follows:
2006-10-01 Paul Eggert <>
Fix problems with translating English-language diagnostics.
* bootstrap: Fix bug introduced in recent bootstrap changes, with
respect to bison-runtime pot generation. The YY_ stuff
wasn't being captured.
2006-10-13 Jim Meyering <>
* src/chown-core.c (change_file_owner): Use fstatat, not stat,
now that we're using fts_open with FTS_CWDFD.
* tests/chgrp/posix-H: Add --preserve-root to an invocation of
chgrp, to exercise the above fix.
* NEWS: Mention the above.
* src/du-tests: Clean up a little, though it's still not portable.
* .vg-suppressions: Add 3 more for debian unstable.
* tests/ls/ Remove long-unused file.
* (EXTRA_DIST): Add bootstrap.conf.
Suggestions from Bruno Haible.
2006-10-12 Ralf Wildenhues <>
* (THANKS-to-translators): Add missing $(srcdir).
(MAINTAINERCLEANFILES): Add .kludge-stamp.
* man/ (MAINTAINERCLEANFILES): Typo $(dist_man_MANS)
instead of $(man_MANS).
2006-10-12 Ralf Wildenhues <>
* Avoid compiler warnings about default return
type in function definitions and unused variables in tests.
* src/who.c (print_user) [HAVE_UT_HOST]: hostlen is only needed
if this is #defined.
2006-10-12 Jim Meyering <>
* Reflect s/gl_MACROS/coreutils_MACROS/ renaming.
Call gl_INIT directly, rather than through the above.
2006-10-11 Paul Eggert <>
* bootstrap (symlink_to_gnulib): Fix bug: the dot_dots shell
variable was sometimes used without being initialized. This
messed up the installation of the INSTALL file in some cases.
2006-10-11 Jim Meyering <>
* src/ls.c (usage): Correct description of -s, --size.
It works even without -l. Suggestion from Karl Berry.
2006-10-10 Paul Eggert <>
* src/ls.c (quote_name): Use initializer rather than memset to
initialize an object to zero. This is easier to read and is less
likely to introduce a runtime error due to a mixup. It causes
gcc -W to issue a warning, but you can work around this by
appending -Wno-missing-field-initializers.
* src/pathchk.c (portable_chars_only): Likewise.
* src/shred.c (main): Likewise.
* src/stty.c (main): Likewise.
* src/tr.c (card_of_complement): Likewise.
* src/wc.c (wc): Likewise.
2006-10-09 Paul Eggert <>
* src/sort.c (usage): Mention again that sort fields are origin 1.
* NEWS: Fix typo: iso-8602 -> iso-8601. Problem reported by
Bob Proulx.
* bootstrap (usage, main program, symlink_to_gnulib): Add option
--copy. Inspired by a suggestion from Bruno Haible.
2006-10-09 Jim Meyering <>
Avoid a compiler warning.
* src/pathchk.c (portable_chars_only): Initialize variable of type
mbstate_t via memset, rather than via '{0}'. Patch from Bruno Haible.
2006-10-06 Paul Eggert <>
Fix bug reported today by Mike Frysinger: mkdir -pv is logging the
wrong file name in some cases. Lars Wendler reported a bug in
my original fix.
* src/install.c (make_ancestor): New arg COMPONENT.
* src/mkdir.c (make_ancestor): Likewise.
* tests/install/basic-1: Check for install -Dv bug.
* tests/mkdir/ (TESTS): Add p-v.
* tests/mkdir/p-v: New file, to test this bug.
2006-10-05 Paul Eggert <>
* src/chgrp.c: Don't include lchown.h; no longer needed.
* src/chown.c: Likewise.
* tests/ls/stat-dtype: Use a dynamic test to decide whether the
current file system has useful d_type info.
* src/dd.c (flags): noatime and nofollow now depend on
(usage): Output info about noatime and nofollow only if
they are known to work.
* src/remove.c (AD_push): Inspect HAVE_WORKING_O_NOFOLLOW rather
than O_NOFOLLOW, when testing whether it's possible to avoid a
race condition reliably.
2006-10-05 Jim Meyering <>
* src/c99-to-c89.diff: Update to reflect new offsets.
* tests/install/basic-1: Skip the latter part of this test if the
just-built dd binary is not readable. Otherwise, this test would fail
when binaries were created as root. Reported by Bauke Jan Douma in
2006-10-03 Paul Eggert <>
* src/system.h (ST_BLKSIZE): Ceiling at SIZE_MAX / 8 + 1, not at 4
MiB, since XFS hosts can legitimately have large values of
st_blksize. Problem reported by Tony Ernst in
2006-10-04 Jim Meyering <>
* src/remove.c (nonexistent_file_errno): Remove ENAMETOOLONG.
Paul Eggert pointed out that the specified file may exist,
in spite of such an errno value.
* tests/rm/ (TESTS): Remove ignore-name-too-long.
* tests/rm/ignore-name-too-long: Remove file.
* NEWS: Update here, too.
2006-10-03 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/rm/fail-eperm: Report failure also if rm is terminated by
a signal.
* src/c99-to-c89.diff: Convert two c99'isms -- one in remove.c
and one in shred.c -- that were added before coreutils-6.3.
Reported by Michael Deutschmann.
* src/c99-to-c89.diff: Update to reflect new offsets.
* src/remove.c (remove_entry): With -f, exit successfully in spite
of a missing file under some very unusual conditions (with errno
With --force (-f), rm no longer fails for ENOTDIR.
* src/remove.c (ignorable_missing): New function.
Use it everywhere, rather than open-coding the test.
Andreas Schwab reported the ENOTDIR problem.
(ignorable_missing): Similarly, don't fail for ENAMETOOLONG.
* NEWS: Mention the bug fix.
* tests/rm/ignorable: New file. Test for the ENOTDIR case.
* tests/rm/ignore-name-too-long: New file. Test for ENAMETOOLONG.
* tests/rm/ (TESTS): Add the new file names.
* bootstrap: Undo last change to this file, since now gnulib-tool
sticks with the automake default in generating dependencies.
* NEWS: Add a line for 6.4-cvs.
* (AC_INIT): Bump to 6.4 and add "-cvs" suffix.
2006-09-30 Jim Meyering <>
Version 6.3.
* NEWS: Record the 6.3 release date.
* (AC_INIT): Remove "-cvs" suffix from version string.
* NEWS: Mention Paul's Solaris 8 vs. 10 work-around.
* src/c99-to-c89.diff: Update offsets.
2006-09-29 Paul Eggert <>
* tests/rm/readdir-bug: Don't use $(...) in a shell script,
as it doesn't work with Solaris /bin/sh.
2006-09-29 Jim Meyering <>
* NEWS: Mention Paul's fix (to gnulib's canon-host.c) for
the pinky segfault.
* tests/seq/basic [neg-2, eq-wid-2]: Comment out tests that
use .1 as the increment. Actual output varies too much.
[eq-wid-3]: New, commented out test.
* src/shuf.c (read_input): Fix an off-by-one error that
would cause an infloop for piped input of 8KB or more.
* NEWS: Mention the fix.
* tests/misc/shuf: Test for the above fix.
Since any system may be affected by the Darwin readdir bug,
perform the extra rewinddir unconditionally. The performance
impact of rewinding a directory is negligible.
* src/remove.c (NEED_REWIND): Define to use
* tests/seq/basic: Use .11 as the upper bound, in case the ".1"
increment translates to a slightly larger value.
This corrects a test failure on FreeBSD 6.1 reported by Nelson Beebe.
The final expected value wasn't being printed.
Work around a readdir bug in Darwin 7.9.0 (MacOS X 10.3.9) on HFS+
and NFS, whereby rm would not remove all files in a directory.
* src/remove.c (CONSECUTIVE_READDIR_UNLINK_THRESHOLD): Reduce to 10.
(NEED_REWIND): New macro, so that we incur the cost of the work-around
rewinddir only on afflicted systems.
* NEWS: Clarify and correct.
* tests/rm/readdir-bug: New file. Test for the above fix.
* tests/rm/ (TESTS): Add it.
Prompted by testing and analysis from Bruno Haible:
2006-09-28 Paul Eggert <>
* tests/rm/fail-eperm: Unset BASH_ENV, CDPATH, and ENV, too;
suggested for Debian stable, which uses Perl 5.8.4.
2006-09-28 Jim Meyering <>
Automatically generated dependencies are important even
when all of the sources in a directory come from gnulib.
* bootstrap (gnulib_tool): Remove the "no-dependencies" automake
option that gnulib-tool adds to what becomes our lib/
* tests/rm/fail-eperm: Enable Perl's (-T) taint checking.
Ensure that IFS is set properly and unset PATH.
Sanitize inputs.
Work properly even when the name of the selected file starts with "-".
Invoke rm via "../../src/rm", and adjust expected output.
Prompted by a patch from Tim Waugh.
* README-cvs: Add Bison to the list of required packages.
2006-09-26 Jim Meyering <>
* src/c99-to-c89.diff: Update offsets.
* NEWS: rm works around a bug in Darwin 8.6.1 w/NFS that kept
it from removing a directory containing 188 or more entries.
20, go work around the buggy readdir on Darwin 8.6.1 with NFS.
Reported by Matthew Woehlke.
2006-09-26 Paul Eggert <>
* NEWS: "groups user" no longer outputs "user :"; you need at least
two users. "groups" now processes options like --help more compatibly.
* src/ Implement the option-processing change.
Handle user and group names with special characters more robustly.
Report write errors instead of exiting silently with status 1.
2006-09-26 Jim Meyering <>
* README: Warn not to run autoreconf manually. Use bootstrap instead.
* src/ When invoked with 0 or 1 argument, just exec "id".
Rewrite to avoid using temporary, $status.
* NEWS: Mention the bug fix.
* src/ Don't hide a write failure.
Reported by Iain Calder <>.
2006-09-25 Jim Meyering <>
* src/chown.c (usage): Clarify --dereference description.
* src/chgrp.c (usage): Likewise. Suggestion from Jamie McClelland.
2006-09-24 Jim Meyering <>
* NEWS: Mention these fixes.
* src/copy.c (copy_reg): With --verbose (-v), print
"removed `file_name'" just after unlinking a file.
(copy_internal): Likewise, in three more places.
Marc Lehman reported that "touch x; ln x y; mv -v x y" was silent.
* tests/mv/hard-verbose: New file. Test for the above fix.
* tests/mv/ (TESTS): Add hard-verbose.
* tests/help-version (sync_args): Don't call sync, since it spins up
disks that I've deliberately caused to spin down (but not unmounted).
* NEWS: Mention the improvement to sort.
* tests/tail-2/proc-ksyms: Require that /proc/ksyms be readable
as well as existing.
* tests/ls/stat-dtype: Don't use tmpfs on linux-2.4 or older,
since that predated addition of d_type support.
2006-09-23 Jim Meyering <>
* gl/modules/getloadavg.diff: New file. Work around the way the latest
version of the getloadavg module interacts with our bootstrap script.
* bootstrap (gnulib_tool_options): Add "--local-dir gl".
* (EXTRA_DIST): Sort file names.
Add bootstrap and gl/modules/getloadavg.diff
2006-09-20 Paul Eggert <>
* bootstrap: Add support for --force.
(usage): New function. Describe usage less tersely.
(CVS_only_file): New var.
* NEWS: Document fix for cp -i and mv -i.
* src/copy.c (copy_internal): With -i, prompt even if the source
is a directory and the destination is not. This is required by
POSIX and gives the user a chance to bail out before failing.
* tests/cp/ (TESTS): Add cp-i.
* tests/cp/cp-i: New file.
* tests/mv/ (TESTS): Add i-5.
* tests/mv/i-5: New file.
2006-09-20 Jim Meyering <>
* NEWS: Mention the chmod bug fix.
* tests/chmod/inaccessible: New test, specifically for this bug.
Based on a test case from Paul Eggert.
* tests/chmod/ (TESTS): Add inaccessible.
Fix the 2006-09-18 bug differently.
* src/chmod.c: (process_file): Upon FTS_NS for a top-level file,
tell fts_read to stat the file again, in case it has become
accessible since the initial fts_open call.
* src/chown-core.c (change_file_owner): Likewise.
* src/chmod.c: Revert last change. There is a better way.
* src/chown-core.c: Likewise.
2006-09-19 Paul Eggert <>
* src/ln.c (target_directory_operand): Rewrite to avoid porting
problem on Tandem reported by Matthew Woehlke in
2006-09-18 Paul Eggert <>
Fix bug where chmod, chown, and chgrp did not process operands
left-to-right in some cases.
* src/chmod.c (wd_errno): New var.
(chmod_file): New function, with most of the contents of the
old prcess_file function.
(process_files): Use it. This gives file names to fts one
at a time, so that they are processed left-to-right as POSIX
* src/chown-core.c (wd_errno, chown_files): Likewise.
(chown_file): New function.
* tests/install/basic-1: Redo test so as to not workaround
the chmod bug, thereby testing for it.
* src/shuf.c (main): Quote the entire range when reporting an
invalid one, rather than just the part that contained the error.
* tests/stty/row-col-1: Rewrite to avoid temporary file that is
sometimes left behind if the test is skipped or interrupted.
* bootstrap (symlink_to_gnulib): New function.
(cp_mark_as_generated): Use it, to prefer symlinks-to-gnulib
to copies-of-gnulib.
(cp_mark_as_generated, slurp, gnulib_files):
Avoid making a copy if it's the same as the old version.
(gnulib_files): Add support for this variable (used by Bison).
* tests/ls/stat-vs-dirent: Fix quoting problem in diagnostic
indicating flaw in kernel. Reword to say that the flaw isn't
serious for coreutils, since the flaw does affect ls -i.
* tests/chgrp/basic: Fix bug in test case exposed by building on
Solaris 8 in a setgid directory. The test case incorrectly
assumed that 'symlink' would be in group $g1.
2006-09-18 Jim Meyering <>
* NEWS: Add a line for 6.3-cvs.
* (AC_INIT): Bump to 6.3 and add "-cvs" suffix.
Version 6.2.
* NEWS: Record the 6.2 release date.
* (AC_INIT): Remove "-cvs" suffix from version string.
2006-09-17 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/chgrp/basic: On an OpenBSD system, rather than failing
due to a known problem, merely warn about it.
Rewrite to avoid testing output of chgrp --verbose and chgrp -c.
