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Commits on Nov 13, 2010
  1. @eggert

    doc: tweak NEWS and coreutils.texi

    eggert authored Jim Meyering committed
    * doc/coreutils.texi (stat invocation): Add sentence-ending period.
    * NEWS: Correct stat change description: s/floating point //.
    * (old_NEWS_hash): Update, to match this NEWS change.
  2. post-release administrivia

    Jim Meyering authored
    * NEWS: Add header line for next release.
    * .prev-version: Record previous version.
    * (old_NEWS_hash): Auto-update.
  3. version 8.7

    Jim Meyering authored
    * NEWS: Record release date.
  4. build: update gnulib...

    Jim Meyering authored fix the failing update-copyright test,
    and for the openat portability fix.
  5. build: update gnulib for linux 2.6.9 nanosleep workaround

    Jim Meyering authored
    Also, do the following to avoid "make syntax-check" failure
    induced by new rules.
    * .x-sc_bindtextdomain: Exempt files with an #ifdef'd "main".
    * Add this file.
  6. maint: remove fstimeprec (variable precision time stamp) support

    Jim Meyering authored
    The implementation of variable-precision time stamps relied
    on heuristics that made the output subtly nondeterministic,
    or at least hard to reproduce:
    So, for now at least, we're removing that feature.
    * bootstrap.conf (gnulib_modules): Remove fstimeprec.
    * gl/lib/fstimeprec.c, gl/lib/fstimeprec.h: Remove files.
    * gl/modules/fstimeprec, gl/modules/fstimeprec-tests: Likewise.
    * gl/tests/test-fstimeprec.c: Remove file.
  7. stat: do not provide variable precision time stamps

    Jim Meyering authored
    * src/stat.c: Don't include fstimeprec.c.
    (out_epoch_sec): Don't call fstimeprec.
    * NEWS: Update description.
    * doc/coreutils.texi: Likewise.
Commits on Nov 11, 2010
  1. @eggert

    csplit: do not rely on undefined behavior in printf formats

    eggert authored Jim Meyering committed
    * doc/coreutils.texi (csplit invocation): Say that %d and %i are
    aliases for %u.
    * src/csplit.c (FLAG_THOUSANDS, FLAG_ALTERNATIVE): New constants.
    (get_format_flags): Now take char const * and int * and return
    size_t.  It now stores info about the flags instead of merely
    scanning them.  Also, it handles '0' correctly.  Drop support for
    the undocumented '+' and ' ' flags since the value is unsigned.
    Add support for the (undocumented) "'" flag.  All uses changed.
    (get_format_width, get_format_prec): Remove.
    (check_format_conv_type): Renamed from get_format_conv_type, with
    a different signature.  It now converts the format to one that is
    compatible with unsigned int, and checks flags.  All uses changed.
    (max_out): Have snprintf compute the number of bytes needed rather
    than attempting to do it ourselves (which doesn't work portably
    with outlandish formats such as %4294967296d).
    (check_format_conv_type, main): Check for overflow in size
    calculations.  Don't assume size_t fits in unsigned int.
    * tests/misc/csplit: Check for proper handling of flags, with
    %0#6.3x.  Coreutils 8.6 mishandles this somewhat-weird example.
  2. @pixelb

    csplit: fix a memory leak per input buffer

    pixelb authored
    * src/csplit.c (free_buffer): Also free the line offsets buffers
    (remove_line): Also free the containing structure
    * tests/misc/csplit-heap: A new test to trigger with leaks of
    this magnitude.
    * tests/ Reference the new test
    * NEWS: Mention the fix
    Reported by David Hofstee
Commits on Nov 10, 2010
  1. tests: fix comments and --version invocation in new test

    Jim Meyering authored
    * tests/misc/csplit-1000: Fix comments and --version invocation.
  2. csplit: avoid buffer overrun when writing more than 999 files

    Jim Meyering authored
    Without this fix, seq 1000 | csplit - /./ '{*}' would write
    the NUL-terminated file name, xx1000, into a buffer of size 6.
    * src/csplit.c (main): Use properly sized file name buffer.
    * NEWS (Bug fixes): Mention it.
    * tests/misc/csplit-1000: New test to trigger the bug.
    * tests/ (TESTS): Add misc/csplit-1000.
Commits on Nov 9, 2010
  1. @pixelb

    tests: avoid portability problem with dash vs. symlinked ttys

    pixelb authored
    * tests/mv/i-3: Adjust so that the symlink is resolved
    before redirecting to the background command, as otherwise
    the stdin descriptor passed to the command will fail the
    isatty() or ttyname() test.
Commits on Nov 8, 2010
  1. @pixelb

    tests: avoid portability problem with dash vs. local v=$splittable_val

    pixelb authored Jim Meyering committed
    * tests/init.cfg (retry_delay_): Adjust awk script to print a single
    floating point value, rather than many.
Commits on Nov 7, 2010
  1. tests: don't disqualify FreeBSD 8.1's /bin/sh just yet,

