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+ new feature
- old feature removed
!! bug fixed
NG-0.7.4 20110811
+ added the radius dissector
+ go into unoffensive mode if libnet initialization fails
- remove autoupdate from website for passive databases
!! etterfilter now accepts empty blocks
!! the log files are closed on SIGTERM
!! fixed a compilation error under Mac OS X Tiger
!! fixed an improper handling of wdg_dynlist callback
!! fixed bound checking in some dissectors
NG-0.7.3 20050528
+ added the INC (+=) and DEC (-=) operators to the filter engine
!! fixed the compilation of some plugins
!! fixed a segfault in the isolate plugin
!! fixed a bug in the dhcp spoofing module
!! fixed a serious security bug (a format bug in the curses gui)
NG-0.7.2 20041221
+ the hosts scan can now be canceled by the user (ctrl+q)
+ the netmask for the scan can now be specified within the GUI
+ checksum_check was renamed to checksum_warning
and a new option to prevent the check was introduced
(see the man page etter.conf(5) for details)
+ added the help menu (inline man pages)
+ wins support for the dns_spoof plugin
+ new plugin: repoison_arp
!! do not drop privs under windows (useless)
!! fixed the mmap problem under windows
!! fixed file operation under windows (O_BINARY related)
!! fixed the IRC password collector (\r \n related)
!! fixes the dumping of the profiles to a file (fingerprint not recorded)
!! the remote flag is now reset when the arp poisoning is stopped
!! fixed the ebcdic visualization
!! fixed the autoadd plugin when a target is ANY
NG-0.7.1 20040920
+ added the -s options to issue commands to the gui (useful in scripts)
+ added the -I options to show the list of NICs
+ ported to windows (mingw)
+ added a new plugin: isolate
+ updated os and mac fingerprints
!! fixed compilation of strtok_r under solaris
!! fixed a pthread problem under mac os X
!! fixed the compilation with gcc 3.5.x
!! fixed message box character wrapping (gtk)
NG-0.7.0 20040705
+ implemented a thread safe strtok
+ prepared the source for a smooth mingw porting
!! fixed numeric sorting in gtk interface
!! autoadd plugin does not add the local address
!! dump profiles to file now dumps even host without any open port
!! fixed compilation under freebsd 4.9
NG-0.7.0_rc1 20040614
+ WEP decryption for WiFi packets
+ support for prism2 headers
+ added the -I search option in etterlog
+ you can now apply filters on pcapfiles and dump the results
+ you can now specify an alternative config file with -a
!! log to file works again
!! fixed a segfault dumping profiles to file
!! fixed a segfault when opening not-readable dirs from the curses GUI
!! fixed uninitialized data that caused segfault in the dhcp dissector
!! etterlog -c respect the -f specification
!! fixed some problems with non blocking ssl sockets
!! "should be checksum" is now correct
NG-0.7.0_pre2 20040517
+ added support for UTF-8 strings
+ telnet collector enhancements (catches cisco login)
+ added new plugins:
+ find_ettercap
+ autoadd
+ the live connections list can be purged by the user
+ SSL support for the following dissector:
+ imaps
+ ircs
+ ldaps
+ nntps
+ pop3s
+ ssmtp
+ telnets
+ support for vlan tagging (802.1q header)
+ support for rawip file dumps
+ multiple selections in the GTK ui for targets and hosts
+ wifi enhancements
!! fixed the $prefix issue in the configure
!! fixed a linking problem against openssl
!! some fixes in the man pages
!! compiles against old openssl 0.9.6x
!! better error handling on file creation failure
!! fingerprint submissions works again
!! fixed the configure checks for libpcap and libnet