Instead, use stat to test file system for desired results, directly.
* tests/chgrp/ (TESTS_ENVIRONMENT): Set host_triplet.
* tests/envvar-check: Add more variable names to the list of those
that can affect these programs and tests: _POSIX2_VERSION, COLUMNS,
2006-09-16 Paul Eggert <>
* NEWS: Document that mkdir -p and install -d now fork on occasion.
* bootstrap.conf (gnulib_modules): Add savewd.
* src/install.c: Include savewd.h.
(process_dir): New function.
(main, install_file_in_file_parents): Use it, along with the new
savewd module, to avoid some race conditions.
* src/mkdir.c: Include savewd.h.
(struct mkdir_options): New members make_ancestor_function, mode,
(make_ancestor): Return 1 if the resulting directory is not readable.
(process_dir): New function.
(main): Use it, along with new savewd module, to avoid some
race conditions. Fill in new slots of struct mkdir_options, so
that callees get the values.
* tests/install/basic-1: Test for coreutils 5.97 bug that was
fixed in coreutils 6.0, and which should still be fixed with
this change.
* tests/mkdir/p-3: Likewise.
2006-09-15 Jim Meyering <>
* bootstrap.conf (gnulib_modules): Add rename-dest-slash.
The 2006-09-08 changes made it so "mv dir new-name/" would
fail on NetBSD 1.6. This makes it work once again.
2006-09-14 Jim Meyering <>
* src/mv.c (main): Remove unnecessary (always-true) test for 2 <= n.
Instead, since it's a little fragile, assert the condition.
(target_directory_operand): Update comment to reflect latest change.
2006-09-12 Paul Eggert <>
* src/who.c (print_user): Rewrite to avoid warning from
GCC 4.1.1 with -Wall.
2006-09-12 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/mv/atomic: Check for specific strace output, rather than
simply nonempty. RHEL AS 4 would fail this test due to strace
generating "[ Process PID=14434 runs in 32 bit mode. ]".
Reported by Nelson Beebe.
2006-09-11 Jim Meyering <>
* src/remove.c (remove_dir): Move new cache_stat_init call onto
it's own line.
(rm_1): Move declaration of "st" and new cache_stat_init call
"down" to nearer where they're used.
* src/c99-to-c89.diff: Add another set of curly braces.
2006-09-10 Paul Eggert <>
* src/expr.c (eval6): Fix buffer overrun, or bad performance, if
substr's last operand is very large. Performance problem reported
by Sebastian Kreft.
2006-09-09 Jim Meyering <>
* Makefile.maint (sc_prohibit_jm_in_m4): Don't hang when there
are no .m4 files.
(sc_require_config_h): Skip this test if there are no version-
controlled .c files.
(sc_prohibit_assert_without_use): Likewise.
2006-09-08 Jim Meyering <>
* bootstrap: Export CVS_RSH separate from its assignment, to work
even with Solaris 10's /bin/sh. Suggestion from Mark D. Baushke.
2006-09-08 Paul Eggert <>
* NEWS: tail now ignores the -f option if POSIXLY_CORRECT is set,
no file operand is given, and standard input is any FIFO.
This is in response to Open Group XCU ERN 114.
* src/tail.c (main): Likewise.
2006-09-08 Jim Meyering <>
mv and "cp -r" no longer fail when invoked with two arguments
where the first one names a directory and the second name ends in
a slash and doesn't exist. E.g., "mv dir B/", for nonexistent B,
now succeeds, once more. This reverts part of the 2004-06-27
change for 5.3.0.
* NEWS: Say the above.
* src/mv.c (target_directory_operand): Don't require (here)
that the target operand "look like" a directory. This change
pushes the test down to the rename syscall level, where a
"mv dir existing-non-dir/" will mistakenly succeed on older systems
that ignore trailing slashes in the rename destination argument.
* src/cp.c (target_directory_operand): Likewise, but for cp.
* tests/mv/trailing-slash: Exercise the above fixes.
* tests/cp/trailing-slash: New file.
* tests/cp/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add trailing-slash.
* bootstrap: Use the previously unused variable, $src,
to avoid repeating "$GNULIB_SRCDIR/$file".
* bootstrap (cp_mark_as_generated): Don't use "local", to
accommodate ancient "/bin/sh". Suggested by Ralf Wildenhues.
Rename now-global "$src" and "$dst" to have cp_ prefix.
Safer, and avoids confusion.
* bootstrap (cp_mark_as_generated): New function.
(slurp): Use it to prepend editor hints and a warning that
the file we're copying is generated.
Suggestion from Bruce Korb.
(cp_mark_as_generated): Don't add C-style comments for .l or .y files.
Fix last-minute typo.
2006-09-07 Jim Meyering <>
* bootstrap: Revert last change. There are less disruptive ways
to mark these generated files as read-only.
* src/c99-to-c89.diff: Update to have proper offsets.
2006-09-06 Jim Meyering <>
Ensure that some gnulib-tool-generated files are read-only.
* bootstrap (slurp): Put the body of this function in a sub-shell,
with "umask a-w" so that all new files are read-only. Remove each
file before we write to it, in case it's read-only.
Make po/Makevars and runtime-po/Makevars read-only, too.
2006-09-05 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/cp/acl: Skip this test when cp lacks ACL support.
* src/c99-to-c89.diff (remove.c): Adapt one hunk to match the new
context from change of 2006-09-02.
2006-09-04 Jim Meyering <>
* README-cvs: Fix typo in update command.
2006-09-03 Jim Meyering <>
* NEWS: Tweak the wording in the new change description so that
no one can think this change causes e.g., `rm -fr foo../' to fail.
* tests/rm/inaccessible: Adjust for movement of config.h to lib/.
Use $CONFIG_HEADER, rather than hard-coding it.
2006-09-02 Paul Eggert <>
* NEWS: rm now rejects attempts to remove /, ./, and ../.
* src/basename.c: Don't include dirname.h, since system.h does it now.
* src/chmod.c: Likewise.
* src/copy.c: Likewise.
* src/cp.c: Likewise.
* src/df.c: Likewise.
* src/dircolors.c: Likewise.
* src/dirname.c: Likewise.
* src/du.c: Likewise.
* src/install.c: Likewise.
* src/ln.c: Likewise.
* src/ls.c: Likewise.
* src/mkdir.c: Likewise.
* src/mv.c: Likewise.
* src/remove.c: Likewise.
* src/rm.c: Likewise.
* src/rmdir.c: Likewise.
* src/shred.c: Likewise.
* src/split.c: Likewise.
* src/su.c: Likewise.
* src/system.h: Include "dirname.h", since dot_or_dotdot needs it
(dot_or_dotdot): Succeed even if "." or ".." is followed by a
* src/rm.c (usage, main): --preserve-root is now the default.
* src/remove.h: Fix comment.
* src/remove.c (cache_fstatat, cache_stat_init): New functions.
(cache_statted, cache_stat_ok): New functions.
(write_protected_non_symlink): Remove struct stat ** buf_p arg,
which is no longer needed with the new functions. All callers
(prompt, is_dir_lstat, remove_entry, remove_dir):
New struct stat * arg. All callers changed.
(write_protected_non_symlink, prompt, is_dir_lstat, remove_entry):
(remove_cwd_entries, remove_dir, rm_1):
Use and maintain the file status cache.
(prompt, remove_entry): Omit the first "directory" in the diagnostic
"Cannot remove directory `foo': is a directory". This causes "rm"
to pass a test case that it would otherwise fail now that it
"knows" more about its argument. I think the diagnostic is better
without the first "directory" anyway.
(prompt): Remove the no-longer-needed IS_DIR arg; all callers changed.
(rm_1): Reject attempts to remove /, ./, or ../.
* tests/rm/ (TESTS): Add r-4.
* tests/rm/r-4: New file.
2006-09-01 Paul Eggert <>
* src/stat.c: Include <stddef.h>
(alignof): New macro.
(FSID_VAL): Remove.
(print_statfs): If f_fsid isn't an integer, grab its words one
at a time in little-endian order. This is a bit easier to configure
and should avoid a compilation failure on MacOS reported by Bruno
2006-08-29 Paul Eggert <>
* src/stat.c (HAVE_STRUCT_STATXFS_F_FSID_VAL, FSID_VAL): New macros, to
work around a Mac OS X porting problem reported by Bruno Haible in
(print_statfs): Use them.
* bootstrap.conf (gnulib_modules): Add isapipe.
* src/tail.c: Include isapipe.h.
(IS_TAILABLE_FILE_TYPE): Just list both FIFOs and sockets as
tailable, since this seems to be portable.
(main): Use isapipe, to fix a bug on MacOS X reported by Bruno Haible in
* src/system.h (LOCALEDIR): Remove, since configmake.h now defines
it for us.
2006-08-28 Paul Eggert <>
* src/copy.c (copy_internal): Don't test whether macros like
S_ISLNK are defined, since they're always defined now.
* src/cp.c (main): Likewise.
* src/ln.c (main): Likewise.
* src/ls.c (get_link_name, make_link_name): Likewise.
* src/mknod.c (main): Likewise.
* src/mkfifo.c (usage): Likewise.
* src/who.c (S_IWGRP): Likewise.
Adjust to recent gnulib changes for the gnulib module.
* bootstrap.conf (gnulib_modules): Add fcntl.
* src/system.h (SEEK_SET, SEEK_CUR, SEEK_END): Remove. Other code
is already assuming these macros are defined.
Remove; the fcntl module now handles these.
Adjust to recent gnulib changes for the inttypes module.
* bootstrap.conf (gnulib_modules): Remove stdint; add inttypes.
(excluded_files): Don't exclude m4/inttypes-h.m4 or m4/inttypes-pri.m4.
* src/system.h: Don't bother to include <stdint.h>, since we can
now assume inttypes.h does the equivalent of including stdint.h.
2006-08-27 Jim Meyering <>
* src/copy.c (copy_internal): Don't make a backup if the last
component of the source name is "." or "..".
Reported by Andreas Schwab in
* NEWS: Mention this.
* tests/cp/src-base-dot: New file. Test for the above fix.
* tests/cp/ (TESTS): Add src-base-dot.
* src/system.h (DOT_OR_DOTDOT): Remove macro. Rewrite as a...
(dot_or_dotdot): static inline function.
* src/remove.c (rm_1): Reflect this renaming.
* src/ls.c (basename_is_dot_or_dotdot): Likewise.
* src/copy.c (copy_internal): Add comments.
2006-08-26 Paul Eggert <>
* src/ (AM_CPPFLAGS): Remove -I$(srcdir) and -I../lib,
since Automake supplies them for us. It always did -I$(srcdir),
and with the recent change to AC_CONFIG_HEADERS in it
is now also doing -I../lib.
* bootstrap (get_translations): Skip this if WGET_COMMAND is empty.
Fail if the first "echo" fails. Suppress diagnostics from "ls po/*.po"
since there might not be any .po files.
(WGET_COMMAND): Set to empty if wget doesn't
seem to be available.
2006-08-26 Jim Meyering <>
This test was failing in some environments.
* tests/ls/color-dtype-dir: Don't rely on eval "`dircolors -b`"
to set LS_COLORS in the environment.
* tests/envvar-check: Instead, ensure that LS_COLORS is not set.
Reported by Bob Proulx.
* src/c99-to-c89.diff: Remove hunk for copy.c; no longer needed.
* (EXTRA_DIST): Remove these files here, too:
.x-sc_no_if_have_config_h, .x-sc_prohibit_assert_without_use,
Fix "mv --verbose --backup" so its output includes the
" (backup: foo.~1~)" suffix also when backing up a directory.
* NEWS: Report this bug fix.
* src/copy.c (emit_verbose): New function, factored out of...
(copy_internal): Use the new function.
* tests/mv/backup-dir: Test for the above fix.
* tests/mv/ (TESTS): Add backup-dir.
2006-08-25 Paul Eggert <>
* .x-sc_no_if_have_config_h: Remove; no longer needed.
* .x-sc_prohibit_assert_without_use: Remove; it was empty.
* .x-sc_two_space_separator_in_usage: Likewise.
* Makefile.maint (sc_no_have_config_h): Renamed from
sc_no_if_have_config_h, since it now checks that HAVE_CONFIG_H
is absent everywhere.
* bootstrap.conf (gnulib_modules): Add config-h.
* src/shred.c: Include <config.h> unconditionally, since
we now assume config.h exists.
* src/dircolors.c: Likewise.
2006-08-26 Jim Meyering <>
"ls --color" would highlight other-writable and sticky directories
no differently than regular directories on a file system with
dirent.d_type support.
* NEWS: Say the above.
* src/ls.c (gobble_file): With --color, also stat the file when
we know it is a directory.
Derived from an anonymous one-line fix and bug report:
* tests/ls/color-dtype-dir: New file. Test for the above fix.
* tests/ls/ (TESTS): Add color-dtype-dir.
2006-08-25 Paul Eggert <>
* .cvsignore: Remove stamp-h1. Add coreutils-*, to ignore
* bootstrap.conf: Add configmake, verify.
* src/.cvsignore: Remove localedir.h.
* src/ (localedir, DISTCLEANFILES, localedir.h): Remove;
subsumed by configmake.
* src/system.h: Include configmake.h rather than localedir.h
(LOCALEDIR): New macro.
Rewrite to avoid some unnecessary casts, macros, literals.
* src/shred.c (DEFAULT_PASSES, VERBOSE_UPDATE): Now constants,
not macros.
(SECTOR_SIZE, SECTOR_MASK): New constants.
(fillpattern, dopass, do_wipefd, main): Remove unnecessary casts,
and use the SECTOR_* constants when applicable. Check for size <
0 rather than size == -1, since negative-size files are a sign of
trouble anyway.
2006-08-25 Bruno Haible <>
* src/shred.c (dopass): Assume a continuable error if EIO even
if the current position is not a multiple of 512.
2006-08-24 Jim Meyering <>
* src/stat.c (print_statfs): Fix typo: remove extra "sizeof".
2006-08-23 Paul Eggert <>
* src/stat.c (HAVE_STRUCT_STATXFS_F_FSID___VAL): Define. This
macro was being used without being defined.
(SB_F_NAMEMAX): Remove cast.
(f_fsid) [BeOS]: Likewise.
(OUT_NAMEMAX): Renamed from NAMEMAX_FORMAT, with a new meaning.
All uses changed.