    Jim Meyering authored
    because dash-0.5.6-2.fc14.x86_64 would also be disqualified.
    This reverts part of yesterday's commit 6c058b2, "tests: avoid
    failure due to bug in FreeBSD 8.1's /bin/sh".  Note that the offending
    aspect of those shells is not officially a bug, since "local" is not
    specified by POSIX.  However, it is very unintuitive that prepending
    "local" to an existing, standards-compliant assignment would evoke
    such a fundamental change in semantics.
    * tests/ Remove snippet requiring sane "local" support.
    Upstream dash bug report:
  2. @eggert

    stat: do not rely on undefined behavior in printf formats

    eggert authored
    * src/stat.c (digits, printf_flags): New static vars.
    (make_format): New function.
    (out_string, out_int, out_uint, out_uint_o, out_uint_x):
    (out_minus_zero): Use it to avoid undefined behavior when invoking
    (print_it): Check for invalid conversion specifications such as
    %..X and %1-X, which would otherwise rely on undefined behavior
    when invoking printf.
    * tests/misc/stat-nanoseconds: Check that the "I" printf flag
    doesn't mess up in the C locale, as it formerly did on non-GNU
Commits on Nov 6, 2010
  1. tests: avoid failure due to bug in FreeBSD 8.1's /bin/sh

    Jim Meyering authored
    * tests/ Arrange not to accept FreeBSD 8.1's /bin/sh, since
    it fails this test: /bin/sh -c 'f(){ local s=$IFS; test -n "$s"; }; f'
    * tests/init.cfg (sanitize_path_): Stop-gap measure to work around
    a bug in FreeBSD 8.1's /bin/sh.  We'll un-do this change once all
    300+ tests use
  2. @eggert

    stat: use e.g. %.3X instead of %X.%3:X for sub-second precision

    eggert authored Jim Meyering committed
    * NEWS: Document this.
    * doc/coreutils.texi (stat invocation): Likewise.
    * gl/lib/fstimeprec.c, gl/lib/fstimeprec.h, gl/modules/fstimeprec:
    * gl/modules/fstimeprec-tests, gl/tests/test-fstimeprec.c:
    New files.
    * bootstrap.conf (gnulib_modules): Add fstimeprec.
    * src/stat.c: Include fstimeprec.h.  Don't include xstrtol.h.
    (decimal_point, decimal_point_len): New static vars.
    (main): Initialize them.
    (epoch_sec, out_ns): Remove.
    (out_int, out_uint): Now returns whatever printf returned.
    (out_minus_zero, out_epoch_secs): New functions.
    (print_stat): Use out_epoch_sec instead of out_ns and epoch_sec.
    (print_stat, print_it, usage): Remove the %:X-style formats.
    * tests/misc/stat-nanoseconds: Set TZ=UTC0 to avoid problems
    with weird time zones.  Use a time stamp near the Epoch so that we
    don't have to worry about leap seconds.  Redo test cases to match
    new behavior.
    * tests/touch/60-seconds: Change %Y.%:Y to %.9Y, to adjust to
    new behavior.
Commits on Nov 4, 2010
  1. cp: NEWS entry for previous fix

    Eric Blake authored
    Resolves bug#7324
    * NEWS: Document the extent of the Solaris crash.
  2. cp, mv, touch: fix file time manipulation on Solaris 10

    Eric Blake authored
    * gnulib: Update to latest, for futimens fix.
    * .gitignore: Ignore another recent gnulib-generated file.
Commits on Nov 3, 2010
  1. build: update gnulib to latest

    Jim Meyering authored
  2. stat: revert %X-%Y-%Z change; use e.g., %:X to print fractional seconds