!! ec[ip] files are now platform independent
!! fixed the "etter.ssl.crt not found" bug
!! the arp_cop plugin now does not report the ettercap poisoning
!! the filters are respected even logging to a eci file
!! profiles in the eci file are not duplicated if arp poisoning
NG-0.7.0_pre1 20040415
+ rewrite from scratch (the code is now cleaner and well commented)
+ it now requires libpcap and libnet
+ support for unconfigured network interfaces
+ automake and libtool are now used for the configuration process
+ etterlog utility for logfiles parsing
+ etterfilter utility to compile advanced content filters
+ root privs dropped after initialization
+ big endian arch support (sparc64)
+ layer 3 routing (forwarding packets)
+ new media support for:
+ wifi
+ token ring
+ fddi
+ ppp
+ linux cooked interfaces
+ unified sniffing (you can use external hijacker)
+ new MITM methods:
+ advanced ARP poisoning engine (with many-to-many support)
+ ICMP redirect
+ DCHP spoofing
+ port stealing
+ multiple target selection
+ pcap filter on capture
+ regex packet matching
+ hook points per packet type (TCP, UDP... )
+ quiet mode (don't print packet content)
+ enhanced passive open port discoverer
+ randomized ARP scan
+ cached dns resolution (increase speed and stealth)
+ enhanced statistics on ettercap performances
+ extended headers for every packet
+ passive DNS answer caching
+ global conf file always loaded to tweak internal variables
+ etter.conf supports dissectors on multiple ports
+ possibility to sniff on loopback
+ autoupdate from website for passive databases
+ non root users can use ettercap to read from files
+ unoffensive mode (doesn't forward packets)
+ user messages can be logged
+ dissector enhancements in:
+ X11 (banner discovery)
+ TELNET (collect even failed attempts)
+ SNMP fixes
+ MySQL fixes
+ HalfLife and Quake3 were unified
+ SSH (blowfish support)
+ SSL (totally reworked, runs on all platforms)
+ HTTP has gained performance overhaul
+ ...many others
+ new dissectors:
+ plugins were unified, no more distinctions between standalone and hooking
+ new plugins:
+ finger (SYN+ACK fingerprinting on remote hosts)
+ smb_clear, smb_down (attacks against the SMB protocol)
+ curses interface improvements:
+ resizable under X11
+ mouse event are supported
+ customizable colors
+ completely new menu-driven interface
+ totally redesigned GTK+ interface
+ you can filter data with a visualization regexp
+ profiles can be dumped to a file
+ A lot of new bugs^H^H^H^H random features to be discovered ;)
!! offline sniffing actually does not bind to any NICs
- packet factory was removed
- some plugins were not ported
+++ too many other improvements to be listed here +++
0.6.b 20030710
+ Plugins now works with GTK+ interface
+ Updated the passive OS fingerprint database (1279 records)
!! Fixed internal refreshing (for huge traffic loads)
!! Fixed wifi-dump support
!! Fixed doppelganger re-arp
!! Fixed a problem with signed char under mac G3
!! Fixed some possible buffer overflows
0.6.a 20030505
+ Buffered Data Connections (only for ncurses)
+ New Sniffing method (Port Stealing)
+ Updated the passive OS fingerprint database (1189 records)
+ enhanced smb dissector
+ enhanced troll plugin against request caching
+ NEW PLUGIN: Confusion,Hunter, SMB suite
+ partial wifi-dump support (experimental)
!! Fixed demonization problem
!! Fixed StateMachine problem
!! a bouch of bug fix
0.6.9 20030125
+ GTK+ 2.0 interface (experimental) (--enable-devel)
+ Windows Plugins porting
+ Updated the passive OS fingerprint database (1093 records)
+ Dissector Proxy 8080
+ NTLM auth
+ Enhanced poisoning method (solaris issue)
+ NEW PLUGIN: troll, PPTP suite