(out_string, out_int, out_uint, out_uint_o, out_uint_x): New
(xstrcat): Remove. All uses changed to use the above functions.
(print_statfs, print_stat): 2nd arg is now the prefix len, not the
buffer len. All uses changed. Output '?', not '*', for unknown
data or errors. Do not assume signed values can be interchanged
with unsigned when printing.
(print_statfs): For %i, print the fsid as a single int, not as a
(print_it): Quote invalid format better.
* NEWS: printf supports the I flag.
* src/printf.c (print_formatted) [glibc 2.2 or later]: Likewise.
2006-08-23 Bruno Haible <>
* src/stat.c (STRUCT_STATVFS, statfs, f_fsid, f_blocks, f_bfree) [BeOS]:
(f_bavail, f_bsize, STATFS_FRSIZE, f_files, f_ffree) [BeOS]:
* src/ls.c (SA_RESTART): Fallback define.
2006-08-23 Paul Eggert <>
* src/system.h (EDQUOT): Define if not already defined.
Problem reported by Bruno Haible for BeOS.
* .cvsignore: Remove config.h, config.hin, as they are now
in lib.
* (AC_CONFIG_HEADERS): Move config.h and config.hin
to lib.
* src/ (AM_CPPFLAGS): Remove '-I..'; no longer needed.
* bootstrap (slurp): Define gl_LOCK_EARLY instead of gl_LOCK,
to accommodate today's gnulib change.
2006-08-23 Jim Meyering <>
* NEWS: Mention the sweeping infrastructure changes.
2006-08-22 Paul Eggert <>
* bootstrap.conf (gnulib_modules): Add gnupload.
* Makefile.maint (emit_upload_commands): gnupload is now
in build-aux.
* gnupload: Remove from CVS, since it's now a gnulib module.
* bootstrap (bootstrap_conf_cleanup): Remove.
(excluded_files): New var.
* bootstrap.conf: Likewise.
* bootstrap (slurp): Exclude files early if they're in the
excluded_files list. That way, their names don't get put into
* aclocal.m4, config.hin, configure:
Remove from CVS, since ./bootstrap generates them automatically.
* .cvsignore: Add INSTALL,, aclocal.m4, config.hin,
configure, *.cache, *.lineno, *.log.
Remove more-specific entries. This catches files like configure.lineno.
* man/.cvsignore: Add
* src/.cvsignore: Add
Remove .version, dir.c, install, mvdir, stamp-v, vdir.c, version.c.
* tests/.cvsignore:
* tests/chgrp/.cvsignore:
* tests/chmod/.cvsignore:
* tests/chown/.cvsignore:
* tests/cp/.cvsignore:
* tests/cut/.cvsignore:
* tests/dd/.cvsignore:
* tests/dircolors/.cvsignore:
* tests/du/.cvsignore:
* tests/expr/.cvsignore:
* tests/factor/.cvsignore:
* tests/fmt/.cvsignore:
* tests/head/.cvsignore:
* tests/install/.cvsignore:
* tests/join/.cvsignore:
* tests/ln/.cvsignore:
* tests/ls/.cvsignore:
* tests/ls-2/.cvsignore:
* tests/md5sum/.cvsignore:
* tests/misc/.cvsignore:
* tests/mkdir/.cvsignore:
* tests/mv/.cvsignore:
* tests/od/.cvsignore:
* tests/pr/.cvsignore:
* tests/readlink/.cvsignore:
* tests/rm/.cvsignore:
* tests/rmdir/.cvsignore:
* tests/seq/.cvsignore:
* tests/sha1sum/.cvsignore:
* tests/shred/.cvsignore:
* tests/sort/.cvsignore:
* tests/stty/.cvsignore:
* tests/sum/.cvsignore:
* tests/tac/.cvsignore:
* tests/tail/.cvsignore:
* tests/tail-2/.cvsignore:
* tests/tee/.cvsignore:
* tests/test/.cvsignore:
* tests/touch/.cvsignore:
* tests/tr/.cvsignore:
* tests/tsort/.cvsignore:
* tests/unexpand/.cvsignore:
* tests/uniq/.cvsignore:
* tests/wc/.cvsignore:
Add Sort entries if necessary. Remove *.I, *.E,
*.X, *.O, *-tests, build-script, mk-script if they're never
created in this directory.
2006-08-22 Bruno Haible <>
BeOS portability.
* src/uptime.c: Include OS.h if it exists.
(print_uptime): On BeOS, use the get_system_info function (actually a
macro). Loop through utmp entries only if utmp.h or utmpx.h exists.
(uptime): Call read_utmp only if utmp.h or utmpx.h exists.
2006-08-22 Jim Meyering <>
* .cvsignore: Add ABOUT-NLS.
Move the check-AUTHORS rule to be run as part of "make distcheck",
rather than "make check".
* src/ (check): Don't depend on check-AUTHORS; it would
cause "make check" to fail on systems unable to build all binaries.
* Makefile.maint (check-AUTHORS): New rule.
(local-checks-available): Add it here.
Reported by Bruno Haible. Needed for BeOS.
2006-08-21 Paul Eggert <>
* src/df.c (print_header, show_dev): Use a column width that
depends on the block size of -P is specified and not autoscaling.
Problem reported by Gustavo G. Rondina in:
2006-08-21 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/dircolors/simple (a): Don't fail with an unexpected diagnostic
when the shell variable, SHELL, is not set.
Trigger the failure with "(unset SHELL; make check TESTS=simple)".
Reported by Sven Joachim in <>.
* src/od.c: Now that HAVE_UNSIGNED_LONG_LONG is no longer defined
in config.h, change the uses to HAVE_UNSIGNED_LONG_LONG_INT.
Otherwise, on a system with 4-byte longs, "od -t u8" fails with this:
od: invalid type string `u8';
this system doesn't provide a 8-byte integral type
FIXME: add a test for this, but skip it when sizeof uintmax < 8.
2006-08-20 Paul Eggert <>
Add a bootstrap procedure, so that the CVS version contains fewer
files and we bootstrap the rest from gnulib, gettext, etc.
* README-cvs: New file.
* bootstrap: New file.
* bootstrap.conf: New file.
* .x-sc_trailing_blank: Remove config-log, .gdb-history. Add .po.
* (AC_PREREQ): Move here from m4/*.m4, for benefit
of gnulib-tool.
(gl_IGNORE_UNUSED_LIBRARIES): Remove; now done by gnulib.
(gl_EARLY): Add.
(gl_MACROS): Call just after gl_EARLY, just for clarity.
* src/c99-to-c89.diff: Remove patch to ls.c; no longer needed.
* src/kill.c (strtoimax): Remove decl.
* src/ls.c: Include "wcwidth.h" instead of rolling it ourselves.
* src/wc.c: Likewise.
* src/ls.c (sort_files): Rewrite to avoid need for C99-style
declaration, so that we don't need to patch this file.
* src/printf.c (strtoimax, strtoumax): Remove decls.
* src/su.c: Include getpass.h.
(getpass): remove.
* src/system.h: Include mempcpy.h, stpcpy.h, strpbrk.h.
Include inttypes.h unconditionally.
(stpcpy, strndup, strstr, strtoul, mempcpy, CHAR_MIN, CHAR_MAX):
* src/, tests/, tests/chgrp/
* tests/chmod/, tests/chown/
* tests/cp/, tests/cut/
* tests/dd/, tests/dircolors/
* tests/du/, tests/expr/
* tests/factor/, tests/fmt/
* tests/general/, tests/head/
* tests/install/, tests/join/
* tests/ln/, tests/ls/
* tests/ls-2/, tests/md5sum/
* tests/misc/, tests/mkdir/
* tests/mv/, tests/od/
* tests/pr/, tests/readlink/
* tests/rm/, tests/rmdir/
* tests/seq/, tests/sha1sum/
* tests/shred/, tests/sort/
* tests/stty/, tests/sum/
* tests/tac/, tests/tail/
* tests/tail-2/, tests/tee/
* tests/test/, tests/touch/
* tests/tr/, tests/tsort/
* tests/unexpand/, tests/uniq/
* tests/wc/
Remove from CVS, since ./bootstrap generates them automatically.
2006-08-20 Eric Blake <>
* src/stat.c (USE_STATVFS): Reinstate the patch from 2006-08-15;
the patch from 2006-08-18 broke on cygwin.
2006-08-20 Jim Meyering <>
* NEWS: Add a line for 6.2-cvs.
* (AC_INIT): Bump to 6.2 and add "-cvs" suffix.
2006-08-19 Jim Meyering <>
* Version 6.1.
* NEWS: Record the 6.1 release date.
* (AC_INIT): Remove "-cvs" suffix from version string.
* tests/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add sparse-file.
Avoid test failure when `make check' is run through debuild.
* tests/help-version: Ensure that $SHELL is set to some value
and exported. Patch from Sven Joachim. For details, see
* tests/ls/stat-dtype: Test for the 2006-08-17 `ls -CF' fix.
* README: Describe potential "pre-C99 build failure", and work-around.
Some of my 2006-07-03 changes to tests/*/ were being
backed out due to updates provoked by the copyright changes.
* tests/ (PATH): Prepend $(VG_PATH_PREFIX), so that
it propagates to the derived files.
($(srcdir)/ Mark generated .am files as read-only,
so we don't mistakenly edit them again.
* tests/cut/ Regenerate.
* tests/head/ Likewise.
* tests/join/ Likewise.
* tests/pr/ Likewise.
* tests/sort/ Likewise.
* tests/tac/ Likewise.
* tests/tail/ Likewise.
* tests/test/ Likewise.
* tests/tr/ Likewise.
* tests/uniq/ Likewise.
* tests/wc/ Likewise.
* NEWS: Fix cp --sparse so that it preserves tail-end sparseness, even
when the file's apparent size is not a multiple of its block size.
* src/copy.c (copy_reg): Don't write a NUL before calling ftruncate.
For some file sizes, writing that single byte would unnecessarily
waste a few file blocks. That write may have been necessary in the
early days of Linux, but now, removing it should be safe.
Based on a patch by Alan Curry: <>
* tests/cp/sparse: New test for the above.
* tests/cp/ (TESTS): Add sparse.
* tests/sparse-file: New file, essence factored out of...
* tests/du/8gb: ... here. Use the new script.
2006-08-18 Paul Eggert <>
* src/system.h (select_plural): Reduce by 1000000, not 1000, since
the CVS gettext manual now suggests 1000000.
2006-08-18 Bruno Haible <>
Add support for NetBSD 3.0.
* src/stat.c (USE_STATVFS): Set to 1 if 'struct statvfs' has a field
(STATXFS_FILE_SYSTEM_TYPE_MEMBER_NAME): Define also if 'struct statvfs'
has a field f_fstypename.
This undoes the 2006-08-15 to src/stat.c.
2006-08-17 Paul Eggert <>
Copyright notice fixes.
* COPYING: Upgrade to latest version from FSF.
* src/uname.c: Use (C) in copyright notice.
* .vg-suppressions: Add copyright notice.
* ChangeLog: Likewise.
* ChangeLog-2005: Likewise.
* Likewise.
* NEWS: Likewise.
* README: Likewise.
* README-valgrind: Likewise.
* TODO: Likewise.
* announce-gen: Likewise.
* man/ Likewise.
* man/chmod.x: Likewise.
* man/chown.x: Likewise.
* man/df.x: Likewise.
* man/du.x: Likewise.
* man/rm.x: Likewise.
* src/dircolors.hin: Likewise.
* src/du-tests: Likewise.
* src/extract-magic: Likewise.
* src/tac-pipe.c: Likewise.
* src/ Likewise.
* tests/ Likewise.
* tests/ Likewise.
* tests/acl: Likewise.
* tests/envvar-check: Likewise.
* tests/expensive: Likewise.
* tests/group-names: Likewise.
* tests/help-version: Likewise.
* tests/mk-script: Likewise.
* tests/priv-check: Likewise.
* tests/rwx-to-mode: Likewise.
* tests/sample-test: Likewise.
* tests/setgid-check: Likewise.
* tests/chgrp/basic: Likewise.
* tests/chgrp/deref: Likewise.
* tests/chgrp/no-x: Likewise.
* tests/chgrp/posix-H: Likewise.
* tests/chgrp/recurse: Likewise.
* tests/chmod/c-option: Likewise.
* tests/chmod/equal-x: Likewise.
* tests/chmod/equals: Likewise.
* tests/chmod/no-x: Likewise.
* tests/chmod/octal: Likewise.
* tests/chmod/setgid: Likewise.
* tests/chmod/umask-x: Likewise.
* tests/chmod/usage: Likewise.
* tests/chown/basic: Likewise.
* tests/chown/deref: Likewise.
* tests/chown/separator: Likewise.
* tests/cp/ Likewise.
* tests/cp/acl: Likewise.
* tests/cp/backup-1: Likewise.
* tests/cp/backup-is-src: Likewise.
* tests/cp/cp-HL: Likewise.
* tests/cp/cp-deref: Likewise.
* tests/cp/cp-mv-backup: Likewise.
* tests/cp/cp-parents: Likewise.
* tests/cp/deref-slink: Likewise.
* tests/cp/dir-rm-dest: Likewise.
* tests/cp/dir-slash: Likewise.
* tests/cp/dir-vs-file: Likewise.
* tests/cp/fail-perm: Likewise.
* tests/cp/into-self: Likewise.
* tests/cp/link: Likewise.
* tests/cp/link-no-deref: Likewise.
* tests/cp/link-preserve: Likewise.
* tests/cp/no-deref-link1: Likewise.
* tests/cp/no-deref-link2: Likewise.
* tests/cp/no-deref-link3: Likewise.
* tests/cp/perm: Likewise.
* tests/cp/preserve-2: Likewise.
* tests/cp/r-vs-symlink: Likewise.
* tests/cp/same-file: Likewise.
* tests/cp/slink-2-slink: Likewise.
* tests/cp/special-bits: Likewise.
* tests/cp/symlink-slash: Likewise.
* tests/cut/ Likewise.
* tests/cut/ Likewise.
* tests/dd/misc: Likewise.
* tests/dd/not-rewound: Likewise.
* tests/dd/skip-seek: Likewise.
* tests/dd/skip-seek2: Likewise.
* tests/dd/unblock-sync: Likewise.
* tests/dircolors/simple: Likewise.
* tests/du/2g: Likewise.
