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This gives some notes on obtaining the tools required for development.
I.E. the tools checked for by the bootstrap script and include:
- Autoconf <>
- Automake <>
- Bison <>
- Gettext <>
- Git <>
- Gperf <>
- Gzip <>
- Perl <>
- Rsync <>
- Tar <>
- Texinfo <>
Note please try to install/build official packages for your system.
If these programs are not available use the following instructions
to build them and install the results into a directory that you will
then use when building this package.
Even if the official version of a package for your system is too old,
please install it, as it may be required to build the newer versions.
The examples below install into $HOME/coreutils/deps/, so if you are
going to follow these instructions, first ensure that your $PATH is
set correctly by running this command:
export PATH=$prefix/bin:$PATH
* autoconf *
# Note Autoconf 2.62 or newer is needed to build automake-1.11.1
git clone --depth=1 git://
git checkout v2.62
autoreconf -vi
./configure --prefix=$prefix
make install
* automake *
# Note help2man is required to build automake fully
git clone git://
cd automake
git checkout v1.11.1
./configure --prefix=$prefix
make install
This package uses XZ utils (successor to LZMA) to create
a compressed distribution tarball. Using this feature of Automake
requires version 1.10a or newer, as well as the xz program itself.
* xz *
git clone git://
cd xz
./configure --prefix=$prefix
make install
Now you can build this package as described in README-hacking.