+ text and ebcdic view from command line
+ lc-convert utility (share dir)
!! Fixed a LIBS problem under MacOSX (-lpoll)
!! Fixed the VNC dissector
!! A bouch of bug fix (too many to list here)
0.6.7 20020702
+ Updated the passive OS fingerprint database (853 records)
!! Fixed the strlcpy bug in the the telnet dissector (oops alor mistake)
!! Fixed a possible sigfault in the rlogin dissector
!! Fixed the exit_func for Mac OS X 20020603
+ Solaris porting
+ Sparc architecture support even for all other OSes
+ Windows 9X porting
+ Increased the speed of arp storm under windows
+ Added the ability to bind a port on which ettercap forwards the sniffed traffic
+ The -H option now supports range ip
+ NEW PLUGIN: lamia (become root of a switches spanning tree)
+ Updated the passive OS fingerprint database (825 records)
!! Fixed the pthread_join problem under MacOSX
!! Fixed the -w options (openssl path related bug)
!! Fixed the conflicting options -Y and -a
!! Fixed the FindIface function under BSD
0.6.5 20020423
+ Windows (CYGWIN) porting
+ Dumping to and sniffing from tcpdump file format is now supported
+ Sniffing from command line now capture UDP+TCP packet by default
+ Logging engine doesn't log the same user/pass/ip twice
+ Under *BSD and MacOSX ettercap now uses only one bpf
+ Added the -J options (onlyposion) to allow multitarget arp sniffing
- roper (Tries to stop ISAKMP for IPSEC traffic)
+ NEW password collector for: QUAKE 3, ICQ v7, MSN, YMSG
+ DISSECTORS enhanced: HTTPS - IMAP - NAPSTER (opennap) - IRC
+ PLUGIN enhanced:
- leech (now it rearps the victim after isolation)
+ DOCUMENTATION translated in Polish and Dutch
!! Better handling of CTRL+C
!! Fixed a bug the the dlsym on OpenBSD 3.0 (plugin related)
!! Fixed a bug in the handling of debug file
!! Fixed the "not scrolling" JOINED visualization
0.6.4 20020212
+ You can sniff traffic from a remote cisco router
and make mitm attacks on it using GRE tunnels.
+ Added some bits for the passive OS fingerprint database.
Now even the length of the packet make sense.
+ The sniffing interface now supports JOINED view
- thief (dumps all files from HTTP)
- zaratan (redirect GRE tunnels)
+ ICQ dissector now searches for passwords on all ports
+ Updated the passive OS fingerprint database (675 records)
+ Changed arg 2 of Plugin_HookPoint for PCK_RECEIVED_RAW
!! Under OpenBSD the pflog interface is ignored
!! Fixed the DATA_PATH issue in the phantom plugin
!! Fixed an unsigned short in state_machine
!! Fixed some plugins that don't recognize the 'yes' answer
!! Fixed the plugins symbol problem on Mac OS X (strip -x)
!! Fixed the possibility of remote exploitation on interface with MTU > 1500 20011213
!! Fixed the truncation of passwords in some dissectors
!! Fixed the -undefined error problem for Mac OS X (darwin 1.4.x / 5.1)
0.6.3 20011212
+ Grell dissector (HTTPS) now handles proxy auth
+ Grell dissector (HTTPS) now correctly handles SSL & TLS
+ Better connection status handling
+ Updated the passive OS fingerprint database (530 records)
- Removed the --enable-suid option, so it is clear that ettercap is only for root
!! Fixed a bug that implied to send on the net every packet sniffed from it (introduced in ettercap 0.6.2)
!! Fixed the ENOBUFS error on BSD
!! Fixed a bug for the compilation with --disable-plugins
!! Fixed a bug for the compilation on Mac OS X without dlcompat libs
!! Fixed the configure script to handle the -bundle_loader option under Mac OS X
!! Fixed the command line format bug exploit (`ettercap %x%x%x%x%x`) !!
!! Fixed many security threats in the code
0.6.2 20011112
+ Ettercap is now a multi-thread single process.
+ The connection handling engine was enhanced and sped up
+ Now filtered (replaced) data can exceed the MTU
+ Completely new plugin conception (hooking plugin)
+ Better handling for unknown passive fingerprints
+ Possibility to load/save the hosts list from/to a file (-j -k options)
- the -k (newcert) options was renamed to -w
+ Updated the passive OS fingerprint database (501 records)
+ Updated the active OS fingerprint database (2001/10/14)
+ New 'TEXT only' view on sniffed data
+ NEW password collector for: HALF LIFE, NFS, SNMP, LDAP
+ ENHANCEMENT in the password collector for: MySQL
+ NEW PLUGIN : dwarf (logs all POP and SMTP activity)
!! Fixed a bug when recognizing HUB or SWITCH
!! Fixed a bug in the banshee plugin
!! Fixed a bug in the filtering engine from command line
!! Fixed a sigfault in the HTTP dissector
!! Plugins are now installed in {prefix}/lib/ettercap, not in share/ettercap
!! ettercap is now installed in the more appropriate {prefix}/sbin/
!! now the configure script doesn't require root privileges to run
!! configure now handles correctly the --datadir=DIR and --libdir=DIR directive.
0.6.0 20010917
+ Passive scanning of the LAN
+ Plugins ported to Mac OS X (darwin)
+ Doppelganger now uses the new REQUEST ARP POISON (see readme)
+ Grell (HTTPS) now supports virtual hosts
+ The Logging engine for the simple mode was rewritten from scratch
+ Now MAC sniffing can have only one parameter
+ Updated the active OS fingerprint database
+ Updated the MAC fingerprint database
+ NEW PLUGIN : beholder and basilisk
+ PLUGIN enhanced: imp and triton
!! configure script tuned up. now it compiles missing libs only if needed
!! Fixed a bug preventing SSL sniffing
!! Fixed a problem in illithid related to the smart arp sniffing
!! Fixed a compilation problem for FreeBSD 4.0 (getifaddrs related)
!! Fixed a compilation problem for MacOsX (termios related)
!! Fixed a ioctl() problem in phantom plugin on *BSD and MacOsX
0.5.4 20010726
+ Porting for Mac Os X (darwin 1.3.x)
+ Reverse IP matching (-R option)
+ Spoofing of the source ip on start up
+ Customizable delay between arp request on startup
+ Added the Inet_CloseRawSock API (for debugging purpose)
+ Better handling of SIGSEGV and SIGBUS (for debugging purpose)
+ Updated the OS fingerprint database
+ ENHANCEMENT in the password collector for: IRC
+ PLUGIN enhanced: triton
+ NEW PLUGIN : arpcop, phantom, imp
!! Fixed the "make_label" compilation problem
!! Fixed a sigfault on OS fingerprinting
!! Fixed ip_forwarding restoring bug
!! Fixed some ncurses visualization errors
0.5.2 20010707
+ Plugins ported to OpenBSD
+ Porting for NetBSD 1.5
+ Added FreeBSD 4 support for source MAC address spoofing
+ Illithid (the sniffer engine) totally rewritten and tuned up
+ Doppelganger (the arp poisoner) totally rewritten and tuned up
+ New programmable filtering engine (see README for details)
+ Filter can be used in command line mode (-F option)
+ Possibility to scan only chosen IPs (-H option)
+ Possibility to select the delay between arp replies (-D option)
+ Checking for the latest ettercap version (-v option)
+ More accurate and faster start up host scanning
+ Connection killing method enhanced
+ New and more detailed man pages
+ ENHANCEMENT in the password collector for: HTTP (<form> parsing)
+ NEW PLUGIN : spectre, triton
!! Fixed the interface shutdown bug... yeah !
!! Fixed "can't find grell_ssl.crt" error message in the rpm version.