* tests/du/8gb: Likewise.
* tests/du/ Likewise.
* tests/du/basic: Likewise.
* tests/du/deref: Likewise.
* tests/du/deref-args: Likewise.
* tests/du/exclude: Likewise.
* tests/du/fd-leak: Likewise.
* tests/du/files0-from: Likewise.
* tests/du/hard-link: Likewise.
* tests/du/inaccessible-cwd: Likewise.
* tests/du/long-from-unreadable: Likewise.
* tests/du/long-sloop: Likewise.
* tests/du/no-deref: Likewise.
* tests/du/no-x: Likewise.
* tests/du/restore-wd: Likewise.
* tests/du/slash: Likewise.
* tests/du/slink: Likewise.
* tests/du/trailing-slash: Likewise.
* tests/du/two-args: Likewise.
* tests/expr/basic: Likewise.
* tests/factor/basic: Likewise.
* tests/fmt/basic: Likewise.
* tests/fmt/long-line: Likewise.
* tests/general/ Likewise.
* tests/general/atgeneral.m4: Likewise.
* tests/general/ Likewise.
* tests/head/ Likewise.
* tests/head/ Likewise.
* tests/install/basic-1: Likewise.
* tests/install/create-leading: Likewise.
* tests/install/d-slashdot: Likewise.
* tests/install/trap: Likewise.
* tests/join/ Likewise.
* tests/join/ Likewise.
* tests/ln/backup-1: Likewise.
* tests/ln/misc: Likewise.
* tests/ln/sf-1: Likewise.
* tests/ln/target-1: Likewise.
* tests/ls/ Likewise.
* tests/ls/ Likewise.
* tests/ls/dangle: Likewise.
* tests/ls/dired: Likewise.
* tests/ls/file-type: Likewise.
* tests/ls/follow-slink: Likewise.
* tests/ls/infloop: Likewise.
* tests/ls/inode: Likewise.
* tests/ls/m-option: Likewise.
* tests/ls/no-arg: Likewise.
* tests/ls/recursive: Likewise.
* tests/ls/rt-1: Likewise.
* tests/ls/stat-dtype: Likewise.
* tests/ls/stat-failed: Likewise.
* tests/ls/stat-vs-dirent: Likewise.
* tests/ls/symlink-slash: Likewise.
* tests/ls/time-1: Likewise.
* tests/ls-2/tests: Likewise.
* tests/md5sum/basic-1: Likewise.
* tests/md5sum/newline-1: Likewise.
* tests/misc/ Likewise.
* tests/misc/base64: Likewise.
* tests/misc/basename: Likewise.
* tests/misc/cat-proc: Likewise.
* tests/misc/close-stdout: Likewise.
* tests/misc/csplit: Likewise.
* tests/misc/date: Likewise.
* tests/misc/date-sec: Likewise.
* tests/misc/df: Likewise.
* tests/misc/dirname: Likewise.
* tests/misc/expand: Likewise.
* tests/misc/false-status: Likewise.
* tests/misc/fold: Likewise.
* tests/misc/head-c: Likewise.
* tests/misc/head-elide-tail: Likewise.
* tests/misc/head-pos: Likewise.
* tests/misc/mknod: Likewise.
* tests/misc/nice: Likewise.
* tests/misc/nl: Likewise.
* tests/misc/nohup: Likewise.
* tests/misc/paste-no-nl: Likewise.
* tests/misc/pathchk1: Likewise.
* tests/misc/printf: Likewise.
* tests/misc/printf-hex: Likewise.
* tests/misc/pwd-long: Likewise.
* tests/misc/sha224sum: Likewise.
* tests/misc/sha256sum: Likewise.
* tests/misc/sha384sum: Likewise.
* tests/misc/sha512sum: Likewise.
* tests/misc/shuf: Likewise.
* tests/misc/sort-merge: Likewise.
* tests/misc/sort-rand: Likewise.
* tests/misc/split-a: Likewise.
* tests/misc/split-fail: Likewise.
* tests/misc/split-l: Likewise.
* tests/misc/stat-fmt: Likewise.
* tests/misc/stat-printf: Likewise.
* tests/misc/tac-continue: Likewise.
* tests/misc/test-diag: Likewise.
* tests/misc/tty-eof: Likewise.
* tests/misc/wc-files0: Likewise.
* tests/misc/wc-files0-from: Likewise.
* tests/mkdir/concurrent-1: Likewise.
* tests/mkdir/p-1: Likewise.
* tests/mkdir/p-2: Likewise.
* tests/mkdir/p-3: Likewise.
* tests/mkdir/p-slashdot: Likewise.
* tests/mkdir/p-thru-slink: Likewise.
* tests/mkdir/parents: Likewise.
* tests/mkdir/perm: Likewise.
* tests/mkdir/special-1: Likewise.
* tests/mkdir/t-slash: Likewise.
* tests/mkdir/writable-under-readonly: Likewise.
* tests/mv/ Likewise.
* tests/mv/acl: Likewise.
* tests/mv/atomic: Likewise.
* tests/mv/backup-is-src: Likewise.
* tests/mv/childproof: Likewise.
* tests/mv/diag: Likewise.
* tests/mv/dir-file: Likewise.
* tests/mv/dir2dir: Likewise.
* tests/mv/dup-source: Likewise.
* tests/mv/force: Likewise.
* tests/mv/hard-2: Likewise.
* tests/mv/hard-3: Likewise.
* tests/mv/hard-4: Likewise.
* tests/mv/hard-link-1: Likewise.
* tests/mv/i-1: Likewise.
* tests/mv/i-2: Likewise.
* tests/mv/i-3: Likewise.
* tests/mv/i-4: Likewise.
* tests/mv/i-link-no: Likewise.
* tests/mv/into-self: Likewise.
* tests/mv/into-self-2: Likewise.
* tests/mv/into-self-3: Likewise.
* tests/mv/into-self-4: Likewise.
* tests/mv/leak-fd: Likewise.
* tests/mv/mv-special-1: Likewise.
* tests/mv/no-target-dir: Likewise.
* tests/mv/part-fail: Likewise.
* tests/mv/part-hardlink: Likewise.
* tests/mv/part-rename: Likewise.
* tests/mv/part-symlink: Likewise.
* tests/mv/partition-perm: Likewise.
* tests/mv/perm-1: Likewise.
* tests/mv/reply-no: Likewise.
* tests/mv/setup: Likewise.
* tests/mv/to-symlink: Likewise.
* tests/mv/trailing-slash: Likewise.
* tests/mv/update: Likewise.
* tests/mv/vfat: Likewise.
* tests/od/od-N: Likewise.
* tests/od/x8: Likewise.
* tests/pr/ Likewise.
* tests/pr/ Likewise.
* tests/readlink/can-e: Likewise.
* tests/readlink/can-f: Likewise.
* tests/readlink/can-m: Likewise.
* tests/readlink/rl-1: Likewise.
* tests/rm/ Likewise.
* tests/rm/cycle: Likewise.
* tests/rm/dangling-symlink: Likewise.
* tests/rm/deep-1: Likewise.
* tests/rm/dir-no-w: Likewise.
* tests/rm/dir-nonrecur: Likewise.
* tests/rm/dot-rel: Likewise.
* tests/rm/empty-inacc: Likewise.
* tests/rm/empty-name: Likewise.
* tests/rm/f-1: Likewise.
* tests/rm/fail-2eperm: Likewise.
* tests/rm/fail-eperm: Likewise.
* tests/rm/hash: Likewise.
* tests/rm/i-1: Likewise.
* tests/rm/i-no-r: Likewise.
* tests/rm/inaccessible: Likewise.
* tests/rm/interactive-always: Likewise.
* tests/rm/interactive-once: Likewise.
* tests/rm/ir-1: Likewise.
* tests/rm/isatty: Likewise.
* tests/rm/no-give-up: Likewise.
* tests/rm/r-1: Likewise.
* tests/rm/r-2: Likewise.
* tests/rm/r-3: Likewise.
* tests/rm/rm1: Likewise.
* tests/rm/rm2: Likewise.
* tests/rm/rm3: Likewise.
* tests/rm/rm4: Likewise.
* tests/rm/rm5: Likewise.
* tests/rm/sunos-1: Likewise.
* tests/rm/unread2: Likewise.
* tests/rm/unread3: Likewise.
* tests/rm/unreadable: Likewise.
* tests/rmdir/fail-perm: Likewise.
* tests/rmdir/ignore: Likewise.
* tests/rmdir/t-slash: Likewise.
* tests/seq/basic: Likewise.
* tests/sha1sum/basic-1: Likewise.
* tests/sha1sum/sample-vec: Likewise.
* tests/shred/exact: Likewise.
* tests/shred/remove: Likewise.
* tests/sort/ Likewise.
* tests/sort/ Likewise.
* tests/sort-time/Makefile: Likewise.
* tests/sort-time/README: Likewise.
* tests/sort-time/rand-gen: Likewise.
* tests/stty/basic-1: Likewise.
* tests/stty/row-col-1: Likewise.
* tests/sum/basic-1: Likewise.
* tests/sum/sysv: Likewise.
* tests/tac/ Likewise.
* tests/tac/ Likewise.
* tests/tail/ Likewise.
* tests/tail/ Likewise.
* tests/tail-2/ Likewise.
* tests/tail-2/append-only: Likewise.
* tests/tail-2/assert: Likewise.
* tests/tail-2/assert-2: Likewise.
* tests/tail-2/big-4gb: Likewise.
* tests/tail-2/fflush: Likewise.
* tests/tail-2/infloop-1: Likewise.
* tests/tail-2/proc-ksyms: Likewise.
* tests/tail-2/start-middle: Likewise.
* tests/tail-2/tail-n0f: Likewise.
* tests/tee/basic: Likewise.
* tests/tee/dash: Likewise.
* tests/test/ Likewise.
* tests/test/ Likewise.
* tests/touch/ Likewise.
* tests/touch/dangling-symlink: Likewise.
* tests/touch/empty-file: Likewise.
* tests/touch/fail-diag: Likewise.
* tests/touch/fifo: Likewise.
* tests/touch/no-create-missing: Likewise.
* tests/touch/no-rights: Likewise.
* tests/touch/not-owner: Likewise.
* tests/touch/obsolescent: Likewise.
* tests/touch/read-only: Likewise.
* tests/touch/relative: Likewise.
* tests/tr/ Likewise.
* tests/tr/ Likewise.
* tests/tr/failures: Likewise.
* tests/tsort/basic-1: Likewise.
* tests/unexpand/basic-1: Likewise.
* tests/uniq/ Likewise.
* tests/uniq/ Likewise.
* tests/wc/ Likewise.
* tests/wc/ Likewise.
2006-08-17 Jim Meyering <>
ls -CF would misalign columns in some cases.
* src/ls.c (get_type_indicator): New function. extracted from...
(print_type_indicator): Use it.
(length_of_file_name_and_frills): Use it here, too, rather than
assuming stat.st_mode is valid.
Reported by Andreas Schwab, here:
See the test for this above. FYI, I did ls -CF /proc and visually
inspected the result.
* src/copy.c (copy_internal, same_file_ok): Adjust comments not
to mention the now-removed cp_options.xstat member.
* Makefile.maint (patch-check): Adapt to work now that the patch
modifies more than one file in src/.
With this patch, permit building with Solaris cc on Solaris 7.
* src/c99-to-c89.diff: Add diffs to convert more c99-isms.
This integrates patches from Bruno Haible.
2006-08-16 Paul Eggert <>
Fix some problems reported by Bruno Haible.
* tests/chmod/setgid (abs_srcdir): Remove; not used or needed.
Skip this test if "chmod g+s d" silently does nothing.
* tests/ls-2/tests: Skip this test suite if we can't set up files
properly for the setuid-etc test. This simplifies some of the
hacks we were using to work around porting problems.
2006-08-16 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/cp/ Don't mark "acl" as XFAIL.
* tests/cp/acl: Instead, skip the test if either setfacl
or getfacl fails.
Reported by Michael Stone.
2006-08-16 Paul Eggert <>
* tests/lang-default (LC_ALL): Set to "C", so we get
English-language diagnostics. Unset the other variables; it
should be portable to use 'unset' for this stuff nowadays.
Problem reported by Bruno Haible. Using "C" reverses the
2000-10-22 change to fileutils in this area.
Fix bugs when printing plurals of numbers that are not
unsigned long int values.
* src/system.h (select_plural): New function.
* src/md5sum.c (digest_check): Use select_plural to avoid bug.
* src/uptime.c (print_uptime): Likewise.
* src/dd.c (print_stats): Likewise. Also, don't use ngettext to
print a floating point number, as reducing to 0 or 1 doesn't work
for some languages. Instead, just use "s" for seconds since it
doesn't need a plural form.
2006-08-16 Bruno Haible <>
Old versions of gzip would write --help output to stderr, and it
would be annoying to see that in the output of every "make" command.
* Makefile.maint (gzip_rsyncable): Throw away stderr output of
"gzip --help".
2006-08-16 Andreas Schwab <>
* tests/cp/acl: Don't use non-portable == operator for test.
2006-08-16 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/ls/stat-dtype: Use stat to test file system type, rather
than df -T, in case /etc/mtab lies. Reported by Michael Stone.
2006-08-15 Paul Eggert <>
* NEWS: Mention that df exits with nonzero status if it generates
no output. This change was in 6.0 but inadvertently unmentioned.
* src/df.c (file_systems_processed): Renamed from n_valid_args, and now
a boolean.
(show_dev): Don't set it until we actually output something.
Print the header if this is the first output.
(main): Don't print a header, as that is now show_dev's job.
* tests/misc/ (TESTS): Add df.
* tests/misc/df: New file.
2006-08-15 Eric Blake <>
* src/stat.c (USE_STATVFS): Define to 0 if f_type is needed, but
statvfs.f_type not present. See
2006-08-15 Paul Eggert <>
* src/dd.c (print_stats): Don't substitute "1" for number, as this
causes confusion for the Hungarian translators. Problem reported
by Egmont Koblinger here:
2006-08-15 Jim Meyering <>
* .x-sc_require_config_h: Add lib/at-func.c.
* NEWS: Add a line for 6.1-cvs.
* (AC_INIT): Bump to 6.1 and add "-cvs" suffix.
2006-08-15 Jim Meyering <>
* Version 6.0.
