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People who helped us developing ettercap NG
Gigi Sullivan <> for hours of discussion on ettercap internals
and for giving me the ideas for the new plugins
engine and for some data structures that helped
me to speed up the whole process... BIG THANKS !!
Mathieu Masseboeuf <> for the invaluable effort in the Mac OS X porting
G. Vanem <> for the native win32 porting
for many other patches
Will Jenkins <> for testing under Mac OS X
Claudio Agosti <> for the idea of DNS passive queries
Michele De Martin has provided me a token ring dump
Iceman <> for the fixes to the man pages
rgovostes <> for the redir_command for Mac Os X
bartocc <>
hack101 <>
Hex <> for the redir_command for Open BSD
Crizack <>
Johannes Bauer <> for the prism2 dump
Massimo Chiodini <> for the help in portstealing mitm method
Jon Oberheide <> for gcc 3.5 fixes
Kev <> for the invaluable effort to the ettercap forum
for many of the site FAQ
Copyrighted part of code or stuff...
Fyodor <> for the services database
Michal Zalewski <> for some passive os fingerprint (form p0f)
Subterrain Security Group for some passive os fingerprint (from siphon)
Nicola Bonelli <> for the TTL_PREDICTOR function
Dug Song <> for hex.c (part of dsniff source)
from which I took the hex_print function.
OpenSSH team for the match_pattern function
The Apache group for the base64_decode function
(took from ap_base64.c)
Ethereal team for the in_cksum_shouldbe function
if you think you should be in the list, please mail me.
People who helped us developing ettercap (old versions)
Max3232 <> for cleaning up makefile, specfile et similia...
Gigi Sullivan <> for beta testing with glibc 2.0.x
Lorenzo Porro (LnZ) <> for beta testing on Linux 2.0.36
Raptor <> for the help in the port on OpenBSD 2.7 VOODOO
Nicola Bonelli <> for the help porting plugins to OpenBSD
George Reid <> FreeBSD ports maintainer
Murat Demirten <> Debian package maintainer
Alter Eric <> for a patch in the dealing with ($LIBS)
Niilo Kajander <> has provided me a NetBSD shell...
Lee Hobart <> has provided me a MacOsX root shell... wow !
Paulo Madeira <> has coded the arpcop plugin
Cristian Ionescu-Idbohrn for pointing out some configure 'not configurable' stuff
<> and providing me the idea for tune up the configure script
Georg Hofstetter <> for the HL-RCON dissector and for the TEXT only view
in the data sniffing window
Giorgio Zoppi <> for some security patch of the code
A_D <> has provided me a MacOsX root shell... wow !
downtime <> for helping me with the plugin problem on Mac OS X
Dax Kelson <> has provided me a Solaris root shell... yeah !
CAT <> Slackware package maintainer
tavi <> for the Windows 9x porting
Carlo Perassi <> for reviewing the plugin documentation
Garph0 <> plugin porting for windows
Documentation Translators
Francisco Peralta Aguaron (10t8or) for the initial documentation.
vacuum <> for fixing the grammar in the documentation :)
Julien Bordet <> for the french translation of the documentation
Matteo Carlo Sala (Ares) <> for the italian translation
Joker <> for the polish translation
Log C <> for the indonesian translation
Roxann Voss <> for the dutch translation
Rick Farina <> for the patch to my horrible english :)
Betatesting Team (only the active one)...
Crusher 4 <>
Downtime <>
Drygol <>
Angel Georgiev <> great job guy !
Martin Nenov <> a very big thanks to him !! ;)
Paulo Madeira <> your plugin rocks !
Rick Farina <> many thanks to you my friends !
Java JVM <> very big thanks!!!!
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