0.5.0 20010611
+ Full-duplex HTTPS man-in-the-middle support
+ Support for HTTPS through a proxy
+ SSH sniffing even from command line
+ Enable/Disable dissectors via conf file
+ Public ARP in simple mode
+ Smart Public arp (all but the target)
+ Dump of the pass to a file from interactive mode
+ Packet Factory enhancement (now the payload can be loaded from a file)
+ The newest config.guess and config.sub are now included
+ Updated the OS fingerprint database (2001/06/04 09:40:50 fyodor)
+ NEW password collector for: HTTPS, PROXYHTTPS
+ ENHANCEMENT in the password collector for: SMB, HTTP, MySQL
+ FIXED password collector for: IRC
+ DOCUMENTATION translated in : French, Italian
! Fixed many many bug... but some still persist... ;)
0.4.3 20010511
+ Added a Protocol State Machine for dissectors
+ Added the rule "Log" to the filtering form
+ Packet Factory (create and send packets on the fly)
+ Configuration file
+ Code cleanup !!
+ Plugins can be launched from connection list
+ NEW plugin : banshee
+ ENHANCEMENT in the password collector for: SOCKS 5, IMAP, VNC, SMB, MySQL
+ FIXED password collector for: SOCKS 5
0.4.2 20010429
+ You can specify the IP "ANY"
+ Logging all data to specific file(s)
+ Added the "demonization" feature (--quiet)
+ Packet filtering/dropping/search/replace
+ Improved the user/password hunting in datadecode module
+ Tuning of Doppelganger poison/rearp
+ NEW plugin : lurker
+ NEW password collector for: NNTP, X11, NAPSTER, IRC, RIP, BGP, SOCKS 5, IMAP 4, VNC
+ ENHANCEMENT in the password collector for: POP, SMB, MySQL
! fixed a bug in the fingerprint for *BSD
! fixed the handling of eth aliases
! fixed the activation/deactivation of Active Dissectors
0.4.0 20010409
+ Full duplex SSH man-in-the-middle support !!
+ new startup mode (--broadping -b).
+ new sniffing method (PublicARP)
+ Injector now supports escape sequences
+ netmask switch added
+ added support for getopt_long even on *BSD
+ NEW password collector for : SSH1, SMB, RLOGIN, HTTP, ICQ, MySQL
! fixed the "sendto() 1518 byte" bug
0.3.1 20010323
! fixed a nasty bug sniffing/sending big packets
! fixed telnet dissector
0.3.0 20010319
+ Ported on OpenBSD 2.7
+ UDP support
+ OS Fingerprint
+ Network Adapter Fingerprint
+ Password collector for: FTP, POP, TELNET
+ Injection interface redesigned
+ Possibility to check if you are in a switched lan or not.
! various bugfix
0.2.4 20010309
+ Ported on FreeBSD 4.x
+ Plugin version control
+ Added -x option for hex mode in command line
- Removed -1 and -2 options (better getopt parsing)
+ Ability to sniff in all direction (no more two hosts limit)
+ Silent mode (--silent or -z) (no arp storm on start up)
0.2.1 20010223
+ Scrolling window for plugin output
+ detailed packets view in hex mode (SEQ, ACK and FLAGS)
+ identification of connections type (FTP, telnet, ecc)
+ ability to kill a connection from connection list
! sigfault when no plugin found and press return
0.2.0 20010219
+ Plug-In support
+ Inet module totally rewritten and redesigned.
+ Downported to 2.0.x Linux Kernels (EXPERIMENTAL)
+ Added support for glibc 2.0.x 2.1.x 2.2.x
+ Scroll back in sniffing window (*very* *very* useful !!)
! after injection the connections are cleanly RSTted
0.1.1 20010209
+ detect if there is another man-in-the-middle in the LAN
+ full telnet injection support
! ettercap defaults to the first up and running iface
! removed possible sigfault making host list
! now works with openwall
! various bugfixing
0.1.0.beta 20010125
* Initial public release...
+ Easy to use ncurses interface
+ Command line mode (without ncurses)
+ IP based sniffing (old style sniffing)
+ MAC based sniffing (for traffic between hosts and gateways)
+ ARP based sniffing (with arp poisoning for switched lan)
+ Characters injection in an established connection