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Here are most of the steps we (maintainers) follow when making a release.
* start from a clean, up-to-date git directory.
git checkout master; git pull
* Run ./configure && make maintainer-clean
* Ensure that the desired versions of autoconf, automake, bison, etc.
are in your PATH. See the buildreq list in bootstrap.conf for
the complete list.
* Ensure that you're on "master" with no uncommitted diffs.
This should produce no output: git checkout master; git diff
* Ensure that you've pushed all changes that belong in the release
and that the NixOS/Hydra autobuilder is reporting all is well:
* Run bootstrap one last time. This downloads any new translations:
FIXME: enable excluded programs like arch? to get their manual pages?
* Pre-release testing:
Run the following on at least one SELinux-enabled (enforcing) and
one non-SELinux system:
make distcheck
sudo env PATH="$PATH" NON_ROOT_USERNAME=$USER make -k check-root
Note the -j1 above. If you use -jN, for larger N, some of the expensive
tests are likely to interfere with concurrent performance-measuring or
timing-sensitive tests, resulting in spurious failures.
If "make distcheck" doesn't run "make syntax-check" for you, then run
it manually:
make syntax-check
* Set the date, version number, and release type [stable/alpha/beta] on
line 3 of NEWS, commit that, and tag the release by running e.g.,
build-aux/do-release-commit-and-tag X.Y stable
* Run the following to create release tarballs. Your choice selects the
corresponding upload-to destination in the emitted gnupload command.
The different destinations are specified in See the definitions
of gnu_ftp_host-{alpha,beta,stable}.
# "TYPE" must be stable, beta or alpha
make TYPE
* Test the tarball. copy it to a few odd-ball systems and ensure that
it builds and passes all tests.
* While that's happening, write the release announcement that you will
soon post. Start with the template, $HOME/announce-coreutils-X.Y
that was just created by that "make" command.
Once all the builds and tests have passed,
* Run the gnupload command that was suggested by your "make stable" run above.
* Wait a few minutes (maybe up to 30?) and then use the release URLs to
download all tarball/signature pairs and use gpg --verify to ensure
that they're all valid.
* Push the NEWS-updating changes and the new tag:
v=$(cat .prev-version)
git push origin master tag v$v
* Announce it on Savannah first, so you can include the preferable announcement link in the email message.
From here:
click on the "submit news", then write something like the following:
(If there is no such button, then enable "News" for the project via
the Main -> "Select Features" menu item, or via this link:
Subject: coreutils-X.Y released [stable]
...paste the announcement here...
Then go here to approve it:
* Send the announcement email message.
* Approve the announcement here:
* After each non-alpha release, update the on-line manual accessible via
by running this: