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 - managing hot keys beneath the surface -

by Stefan Tomanek <stefan@pico.ruhr.de>

Magmakeys is a system wide hotkey daemon. It watches all connected input
devices for key and switch events and can launch arbitrary commands when
certain events are observed.

While there are a lot of hotkey applications available, most of them are tied a
X11 user session und thus depend on a specific user being logged in. This is
often not appropiate for functions that should be available even without any
specific user being logged in and running a specific window manager (or even
X11 at all).

Magmakeys uses HAL to identify all connected input devices and stay informed about
newly connected ones. This functionality however is optional and can be disabled,
should you choose to refrain from HAL and DBUS.

For more information about the use and configuration of the daemon, consult
"magmakeys --help", the example configuration files and the provided manual page.

The file share/eventcodes.txt should be placed in the directory /usr/share/magmakeys/,
where it will be found by the magmakeys program. If placed elsewhere, its location can
be specified by using the "-t" option on the magmakeys commandline.