* NEWS: Record the 6.0 release date.
* (AC_INIT): Remove "-cvs" suffix from version string.
* TODO: Add an item (convert to use gnulib-tool), add to the plan
for id-vs-getgrouplist, and remove a few completed items.
* Makefile.maint (alpha beta major): Fix syntax error.
2006-08-13 Jim Meyering <>
* src/shred.c (usage): Don't indent the second line of an item.
Otherwise, help2man would misformat the output.
Reported by Adam Buchbinder in <>.
2006-08-11 Paul Eggert <>
* (AM_GNU_GETTEXT): Upgrade to need-formatstring-macros.
Suggested by Eric Blake to avoid problems like
2006-08-11 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/ls/stat-vs-dirent: Too many (losing) systems trigger the
failure that this test checks for (stat/dirent inode mismatch at
a mount point), so continue to give a diagnostic about the failure,
but don't actually count it as a failure.
2006-08-10 Paul Eggert <>
* ABOUT-NLS: Update from gettext 0.15.
* (AM_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION): Update from 0.13.1 to 0.15.
* src/csplit.c (struct control): Remove fastmap member.
(extract_regexp): Allocate fastmap separately, since otherwise
it might move due to a realloc. This fixes a bug that led
to a core dump on 64-bit sparc Solaris 10 (Sun Studio 10).
2006-08-10 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/ls/stat-dtype: If "." is tmpfs, skip this test unless uname -s
reports "Linux". This avoids a failure on Solaris 10's tmpfs.
Redirect both stdout and stderr of df invocations.
* src/dircolors.hin: Add a TERM directive for each of the following:
ansi, color-xterm, gnome, konsole, kterm, rxvt-cygwin,
rxvt-cygwin-native, screen.linux, xterm-256color.
Sort the TERM directives.
From Mike Frysinger.
2006-08-09 Paul Eggert <>
* src/dd.c (usage): Warn about oflag=append without conv=notrunc.
See Debian bug 373736.
* src/dircolors.hin: Add mlterm, rxvt-unicode; this fixes Debian
bug 317503.
* src/.cvsignore: Add shuf.
* Makefile.maint: Remove the po-update procedure; it doesn't
work with the new repository on
For now I guess we'll have to fix things by hand.
(do-po-update, po-update): Remove. All references removed.
* src/shuf.c (next_line): New function.
(read_input): Use it, to avoid relying on GCC-specific behavior
with void * arithmetic. Problem reported by Bob Proulx.
* Makefile.maint (my-distcheck): Compile with -Wpointer-arith
to detect this sort of problem automatically in the future.
2006-08-09 Jim Meyering <>
* src/ls.c: Add a compile-time check to ensure that filetype
and filetype_letter have the same number of elements.
* tests/misc/sort-rand: Remove use of --seed=S.
2006-08-08 Paul Eggert <>
Add a command 'shuf', and modify shred and sort to use the new
random number generator library of 'shuf'.
* AUTHORS: Add shuf.
* README: Likewise.
* NEWS: Likewise. Mention new --random-source option for shred
and sort. Move "sort +1 -2" notice to the appropriate section,
and clarify its role with respect to POSIXLY_CORRECT.
* man/.cvsignore: Add shuf.1.
* man/ (dist_man_MANS): Add shuf.1.
(shuf.1): New dependency.
* man/shuf.x: New file.
* src/ (bin_PROGRAMS): Add shuf.
(EXTRA_DIST): Remove rand-isaac.c.
(shuf_LDADD): New macro.
* src/rand-isaac.c: Remove, moving most of its contents to
* src/shuf.c: New file.
* src/shred.c: Use new random-number interface rather than rand-isaac.c.
Don't include rand-isaac.c; include randint.h and randread.h instead.
(long_opts, usage, main): New option --random-source.
* src/sort.c: Likewise.
* src/shred.c (struct irand_state, irand_init, irand32, irand_mod): Remove.
All callers changed to use randint interface.
(fillrand): Remove. All callers changed to use randread interface.
(dopass): Remove dependency on ISAAC buffer size.
(genpattern): Don't wipe the random state here.
(randint_source): New static var.
(clear_random_data): New function.
(main): Allocate random source, and arrange to wipe it on exit.
* src/sort.c: Include md5.h, randread.h, xmemxfrm.h.
(longopts, usage, main): Remove undocumented --seed option;
it's now replaced by --random-source.
(rand_state, get_hash): Remove.
(randread_source): New static var.
(random_state, cmp_hashes, compare_random): New functions; they guarantee
no collisions in the random hash function.
(keycompare): Use compare_random for -R; don't fall back on comparing
via memcoll, since compare_random does the right thing.
* tests/misc/ (TESTS): Add shuf.
* tests/misc/shuf: New file.
2006-07-29 Paul Eggert <>
* src/copy.c (set_author): Preserve the st_author field via the
file descriptor dest_desc.
2006-07-28 Paul Eggert <>
* NEWS: chmod now preserves setuid and setgid bits on directories
if you use a numeric mode with them clear, e.g., "chmod 755 DIR".
Fix test case problems if working directory is setgid,
reported by Bob Proulx.
* tests/cp/fail-perm: Use symbolic mode so that we clear
setgid bit more reliably on directories.
* tests/mkdir/special-1 (set_mode_string): Likewise.
2006-07-27 Jim Meyering <>
* src/chgrp.c (usage): Use correct grammar in description of the
--reference option
* src/chown.c (usage): Likewise.
2006-07-26 Thomas Schwinge <> (tiny change)
* src/copy.c (set_author) [HAVE_STRUCT_STAT_ST_AUTHOR]:
Correctly access SRC_SB's element ST_AUTHOR.
2006-07-26 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/ls/stat-failed: Adapt to match new expected output.
From Paul Eggert.
* src/ls.c (print_color_indicator): Test for S_IFREG first, rather
than having the code test for all of the other types first.
Hoist the set-uid/gid-testing code "up" into this new block.
Classify any other type of file (e.g., S_TYPEISSHM, etc.) as
C_ORPHAN, not as C_FILE.
2006-07-26 Jim Meyering <>
Checking in a change from Paul.
2006-07-25 Paul Eggert <>
* src/ls.c (DT_INIT): Remove. All uses removed.
(enum filetype): Use an ordinary enum rather than trying to keep
the values in sync with DT_FIFO etc. That way, we don't have
to make special assumptions about them. All uses changed.
(whiteout): New constant member of enum filetype.
(filetype_letter): New constant, for use with enum filetype.
(FILETYPE_INDICATORS): New initializer list.
(print_dir): Add case for DT_WHT.
(gobble_file): If stat fails, don't discard information from
readdir; instead, preserve it so it can be printed.
(print_long_format): Fall back on readdir result if stat info
is not available. Use "?" to denote each unknown mode char,
instead of an overall "?", since we now know some of the mode
(print_type_indicator): Now that MODE isn't necessarily
useful, guard all uses.
Now that two blocks in the type-checking tree can set "type = C_FILE",
move the suffix-handling code out and down.
2006-07-26 Jim Meyering <>
Prepare for the above change.
* src/ls.c [struct fileinfo] (stat_ok): Rename from stat_failed,
and adjust uses. From a patch by Paul Eggert.
2006-07-26 Jim Meyering <>
* src/ls.c: Correct indentation/formatting in a few places.
2006-07-25 Paul Eggert <>
* tests/cp/fail-perm: Use "chmod 0500" rather than "chmod 500".
Problem report and fix from Bob Proulx.
* NEWS: Clarify the "chmod 0500" news, and correct the vague
statements about compatibility with BSD.
2006-07-25 Jim Meyering <>
* src/ls.c (gobble_file): When handling a stat-failed entry,
print the entry name not the absolute_name -- to be consistent
with the usual case.
* tests/ls/stat-failed: Update accordingly.
* src/ls.c: Add parens around the new uses of ?: ternary operator.
* src/dircolors.hin: Mention that ORPHAN refers not just to dangling
Get --dired offsets right when handling stat-failed entries.
* src/ls.c (print_long_format): Be careful to increment P by the
appropriate amount, even when inode_number_width and nlink_width
are zero.
* tests/ls/stat-failed: Test for the above.
* src/ls.c (gobble_file) [USE_ACL]: Don't use-uninitialized the
have_acl member. That would happen for a directory with both a
non-stat'able entry and one with an ACL.
* src/ls.c (gobble_file): Make it so failure to stat a
non-command-line file provokes an exit status of 1, not 0.
Say "cannot access" rather than "cannot stat".
* tests/ls/stat-failed: New file/test, for the above.
* tests/ls/ (TESTS): Add stat-failed.
* tests/ls-2/tests (no-a-isdir-b): Update to reflect addition
of "cannot access " to diagnostic.
* src/ls.c: Declare stat_failed to be "bool", not "int" everywhere.
* src/ls.c [enum filetype] (command_line): Remove member. Not needed.
Replace all occurrences of "type == command_line" with the
equivalent, "command_line_arg".
* src/ls.c: Apply the stat-failed parts of Red Hat's
coreutils-selinux.patch. From Ulrich Drepper.
This makes it so files not mentioned on the command line (e.g.,
names read from a directory that *is* mentioned on the command
line) for which stat fails are still listed. With --color,
such files are colored just like ORPHANs (aka dangling symlinks).
* src/df.c (n_valid_args): Declare global to be static.
2006-07-24 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/ls/stat-dtype: Skip this test on reiserfs, since that file
system lacks d_type support.
2006-07-22 Paul Eggert <>
* man/chmod.x: Update to reflect recent changes to coreutils.texi.
2006-07-21 Jim Meyering <>
* src/su.c (usage): Correct typo in --help output: s/commmand/command/
Reported by Tim Waugh.
Also remove the comment duplicating much of --help output.
* src/ls.c (FILE_TYPE_INDICATOR_OPTION): Reposition this new
name so the list remains alphabetized.
Fix another bug: ls --indicator-style=file-type would call
stat for a symlink, even though it wasn't always needed.
In some cases, that unnecessary stat would cause ls to fail.
* src/ls.c (gobble_file): Don't treat symlinks specially (in
requiring a stat syscall). Remove the offending exclusion.
* NEWS: Mention the fix.
* tests/ls/stat-dtype: New file/test, for the above fix.
Also exercises the new df feature, below.
* src/df.c (main): Fail and don't print the headers if no
file system is processed. This makes it easy to test whether
a specified directory is on a file system of a given type or types.
Otherwise, applications would have had to parse df's output.
E.g., is "." either ext3 or reiserfs: df -t ext3 -t reiserfs .
Fix a bug: ls --file-type worked like --indicator-style=slash,
rather than like --indicator-style=file-type.
* src/ls.c (FILE_TYPE_INDICATOR_OPTION): New enum member.
(long_options): Map "file-type" to FILE_TYPE_INDICATOR_OPTION,
not to 'p'.
(decode_switches): Handle new case: FILE_TYPE_INDICATOR_OPTION.
* NEWS: Mention the fix.
* tests/ls-2/tests (file-type): New test, for the above fix.
2006-07-19 Jim Meyering <>
* src/ls.c (print_dir): Give a better diagnostic for failed opendir.
* (EXTRA_DIST): Add build-aux/vc-list-files.
2006-07-16 Paul Eggert <>
* NEWS: chmod, install, and mkdir now leave setgid and setuid bits
of directories alone unless you specify them explicitly.
install and mkdir now implement X correctly.
install now creates parent directories with mode 755, without
changing their owner or group.
* src/chmod.c (process_file): Adjust to mode_adjust API change.
* src/install.c: Include mkancesdirs.h.
(announce_mkdir, make_ancestor): New functions.
(DEFAULT_MODE): New macro, specifying initial value of 'mode'.
(mode): Use it.
(dir_mode, dir_mode_bits): New vars.
(main): Set dir modes separately from nondir, so that the X
op of -m works correctly.
(main): Remove cwd_errno cruft, since make_dir_parents no longer
affects cwd. Adjust to new make_dir_parents API.
(install_file_in_file_parents): 2nd arg is now char *, not char
const *. Use mkancesdirs instead of rolling our own code.
(change_attributes): Don't worry about AFS, since that kludge
should not be needed any more.
* src/mkdir.c (struct mkdir_options): New struct.
(announce_mkdir, make_ancestor): New functions.
(main): Use them. Adjust to mode_adjust API change. Stick with
umask 0. Use make_dir_parents for all the work.
* src/mkfifo.c (main): Adjust to new mode_adjust API.
* src/mknod.c (main): Likewise.
* tests/chmod/setgid: Do the setgid test instead of bailing.
* tests/mkdir/p-3: Remove re_protect case that no longer applies.
GNU chmod now behaves like other versions of chmod.
* tests/mkdir/perm: Add a test for the X bug.
2006-07-14 Paul Eggert <>
* src/base64.c (do_decode): Output to parameter OUT, not to stdout.
This doesn't fix any bugs, since OUT always equals stdout, but it
makes the code easier to understand.
2006-07-14 Jim Meyering <>
* Makefile.maint (CVS_LIST): Use new file, build-aux/vc-list-files,
rather than open-coding it. Now supports mercurial, too.
* .hgignore: New file.
* (EXTRA_DIST): Add .hgignore, which ignores nearly
all generated files, including ones like configure and po/*.po
that are currently version-controlled in cvs.
* (EXTRA_DIST): Add a few more .??* files.
They've been in CVS, just haven't been distributed before this.
Distribute ChangeLog-2005, too.
2006-07-11 Paul Eggert <>
* src/system.h: Assume <dirent.h> exists, since gnulib assumes
this now as well.
2006-07-09 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/mv/dir2dir: Adjust so failing with ENOTEMPTY is ok, too.
That happens with Linux/tmpfs.
* tests/mv/ (TESTS): Add dir2dir.
2006-07-09 Paul Eggert <>
Adjust to recent updates from gnulib.
* src/dd.c (apply_translations): Use toupper rather than
islower followed by toupper; it's simpler and typically
faster now that we assume at least C89 semantics. Similarly
for tolower.
* src/sort.c (inittables): Likewise.
* src/expand.c (expand): Don't assume that isprint etc. return
booleans (needed for pre-C99 hosts).
* src/fmt.c (check_punctuation): Likewise.
* src/ptx.c (initialize_regex, fix_output_parameters): Likewise.
* src/tr.c (is_char_class_member): Likewise.
* src/unexpand.c (unexpand): Likewise.