    Jim Meyering authored
    This reverts part of the recent commit 9069af4,
    "stat: print timestamps to full resolution", which made %X, %Y, %Z
    print floating point numbers.  We prefer to retain portability of
    %X, %Y and %Z uses, while still providing access to full-resolution
    time stamps via modified format strings.  Also make the new
    %W consistent.
    * src/stat.c: Include "xstrtol.h".
    (print_it): Accept a new %...:[XYZ] format directive,
    e.g., %:X, to print the nanoseconds portion of the corresponding time.
    For example, %3.3:Y prints the zero-padded, truncated, milliseconds
    part of the time of last modification.
    (print_it): Update print_func signature to match.
    (neg_to_zero): New helper function.
    (epoch_time): Remove function; replace with...
    (epoch_sec): New function; use timetostr.
    (out_ns): New function.  Use "09" only when no other modifier
    is specified.
    (print_statfs): Change type of "m" to unsigned int,
    now that it must accommodate values larger than 255.
    (print_stat): Likewise.
    Map :X to a code of 'X' + 256.  Likewise for Y, Z and W.
    (usage): Update.
    * tests/touch/60-seconds: Use %Y.%:Y in place of %Y.
    * tests/misc/stat-nanoseconds: New file.
    * tests/ (TESTS): Add it.
    * NEWS (Changes in behavior): Mention this.
    With improvements by Pádraig Brady.
    Thanks to Andreas Schwab for raising the issue.
Commits on Nov 1, 2010
  1. @nickalcock @pixelb

    tests: fix a false positive for 32 bit on 64 bit hosts

    nickalcock authored pixelb committed
    * tests/ls/stat-free-symlinks: strace currently outputs an
    informational message about arch difference to stdout.
    Therefore we need to strip that before comparison.
Commits on Oct 28, 2010
  1. maint: remove an unnecessary FIXME comment

    Patrick W. Plusnick II authored Jim Meyering committed
    * src/seq.c (terminator): This does not need to be specifiable
    via an option.  Remove the FIXME comment.
Commits on Oct 27, 2010
  1. @pixelb

    cp: make --attributes-only override --reflink completely

    pixelb authored
    * doc/coreutils.texi (cp invocation): Change the description slightly
    so as users might not immediately discount using this option.
    Mention that --reflink is overridden by the other linking options and
    --attributes-only, and give an example where this might be useful.
    * src/copy.c (copy_internal): Bypass the reflink if
    --attributes-only is specifed.
    * tests/cp/reflink-perm: Ensure both --reflink modes are
    overridden by --attributes-only.
    * NEWS: Mention the change in behavior.
    Reported by Jim Meyering.
Commits on Oct 26, 2010
  1. tests: mention that btrfs also causes failure of misc/ls-time

    Jim Meyering authored
    * tests/misc/ls-time: Mention that this test also fails on btrfs,
    at least until is addressed.
Commits on Oct 25, 2010
  1. maint: update THANKS

    Eric Blake authored
    * THANKS: Update.
  2. date: correct typos in date --help

    Tobias Quathamer authored Eric Blake committed
    * src/date.c (usage): Use "e.g." correctly.
  3. @pixelb

    tail: support rechecking currently missing remote dirs

    pixelb authored
    src/tail.c (main): As an optimization, don't bother checking
    for stdin or remote files, when ---disable-inotify is specified.
    To improve the fix in commit 61b7789, set the disable_inotify
    flag when we fall back to polling, so that we recheck remote files.
    NEWS: Mention the fix
Commits on Oct 24, 2010
  1. @eggert

    du: don't print junk when diagnosing out-of-range time stamps

    eggert authored
    * src/du.c (show_date): Fix call to fputs with a buffer that
    contains some uninitialized data.
    * tests/ (TESTS): Add du/big-timestamp.
    * tests/du/bigtime: New file, which checks for the bug.
Commits on Oct 20, 2010
  1. @rata

    doc: add a cross reference from cat's man page to "tac"

    rata authored Jim Meyering committed
    * man/cat.x: See also "tac".
Commits on Oct 19, 2010
  1. tests: trigger and test for md5sum's new diagnostics

    Jim Meyering authored
    * tests/misc/md5sum: Test for new diagnostics.
  2. md5sum: print a summary warning for improperly formatted lines

    Benno Schulenberg authored Jim Meyering committed
    And remove the now-superfluous totals from the other two warnings,
    so the plurals will also work in other languages than English.
    * src/md5sum.c (digest_check): Change as above.
    * tests/misc/md5sum (check-quiet2): Adjust accordingly.
Commits on Oct 18, 2010
  1. build: enable -Werror for gnulib-tests, too

    Jim Meyering authored
    * gnulib: Update to latest for warning-free tests.
    * gnulib-tests/ (AM_CFLAGS): Uncomment $(WERROR_CFLAGS),
    now that these tests are warning-free.
Commits on Oct 17, 2010
  1. maint: update bootstrap from gnulib

    Jim Meyering authored
    * bootstrap: Update from gnulib.
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