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# Bazaar plugin that runs etckeeper pre-commit when necessary
"""Runs etckeeper pre-commit when necessary."""
import bzrlib
from bzrlib.mutabletree import MutableTree
from bzrlib.errors import BzrError, NotLocalUrl
import os
import subprocess
if not (hasattr(MutableTree, "hooks") and "start_commit" in MutableTree.hooks):
raise "Version of Bazaar installed does not support required hooks."
def etckeeper_startcommit_hook(tree):
abspath = getattr(tree, "abspath", None)
if abspath is None or not os.path.exists(abspath(".etckeeper")):
# Only run the commit hook when this is an etckeeper branch
ret =["etckeeper", "pre-commit", abspath(".")])
if ret != 0:
raise BzrError("etckeeper pre-commit failed")
install_named_hook = getattr(MutableTree.hooks, 'install_named_hook', None)
if install_named_hook is not None:
install_named_hook('start_commit', etckeeper_startcommit_hook, 'etckeeper')
MutableTree.hooks.install_hook('start_commit', etckeeper_startcommit_hook)
MutableTree.hooks.name_hook(etckeeper_startcommit_hook, "etckeeper")
if __name__ == "__main__":
from distutils.core import setup
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