* src/join.c (is_blank): Remove; no longer needed. All uses
replaced by isblank (to_uchar (...)).
* src/pinky.c (create_fullname): Don't assume char is unsigned.
* src/printf.c (print_esc): Likewise.
(copy_unescaped_string): Likewise.
* src/stat.c (print_it): Likewise.
* src/system.h (_D_EXACT_NAMELEN): Renamed from NLENGTH, for
convenience on GNU systems. All uses changed. Don't bother
looking for any dirent.h substitute other than ndir.h.
(D_INO): Remove unnecessary parentheses.
(ISDIGIT_LOCALE, TOLOWER, TOUPPER): Remove. All uses changed
to ctype.h equivalents.
(isblank): Renamed from ISBLANK. Check for HAVE_DECL_ISBLANK too.
All uses changed.
2006-07-08 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/mv/dir2dir: New file, test for 2006-07-05 fix in copy.c.
* Makefile.maint (sc_the_the): New rule.
* src/dd.c (skip): Remove one of two adjacent "the"s in a comment.
* tests/ (run_tests): Remove one of two adjacent "then"s
in a comment.
2006-07-07 Jim Meyering <>
* NEWS: Mention that mv can now remove an empty destination directory,
and give an example. Prompted by a report from Florent Bayle.
2006-07-05 Jim Meyering <>
* src/ls.c (usage): Correct the description of -G: it is useful
only in a long listing. Reported by Martin Pool in
* man/chmod.x: Correct the description of the sticky bit. Reported
by Chris Moore via Ian Jackson in <>.
* src/copy.c (copy_internal): Don't work around old NFS clients like
SunOS-4.1.4 and Irix 5.3 that set errno to values like EIO and
ENOTEMPTY upon failed rename. Otherwise, we risk misinterpreting
a banal failure as a recursive move-into-self failure.
Reported by Florent Bayle in <>.
* src/c99-to-c89.diff: Regenerate, to remove fuzz.
2006-07-03 Jim Meyering <>
Plug another unusual leak.
(AD_mark_helper): Free malloc'd filename if hash_insert says
that string is already in the hash table.
The dev/inode of the topmost directory in each hierarchy were not
being recorded.
* src/remove.c (remove_cwd_entries): Don't call cycle_check here.
(AD_push): Call it from here instead.
Fix two small leaks.
* src/remove.c (AD_stack_clear): New function.
(rm_1): Use it.
(AD_pop_and_chdir): Free *prev_dir just before longjmp.
* tests/, tests/*/ (TESTS_ENVIRONMENT):
Add $VG_PATH_PREFIX as a prefix to $PATH
* tests/envvar-check (vars): Add CDPATH and POSIXLY_CORRECT.
* tests/ (evar-check): Remove rule.
(EXTRA_DIST): Remove .env-warn.
* tests/.env-warn: Remove file. No longer used.
Suggestion from Eric Blake.
2006-07-02 Paul Eggert <>
* src/system.h: Include <stdint.h> unconditionally, since we
now assume the stdint module.
2006-07-01 Paul Eggert <>
* NEWS: With no operand, 'tail -f' now silently ignores the '-f'
only if standard input is a FIFO or pipe and POSIXLY_CORRECT is set.
* src/tail.c (main): Implement this.
* tests/tail/ (f-pipe-1): Renamed from f-1.
(test_vector): Set POSIXLY_CORRECT for the f-pipe-* tests.
2006-07-01 Jim Meyering <>
* src/ln.c (do_link): Use new, shorter URL, for ag-review link.
* .x-sc_require_config_h: Add ^lib/xstrtold\.c$, so make distcheck
passes once again.
2006-06-30 Paul Eggert <>
* NEWS: seq now uses long double internally rather than double.
It now defaults to a minimal fixed point format if possible.
It lets you use %a, %A, %E, %F, %G.
* src/ (seq_LDADD): Remove $(SEQ_LIBM); add $(POW_LIB).
* src/seq.c: Don't include <math.h> or <xstrtol.h>; no longer needed.
(isfinite) [!defined isfinite]: New macro.
(separator, terminator): Now points to const.
(first, step, last): Remove.
(usage): Update to match new behavior.
(struct operand, operand): New type.
(scan_arg): Renamed from scan_double_arg, since we no longer use double.
All uses changed.
Compute and return a value of type operand, not double.
(long_double_format): Renamed from valid_format, and now returns a
new format with an "L" added if needed, if the original format was
valid. Allow %a, %A, %E, %F, and %G formats.
(print_numbers): Take numeric values as args rather than from globals.
Print long double, not double.
(get_width_format): Remove.
(get_default_format): New function.
(main): Implement new way of calculating default format.
Don't worry about locale's representation of the decimal point, since
the arguments are always processed in the C locale.
* tests/seq/basic (neg-2): Adjust to new default format.
(eq-wid-1, eq-wid-2): Resurrect these tests, since the new
implementation should do the right thing.
2006-06-30 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/stty/basic-1: Work around an intermittent test failure
on HP-UX 11.11. Report and analysis from Bob Proulx.
2006-06-28 Paul Eggert <>
* NEWS: Support obsolete usages like "sort +1 -2" even when
conforming to POSIX 1003.1-2001, since this is a pure extension to
POSIX. Problem reported by Christian in:
* src/sort.c (main): Implement this.
* src/system.h (CLOSEDIR): Remove. All uses changed to closedir.
Autoconf 2.60 says this stuff was obsolete.
2006-06-28 Jim Meyering <>
* src/c99-to-c89.diff: Regenerate, to remove fuzz.
2006-06-28 Bob Proulx <> (tiny change)
* tests/mv/i-link-no: Work around HP-UX /bin/sh tracing problem
(set -x when VERBOSE=yes) when stderr is redirected before stdout
causing shell tracing of the stdout redirection to be written to
the stderr file. Avoid problem and test failure on HP-UX by
redirecting stderr last.
* tests/dd/unblock-sync: Order shell file redirections for
stderr and stdout in the common style.
tests/acl: Likewise.
2006-06-27 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/misc/cat-proc: Try to avoid any spurious numeric
differences in frequently-changing /proc/cpuinfo.
Reported by Nelson Beebe.
2006-06-26 Jim Meyering <>
Attempt rmdir (actually, unlinkat-with-AT_REMOVEDIR) upon any
fd_to_subdirp failure, not just when errno == EACCES.
* src/remove.c (remove_dir): Use unlinkat-with-AT_REMOVEDIR, not
rmdir, here, even though rmdir may happen to be adequate.
* NEWS: rm no longer fails to remove an empty, unreadable directory
* src/remove.c (remove_cwd_entries): If we can't open a directory,
and the failure is not being ignored, try to remove the directory
with rmdir (aka unlinkat-with-AT_REMOVEDIR), in case it's empty.
Problem report and test case from Paul Eggert in
* tests/rm/empty-inacc: New test, for the above.
Avoid a segfault for wc --files0=- < /dev/null.
* src/wc.c (compute_number_width): Return right away if nfiles == 0.
2006-06-25 Jim Meyering <>
* NEWS: wc accepts a new option --files0-from=FILE, where FILE
contains a list of NUL-separated file names.
* src/wc.c: Include "readtokens.h".
(usage): Describe the new option, and adjust the `Usage':
with this option, no FILE may be specified on the command line.
(main): Handle the new option.
* tests/misc/wc-files0: New tests, for the above.
* tests/misc/wc-files0-from: Likewise.
* tests/misc/ (TESTS): Add wc-files0.
2006-06-24 Jim Meyering <>
* src/md5sum.c (DIGEST_BUFFER): Remove now-unused definitions.
2006-06-22 Jim Meyering <>
* src/tee.c (tee_files): Rename from tee, to avoid conflict with
the function in glibc's <fcntl.h>. Reported by Andreas Schwab.
2006-06-19 Jim Meyering <>
* Makefile.cfg (local-checks-to-skip): Add changelog-check,
so this check is not run as part of "make distcheck".
2006-06-18 Bob Proulx <> (tiny change)
* tests/misc/pwd-long: Fix typo (s/neq/ne/) in previous change.
2006-06-18 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/misc/pwd-long: Make error output a little clearer.
2006-06-17 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/rm/inaccessible: Skip this test on systems without openat
support. Reported by Bob Proulx.
2006-06-15 Bob Proulx <> (tiny change)
* tests/misc/mknod: Improve permission checks to handle
running mkdir test in set-gid directories.
2006-06-14 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/du/basic: Revamp not to hard-code file system block sizes.
2006-06-12 Ralf Wildenhues <>
* tests/du/ (TESTS_ENVIRONMENT): Pass $(PERL), for
files0-from test.
2006-06-11 Jim Meyering <>
* .gitignore: New file.
* (EXTRA_DIST): Add .gitignore.
Setting TIME_STYLE=long-iso in the environment would make the
cp/same-file test fail.
* tests/envvar-check (vars): Add TIME_STYLE to the list.
* tests/cp/same-file: Revert last change.
Source the envvar-check script, to ensure that TIME_STYLE
settings don't affect these tests.
2006-06-11 Paul Eggert <>
* tests/cp/same-file: Execute 'ls' in the C locale, so that it
uses POSIX time stamp formats. Problem reported by John Nixon in
2006-06-10 Jim Meyering <>
* NEWS: Mention the AIX-strndup-bug vs. dircolors workaround.
Require a "Version N.M" line at the top of the ChangeLog
file only when making the actual release, not when running
"make distcheck".
* Makefile.maint (maintainer-distcheck): Don't depend on
(alpha beta major): Depend on it here, instead.
2006-06-08 Jim Meyering <>
Ensure that cat works with any of the options, -A -v -e -E -T,
when applied to files in /proc and /sys, even when the FIONREAD
ioctl produces nonsensical results. Before this change, cat would
produce no output (or truncated output), for some linux kernels.
* src/cat.c (write_pending): New function, factored out of cat.
(cat): Also interpret a negative ioctl/FIONREAD count as indicating
that there are bytes to read. Some versions of linux-2.6.16 do that.
Write any pending output before returning.
Reported by Dan Jacobson in <>.
* NEWS: Mention this bug fix.
* tests/misc/cat-proc: New file. Test for the above.
* tests/misc/ (TESTS): Add cat-proc.
2006-06-07 Paul Eggert <>
* src/expr.c (eval4): Detect overflow properly when multiplying
2006-06-06 Paul Eggert <>
* NEWS: The 'expr' command now detects and reports integer overflow.
(It would be better to use extended precision instead, but that
would be more work.)
* src/expr.c (integer_overflow): New function.
(eval4, eval3): Check for integer overflow.
2006-06-05 Paul Eggert <>
Fix problems when building with Solaris/SVR4/etc. make, which uses a
different and somewhat bogus implementation of VPATH. In the
directory tests/misc, rename tests whose names might appear in the
Automake-generated rules. For example, we can't use a test named
'test', since Automake generates a rule that contains the text
"if test -f ./$$tst; ...", and this might expand to something like
"if ../../../coreutils-6.0/tests/misc/test -f ./$$test; ...",
which executes the 'test' script rather than the 'test' command.
* tests/misc/false-status: Renamed from tests/misc/false.
* tests/misc/pwd-long: Renamed from tests/misc/pwd.
* tests/misc/sort-merge: Renamed from tests/misc/sort.
($prog): Set to 'sort' rather than to $PROG.
* tests/misc/test-diag: Renamed from tests/misc/test.
* tests/misc/ (PROG): Take the basename of $$tst,
in case Solaris make has prepended the directory.
(TESTS): Adjust to above renamings.
* tests/misc/expand: Don't assign to PROG; no longer needed
now that sets PROG to the basename.
* tests/misc/fold: Likewise.
2006-06-03 Jim Meyering <>
Make `cp --link --no-dereference' work also on systems where the
link system call cannot create a hard link to a symbolic link.
* src/copy.c (copy_internal) [LINK_FOLLOWS_SYMLINKS]: Don't use
the link syscall on a symlink when it would do the wrong thing.
Based on the patch by Aurelien Jarno: <>
* tests/cp/link-no-deref: New file/test for the above.
* tests/cp/ (TESTS): Add link-no-deref.
* NEWS: Mention the change (doesn't affect Linux).
2006-06-01 Paul Eggert <>
Fix some porting problems in the test cases reported by
Ralf Wildenhues for HP-UX 11.23 in:
* tests/help-version: Don't assume that \< \> works in sed.
* tests/misc/close-stdout: Don't assume that >&- works.
Add a /dev/full test.
* tests/touch/no-create-missing: Don't assume that >&- works.
2006-05-30 Jim Meyering <>
* src/ls.c (usage): Add `v' to the list of sorting-related options.
From Justin Pryzby.
2006-05-28 Ralf Wildenhues <>
* tests/cp/fail-perm: source lang-default.
* tests/rm/inaccessible: Likewise.
2006-05-28 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/rm/inaccessible: AIX 4.3.3 gives a different diagnostic.
Recognize it, too. Reported by Ralf Wildenhues, in
2006-05-27 Jim Meyering <>
* src/chgrp.c: Support new options: --preserve-root and
--no-preserve-root. Somehow this program was skipped when those
options were added to chown, chmod, and rm. Reported by in <>.
* NEWS: Mention this.
2006-05-25 Paul Eggert <>
* NEWS: Remove mention of --seed. We'll replace it with something
better, and don't want to indicate that it is supported.
* src/sort.c (usage): Likewise.
2006-05-20 Jim Meyering <>
* src/chmod.c (main): Use FTS_PHYSICAL here, too.
* src/du.c (main): Rename local, s/symlink_deref_bit/symlink_deref_bits/
and arrange for -D to set fts' FTS_PHYSICAL bit as well as
FTS_COMFOLLOW. Spotted by Justin Pryzby.
* gnupload: Merge changes from automake, retaining the ""--to...
kludge to placate overzealous `make distcheck' check.
2006-05-19 Jim Meyering <>
* src/du.c (main): Don't let -D, -L, or -P turn off the internal
FTS_TIGHT_CYCLE_CHECK directory traversal option.
Reported by Justin Pryzby in
2006-05-15 Jim Meyering <>
* src/cp.c (usage): Correct description of -a: s/-dpR/-dpPR/.
From Tomas Pospisek.
2006-05-13 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/mv/no-target-dir: Test two more cases.
2006-05-11 Jim Meyering <>
mv -T DIR EMPTY_DIR no longer fails unconditionally
* src/copy.c (copy_internal): Don't manually prohibit a move where
the destination is an existing directory. Sometimes doing that is
valid. Let the rename system call enforce the rules. That is
allowed only when the source is a directory and the destination
directory (to be replaced) is empty. Reported by Eric Blake.
* tests/mv/no-target-dir: New file/test for this.
* tests/mv/ (TESTS): Add no-target-dir.
* NEWS: Mention this.
* tests/mv/atomic: New file/test for yesterday's fix.
* tests/mv/ (TESTS): Add atomic.
* tests/du/long-sloop: Avoid harmless `ambiguous redirect' diagnostic.
2006-05-10 Jim Meyering <>
* src/copy.c (copy_internal): Don't explicitly unlink the destination
when moving a symlink into the place of an existing non-directory.
Reported by Joshua Hudson.
* NEWS: mention this.
2006-05-07 Jim Meyering <>
* Makefile.maint (patch-check): Fail if patch generates any output,
even merely for changed offsets.
* src/c99-to-c89.diff: Adjust to reflect new offsets.
* NEWS: Mention changes affecting df, pwd, shred.
2006-05-06 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/ls/stat-vs-dirent: New test, to detect the bogus file
system condition where dirent.d_ino != stat.st_ino.
* tests/ls/ (TESTS): Add stat-vs-dirent.
2006-05-06 Eric Blake <>
* tests/ls/inode: Expand to test inode from readdir case.
* tests/ls/follow-slink: Expand to test broken links encountered
implicitly, favoring Solaris 9 and OpenBSD 3.4 behavior.
2006-05-06 Eric Blake <>
* tests/mv/leak-fd: Work even on case-insensitive file system.
2006-05-04 Jim Meyering <>
* NEWS: Mention the 2006-03-19 pwd-related change that makes
lib/getcwd.c work around inconsistent file system dirent.d_ino data.
2006-05-03 Jim Meyering <>
Use better macro parameter names: s/basename/key_name/,
s/basefunc/key_cmp_func. Fix typo in comment.
2006-04-29 Eric Blake <>
* src/ls.c (main): On systems with d_type, directories_first only
implies format_needs_type, not format_needs_stat.
2006-05-03 Jim Meyering <>
* src/ls.c (xstrcoll_df_version, rev_xstrcoll_df_version): Add space
after comma in arg list, from Eric Blake.
2006-04-25 Paul Eggert <>
* tests/misc/date (relative-3): New test, derived from a bug
report by John Thomas McDole.
2006-04-23 Francesco Montorsi <>
New option for ls: --group-directories-first.
It makes ls list directories before files.
* NEWS [New features]: Mention it.
* src/ls.c (sort_type): Rearrange to use as an array index when
choosing sort function; added new sort_numtypes member for
compile-time check.
(time_type): Add new time_numtypes member for compile-time check.
(directories_first): New global variable.
(long_options): Add --directories-first.
(main): Support new option.
(is_directory): New function.
(extract_dirs_from_files): Use it.
(sort_functions): New global variable.
(sort_files): Use it.
(usage): Document new option.
2006-04-18 Paul Eggert <>
* src/shred.c (fillrand): The assertion was way too weak, due to
what must be a typo. Strengthen it to its intended value.
(dopass): Don't use alloca; it's not worth the aggravation here,
since it's used only to get a page-aligned buffer, and page
alignment doesn't buy us much here. I'm suspicious that alloca
causes problems on some hosts, due to a recent bug report by Adam
2006-04-18 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/misc/tty-eof: Add new programs, base64, sha224sum, sha256sum,
sha384sum, sha512sum.
2006-04-17 Paul Eggert <>
* src/chmod.c (describe_change): Adjust to filemode changes.
* src/ls.c (HAVE_ST_DM_MODE): Remove; moved to ../lib/filemode.c.
(print_long_format): Use (new) filemodestring rather than
(old) mode_string, so that we get more file types right, at least
in theory. Adjust to filemode changes.
* src/stat.c (human_access): Likewise.
2006-04-18 Jim Meyering <>
* src/ptx.c (main) [DEFAULT_IGNORE_FILE]: Remove code to use a default
ignore file. This has never been enabled. Reported by Eric Blake.
2006-04-12 Paul Eggert <>
* src/ln.c (linkfunc): Remove. This method ran into a compiler/linker
bug in Interix. Just call symlink or link directly. All uses changed.
* src/setuidgid.c (main) [! HAVE_SETGROUPS]: Don't call setgroups.
* src/stat.c (USE_STATVFS): New macro.
Include <sys/statvfs.h> and use statvfs only if USE_STATVFS.
(NAMEMAX_FORMAT): define a bit more clearly, now that the
statvfs-using code is a bit more regular.
* src/system.h (sync) [!HAVE_SYNC]: New macro.
2006-04-11 Paul Eggert <>
* NEWS: csplit, nl, expr now conform to POSIX better, and are
more-compatible with traditional Unix, with respect to regular
* src/csplit.c (extract_regexp): Set re_syntax_options to a
value that is compatible with what POSIX requires.
* src/nl.c (build_type_arg): Likewise.
* src/expr.c (docolon): Likewise. Also, don't let anchors match
newline; this fixes an incompatibility with tradition and with POSIX.
Don't warn about leading ^. POSIX says it is unspecified whether
^ is a special character, which means that implementations can
either treat it as special or not, but either way a warning is not
allowed (unless the regexp is otherwise invalid). Instead, anchor
the expression but treat ^ as an anchor; this is the traditional
behavior (e.g., Solaris 10).
(eval4, eval3, eval2): Treat non-numeric args, division by zero,
and the like as invalid expressions (exit status 2), not as
failure of 'expr' (exit status 3). This is more consistent with
how Solaris behaves.
* tests/expr/basic (fail-a): Adjust exit status to match new expr
behavior, for status 2 versus 3.
(anchor): New test.
(bre1, bre2, bre3, bre4, bre5, bre6, bre7, bre8, bre9, bre10):
(bre11, bre12, bre13, bre14, bre15, bre16, bre17, bre18, bre19, bre20):
(bre21, bre22, bre23, bre24, bre25, bre26, bre27, bre28, bre29, bre30):
(bre31, bre32, bre33, bre34, bre35, bre36, bre37, bre38, bre39, bre40):
(bre41, bre42, bre43, bre44, bre45, bre46, bre47, bre48, bre49, bre50):
(bre51, bre52, bre53, bre54, bre55, bre56, bre57, bre58, bre59, bre60):
(bre61, bre62): New tests.
* tests/misc/csplit: Use \{...\} in test RE, to test that we're
conforming to POSIX.
Port to Solaris 8.
* tests/du/long-from-unreachable: Solaris 8 sh doesn't understand
"if !". Do not assume that 'sed' can handle long, newline-free input.
* tests/du/long-sloop: Likewise. Evaluate expr once, not $n times.
2006-04-10 Paul Eggert <>
Adjust to new regex.h API (with new fastmap type), and clean
up the regex storage allocation a bit.
* src/csplit.c (struct control): Put re_compiled member at the
end, since it's large. Change regexpr member from char * to bool;
all uses changed. Add new member fastmap.
(extract_regexp): regexp arg is now char const *, not char *.
Don't bother duplicating the regular expression; it's not needed.
Set fastmap from new fastmap member. Don't bother allocating
a buffer, as the regexp code does a better job than we do.
* src/expr.c (docolon): Allocate and use a fastmap.
Don't bother allocating a buffer.
* src/nl.c (body_fastmap, header_fastmap, footer_fastmap):
New vars.
(build_type_arg): New fastmap arg. All uses changed.
Don't bother allocating a buffer, but set a fastmap.
* src/ptx.c (context_regex_string, word_regex_string): Remove.
(context_regex, word_regex): New vars, replacing the above.
All uses changed.
(struct regex_data): New type.
(compile_regex): Renamed from alloc_and_compile_regex, since
we no longer allocate storage. Arg is now a struct regex_data *,
not a const char *. All uses changed. Don't allocate the fastmap;
instead, take it from the caller. Don't convert size_t to int,
to avoid arithmetic overflow problems. Don't bother freeing
storage afterwards; it's not worth the aggravation.
* src/tac.c (compiled_separator_fastmap): New ver.
(main): Use it. Don't bother allocating a buffer.
2006-03-30 Jim Meyering <>
* src/dd.c (iwrite): Remove assignment without effect.
Reported by Felix Rauch Valenti.
2006-03-22 Eric Blake <>
* src/ptx.c (usage): Remove mention of --copyright/-C.
(main): Alias --copyright to --version plus a deprecation warning.
* NEWS: Mention this.
2006-03-27 Jim Meyering <>
* src/ (uptime_LDADD): Add $(POW_LIB), for uptime's
use of strtod. Tiny patch from Nickolai Zeldovich.
2006-03-11 Eric Blake <>
* tests/misc/dirname: New file.
* tests/basename/ Delete.
* tests/basename/basic: Move to...
* tests/misc/basename: ... this new file. Add some tests,
including fixed behavior for //.
* tests/misc/ (TESTS): Sort. Add basename, dirname.
* tests/ (SUBDIRS): Remove basename.
* (AC_CONFIG_FILES): Remove tests/basename.
Improvements to dirname/basename handling on platforms like
cygwin with distinct // and with drive letters.
* NEWS: Document new behavior.
* src/basename.c (main): Don't strip suffix from file system
* src/cp.c (target_directory_operand): Use new last_component.
(ASSIGN_BASENAME_STRDUPA): Likewise. Reduce time spent
traversing the string.
* src/dircolors.c (guess_shell_syntax): Use new last_component.
* src/install.c (target_directory_operand, install_file_in_dir):
* src/ln.c (target_directory_operand, main): Likewise.
* src/ls.c (basename_is_dot_or_dotdot): Likewise.
* src/mv.c (target_directory_operand, movefile): Likewise.
* src/remove.c (rm_1): Likewise.
* src/shred.c (wipename): Likewise.
* src/split.c (next_file_name): Likewise.
* src/su.c (log_su, run_shell): Likewise.
2006-03-23 Paul Eggert <>
* NEWS: nohup diagnostics are now more precise, and nohup now
redirects stderr to nohup.out if stdout is closed and stderr is a tty.
* src/nohup.c (main): Implement this.
* tests/misc/nohup: Test the new behavior.
2006-03-12 Jim Meyering <>
* src/copy.c (set_author): Rename function, from preserve_author.
* src/remove.c (AD_pop_and_chdir): Use new macro,
CYCLE_CHECK_REFLECT_CHDIR_UP, rather than open-coding it.
* src/system.h (SAME_INODE): Remove definition.
Include "same-inode.h", instead.
2006-03-11 Eric Blake <>
* src/pwd.c (robust_getcwd): Prepend only one slash, not two.
2006-03-10 Jim Meyering <>
Fix a bug whereby a user with write access to a directory being removed
could cause the removal of that directory to fail with an erroneous
diagnostic about a directory cycle. Reported by Vineet Chadha.
* NEWS: Mention this.
* src/remove.c (AD_pop_and_chdir): If the directory we're about to
leave (and try to rmdir) is the one whose dev_ino is being used to
detect a cycle, reset cycle_check_state.dev_ino to that of the parent.
2006-03-08 Paul Eggert <>
* NEWS: Document dd's new 'directory' and 'nolinks' flags.
* src/dd.c (set_fd_flags): Handle file-creation flags on file
descriptors, rather than ignoring them.
* tests/dd/misc: Add test cases for append, nofollow, directory,
and nolinks flags. Simplify redirection to /dev/null in some cases.
* tests/dd/misc: iflags->iflag. This fixes a typo that meant the
noatime test never tested anything.
2006-03-05 Paul Eggert <>
* src/dd.c (flags, usage): New flags directory, nolinks.
* src/system.h (O_NOLINKS): Define to 0 if not already defined.
* src/ls.c (usage): Mention that -f disables --color.
Problem reported by Niels Möller.
2006-03-03 Justin Pryzby <>
* man/*.x: Add references to syscalls from utilities of the same name.
2006-03-05 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/help-version: Set SHELL, if not already set, in order to
avoid failure when `make check' is run through debuild; dircolors
would fail due to lack of $SHELL. Reported by Sven Joachim.
Make `base64 --wrap=N' work for N=0, and for N larger than SIZE_MAX.
* src/base64.c (wrap_write, do_encode, main): Change type of
parameters and locals, wrap_column, form size_t to uintmax_t.
(main): Adjust to use xstrtoumax, accordingly.
2006-03-03 Jim Meyering <>
Don't fail when run from an environment with SHELL not a Bourne
shell, e.g. `env SHELL=/bin/csh make check' would fail this test.
* tests/dircolors/simple: Invoke each non-failing test with -b.
Reported by Michael Stone.
2006-02-27 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/misc/base64: Derive --decode-using tests from the
encode-based ones.
* tests/misc/base64: Factor out a long constant string.
Split lines to stay within 80 columns.
* tests/misc/ (TESTS): Add base64.
* tests/misc/base64: Test base64. From Simon Josefsson.
* src/base64.c (do_decode): Use correct type for parameter,
ignore_garbage: s/size_t/bool/.
* src/base64.c: Don't include .h files already included by system.h:
<string.h>, <stdlib.h>, <stdbool.h>, <limits.h>, <errno.h>.
Include "system.h" before the other lib/*.h header files.
Include <sys/types.h> before "system.h".
(wrap_write): Remove declaration of unused local, initial_column.
(wrap_write): Correct declaration syntax: s/size_t * V/size_t *V/.
* README: Add base64 to the list.
2006-02-17 Simon Josefsson <>
New program: base64.
* AUTHORS: Mention base64.
* NEWS: Likewise.
* man/ Build base64.1.
* man/base64.x: New file.
* src/ (bin_PROGRAMS): Add base64.
* src/base64.c: New file.
2006-02-25 Eric Blake <>
In ls, avoid calling stat for --inode (-i), when possible.
* src/pwd.c (NOT_AN_INODE_NUMBER, D_INO): Move to ...
* src/system.h: ... here, for use in ...
* src/ls.c (main): ... here. Prefer dirent.d_ino to stat when
(gobble_file): Add inode argument.
(print_dir): Pass inode if available.
(usage): Remove inaccuracy.
2006-02-23 Jim Meyering <>
* TODO: Update/correct some obsolete entries.
2006-02-20 Paul Eggert <>
* doc/coreutils.texi (join invocation): Mention `sort -k 1b,1'.
* src/join.c (usage): Likewise.
Documentation problem reported by Philip Kensche.
2006-02-20 Eric Blake <>
* man/rm.x: Update documentation to match previous patch.
2006-02-18 Eric Blake <>
New option for rm: --interactive=once (-I).
* NEWS: Document it, along with change to rm --interactive.
* TODO: Remove entry for implementing rm -I
* src/rm.c (INTERACTIVE_OPTION): New enum value.
(interactive_type): New enum.
(long_opts): Let interactive take an optional argument.
(interactive_args, interactive_types): New option arguments.
(usage): Document -I, --interactive=WHEN. Use program_name
instead of a basename.
(main): New -I option, new behavior to --interactive.
* tests/rm/interactive-once: New tests.
* tests/rm/interactive-always: Ditto.
* tests/rm/ (TESTS): Run them.
2006-02-18 Jim Meyering <>
* Makefile.maint (sc_two_space_separator_in_usage): Make the regular
expression match more of the target lines, e.g., those that start with
`-S,' (short option followed by a comma) or that include `=[...]'.
Patch by Nicolas François.
Fix the four offenders thus exposed:
* src/join.c (usage): Use two spaces (not one) to separate the
--first-only option string from its description, so help2man formats
the derived man page properly.
* src/pr.c (usage): Likewise.
* src/uniq.c (usage): Likewise.
* src/install.c (usage): Likewise.
2006-02-15 Jim Meyering <>
* Makefile.maint (alpha beta major): For `make major', ensure that the
version string is of the form N.N[.N]*, where N is one or more digits.
2006-02-14 Jim Meyering <>
* INSTALL: Update from gnulib.
2006-02-13 Jim Meyering <>
* GNUmakefile (all): Emit diagnostics to stderr, not stdout.
2006-02-12 Jim Meyering <>
* Makefile.maint (patch-check): New target.
(local-checks-available): Add to the list.
2006-02-11 Jim Meyering <>
* src/c99-to-c89.diff: New file.
* src/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add c99-to-c89.diff.
* .x-po-check: New file, with exclusions so that `make distcheck'
passes once again.
* (EXTRA_DIST): Add .x-po-check.
rm -r must remove an empty directory, even if it is inaccessible.
* src/remove.c (close_preserve_errno): New function.
(fd_to_subdirp): Don't print a diagnostic in this function.
Do it from the callers instead, unless rmdir succeeds.
(remove_cwd_entries, remove_dir): Adjust callers.
* tests/rm/empty-inacc: New test for the above.
* tests/rm/ (TESTS): Add empty-inacc.
* NEWS: Mention this bug fix.
* tests/rm/rm2: Adjust two expected diagnostics, now that they're
a tiny bit less precise: cannot remove `a/1': ... instead of
cannot open directory `a/1': ...
* Makefile.maint (syntax-check-rules): Automatically derive this
list of sc_-prefixed rule names.
2006-02-10 Paul Eggert <>
* Makefile.maint (CVS_LIST): Don't assume cvsu is available.
(CVS_LIST_EXCEPT): New macro, to simplify exception-processing.
Most uses of CVS_LIST changed to use CVS_LIST_EXCEPT.
(syntax-check-rules): Bring back sc_changelong. (Hmm, why did it
go away? was that an accident?)
(sc_cast_of_argument_to_free, sc_cast_of_x_alloc_return_value):
(sc_cast_of_alloca_return_value, sc_space_tab, sc_prohibit_atoi_atof):
(sc_error_exit_success, sc_file_system, sc_no_if_have_config_h):
(sc_system_h_headers, sc_sun_os_names, sc_trailing_blank):
(sc_two_space_separator_in_usage, sc_unmarked_diagnostics):
(sc_obsolete_symbols, sc_changelog, sc_prohibit_jm_in_m4):
(sc_useless_cpp_parens, makefile-check, m4-check, po-check):
(author_mark_check, makefile_path_separator_check):
Output line numbers, to simplify navigation of Emacs *compilation*
(sc_prohibit_atoi_atof, sc_file_system):
Rework slightly so that Makefile.maint doesn't get reported as a
violation of its own syntax rules.
(sc_dd_max_sym_length): Use ifneq to do nothing, instead of doing
it at run-time (which didn't work with Bison). Fix a makefile typo,
caught by Makefile.maint itself: spaces where a tab should be.
(po-check): Check lib/*.[ch] even if not in CVS; used by Bison,
which copies from ../gnulib/lib/*.[ch] to lib/*.[ch].
Ignore djgpp and man subdirectories, to avoid false matches with
Bison and coreutils, respectively. Use sort -u to remove the
resulting duplicates.
* gnupload: Rework slightly to avoid bogus warning from
2006-02-10 Jim Meyering <>
Use gzip's --rsyncable option only if it's available.
* Makefile.maint (gzip_rsyncable): New variable.
(GZIP_ENV): Use it.
2006-02-08 Jim Meyering <>
* Makefile.maint (local-checks-available): Define in terms of
the expansion, $(syntax-check-rules), rather than the single,
top-level target `syntax-check', so that it's easier to exclude
individual rules (via $(local-checks-to-skip)).
(tgz-md5, tgz-sha1, ...): Remove now-unused definitions.
2006-02-07 Jim Meyering <>
* src/system.h (!defined O_DIRECT): If O_DIRECTIO is defined (as it
is on Tru64), define O_DIRECT to that. Patch From James Lemley.
* tests/help-version (expected_failure_status_vdir):
Redirect an expected disk-full diagnostic to /dev/null.
2006-02-06 Jim Meyering <>
* src/unexpand.c (usage): Use two spaces (not one) to separate the
--first-only option string from its description, so help2man formats
the derived man page properly.
* src/rm.c (usage): Likewise for --no-preserve-root.
* src/chown.c (usage): Likewise.
* src/chgrp.c (usage): Likewise.
Add a rule to ensure that the above doesn't happen again.
* Makefile.maint (sc_two_space_separator_in_usage): New rule.
(syntax-check-rules): Add it.
* .x-sc_two_space_separator_in_usage: New empty file.
* (EXTRA_DIST): Add .x-sc_two_space_separator_in_usage.
2006-02-06 Jim Meyering <>
* src/cp.c (usage): Use two spaces (not one) to separate each
option string from its description, so help2man formats the
derived man page properly.
* src/mv.c (usage): Likewise.
Patch from Nicolas François in
2006-02-04 Jim Meyering <>
* src/copy.c (copy_internal): cp -RL would fail when encountering
the same directory more than once in the hierarchy beneath a single
command-line argument. That is legitimate, e.g. when there are
two or more symbolic links, each pointing to some directory that
would not otherwise be copied. Reported by Christophe LYON.
* tests/cp/cp-deref: New file. Test for today's fix.
* tests/cp/ (TESTS): Add cp-deref.
* NEWS: Document this.
2006-02-03 Jim Meyering <>
* Require automake-1.9.6, not 1.8.3.
2006-02-01 Paul Eggert <>
* src/od.c (usage): Mention that -t a ignores high order bit.
Documentation problem reported by Ed Avis.
2006-02-01 Jim Meyering <>
* src/pwd.c (find_dir_entry): Remove unused local, `ent_sb_valid'.
2006-01-30 Paul Eggert <>
* src/head.c (main): Use a better diagnostic when someone uses a
trailing numeric option in an invalid way. Problem reported by
Karl Berry.
* src/tail.c (parse_options): Likewise.
2006-01-30 Jim Meyering <>
* man/wc.x: Include `count' keyword in man page synopsis,
per suggestion from
2006-01-24 Paul Eggert <>
* src/df.c (show_dev): If the file system claims to have
more available than total blocks, report the number of used
blocks as being total - available (a negative number) rather
than as garbage. Problem reported by Toralf Foerster.
2006-01-24 Jim Meyering <>
* src/tail.c (tail_forever): Don't exit-nonzero when an attempt
to put a regular file in O_NONBLOCK mode fails with EPERM.
That happens on Linux (up to 2.6.15) when using tail -f on a file with
the append-only attribute. Reported by Dean Gaudet. For details,
* NEWS: Mention this fix.
* tests/tail-2/append-only: New file. Test for the above.
* tests/tail-2/ (TESTS): Add append-only.
* tests/ (check-root): Add tail-2/append-only
2006-01-21 Jim Meyering <>
* NEWS: Mention fts-related improvements and bug fixes.
2006-01-19 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/fmt/basic (pfx-1, pfx-2): New tests, to demonstrate the bug
reported as Forwarded by Thomas Hood.
2006-01-18 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/du/ (TESTS): Add long-from-unreadable.
2006-01-17 Jim Meyering <>
Now that fts no longer changes the current working directory, adjust
its clients accordingly -- note that du.c uses fts but doesn't need
any adjustment, since it doesn't operate on the actual files,
but rather just uses the stat buffers provided by fts.
* src/chown-core.c: Include "openat.h".
Don't include "lchown.h".
(restricted_chown): Accept a new parameter, CWD_FD, and use it in
calling openat, lchownat, chownat, rather than open, lchown, chown.
Update caller.
* src/chmod.c: Include "openat.h".
(process_file): Use chmodat (fts->fts_cwd_fd,... in place of chmod (...
* tests/du/long-from-unreadable: New test, to exercise one small
corner of fts.c.
2006-01-13 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/ (SUBDIRS): Add comments discouraging the
addition of new directories under tests/.
* tests/acl: Redirect stdin to /dev/null. Otherwise, FreeBSD 5.0's
getfacl would hang.
2006-01-12 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/du/long-sloop: Adjust not to hard-code the expected
diagnostic corresponding to ELOOP. Solaris' diagnostic differs
from that of GNU libc. Reported by Paul Eggert.
* tests/du/long-sloop: Create file at end of symlink chain.
* tests/misc/test: New file, with a test for one of the
bugs fixed by yesterday's test.c changes.
* tests/misc/ (TESTS): Add test.
2006-01-11 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/du/long-sloop: New file. Test for today's fts.c bug fix.
That bug could make du -L, chgrp -L, or chown -L fail to diagnose
a very long sequence of symbolic links (not necessarily a loop).
* tests/du/ (TESTS): Add long-sloop.
2006-01-11 Paul Eggert <>
* src/test.c (test_syntax_error): Append a newline. All callers
changed, except for the ones that didn't already append a newline.
Bug reported by Eric Blake.
2006-01-11 Jim Meyering <>
* src/system.h (X2NREALLOC): Now that verify_true is no longer
void, cast its result to void, to avoid gcc's warning that
``left-hand operand of comma expression has no effect''.
2006-01-10 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/chmod/no-x: Add a test for today's fts.c fix.
2006-01-10 Jim Meyering <> (tiny change)
* src/ls.c (gobble_file): Use DTTOIF only if it's defined.
This is necessary for Dragonfly. Patch by Joerg Sonnenberger.
2006-01-10 Paul Eggert <>
Use verify_true instead of verify_expr, to sync with gnulib.
2006-01-08 Jim Meyering <>
* src/date.c (usage): Adjust the formatting of the entries for
%::z and %:::z (separate with two spaces, not one) so that help2man
formats them properly. Reported by Philip Rowlands.
2006-01-06 Paul Eggert <>
2006-01-06 Jim Meyering <>
* Makefile.maint (copyright-check): Use date +%Y in place of
hard-coded 2005.
* src/remove.c (rm_1): Remove `static' attribute on local `status'.
First off, the attribute should have been `volatile' (not static)
to avoid longjmp-related risk of clobber. Secondly, now there is
no longer any risk of a local variable being clobbered, so there's
no need for any attribute at all.
2006-01-05 Jim Meyering <>
* src/remove.c: Give a few functions the inline attribute.
(AD_pop_and_chdir): Use gotos to avoid some duplication.
(AD_push): Rewrite an assertion so that the entire computation
goes away when assertions are turned off.
* src/tail.c (ENOSYS) [!defined ENOSYS]: Don't define here.
It's already defined in "system.h".
* Makefile.maint: Add a FIXME comment.
2006-01-04 Jim Meyering <>
* ChangeLog: Remove entries from 2005-10-22 and earlier.
* ChangeLog-2005: New file, for entries up to version 5.92.
2006-01-03 Jim Meyering <>
* tests/du/no-x: Also allow a slightly different diagnostic -- the
one you get when using openat-enabled fts.c and du (coming soon).
* tests/chmod/no-x: Likewise.
* tests/chgrp/no-x: Likewise.
* src/system.h (O_DIRECTORY) [!defined O_DIRECTORY]: Define.
2006-01-02 Paul Eggert <>
* src/chown-core.c (RC_do_ordinary_chown): New enum value.
(restricted_chown): Return it, if the file cannot be accessed due
to EPERM, or if no uid or gid are required, or if the file is
neither a directory nor a regular file. Rewrite to avoid gotos.
(change_file_owner): Handle RC_do_ordinary_chown case.
Rewrite to avoid gotos.
* tests/chgrp/basic: Make sure we can change the group of
inaccessible files.
* src/date.c (usage): Explain %g, %G, and %V a bit better.
2006-01-02 Jim Meyering <>
* src/copy.c (set_owner): Correct a comment.
* src/tail.c (parse_options): Change warning to say that --retry
is useful `mainly' (not `only') when following by name.
Reported here:
2006-01-01 Paul Eggert <>
* NEWS: Document that mkfifo and mknod -m no longer set special bits.
* src/copy.c: Include lchmod.h.
(copy_internal): Use lchmod rather than chmod.
* src/cp.c: Include lchmod.h.
(re_protect, make_dir_parents_private): Use lchmod rather than chmod.
* src/mkdir.c: Include lchmod.h.
(usage): Clarify -m's operation.
(main): Use lchmod rather than chmod. Don't use lchmod unless the
new mode contains bits outside the 777 range.
* src/mkfifo.c (usage): Clarify -m's operation.
(main): If -m is given, don't invoke chmod; use umask 0 instead.
Report an error if -m asks for bits outside the 777 range.
* src/mknod.c (usage, main): Likewise.
* src/mkdir.c, src/mkfifo.c, src/mknod.c: Undo 2005-12-19 changes.
Copyright (C) 2006, 2009-2010 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Copying and distribution of this file, with or without
modification, are permitted provided the copyright notice
and this notice are preserved.