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/* Copyright 2010 Stefan Tomanek <stefan.tomanek+th@wertarbyte.de>
* You have permission to copy, modify, and redistribute under the
* terms of the GPLv3 or any later version.
* For full license terms, see COPYING.
#include "devtag.h"
typedef int trigger_modifier[TRIGGER_MODIFIERS_MAX];
typedef struct trigger {
int type;
int code;
int value;
trigger_modifier modifiers;
char *mode;
char devtag[TH_DEVICE_TAG_LENGTH];
char *action;
struct trigger *next;
} trigger;
trigger* parse_trigger(char* line);
void append_trigger(trigger *t);
int read_triggers(const char *filename);
void run_triggers(int type, int code, int value, keystate_holder ksh, device *dev);
void clear_triggers();
void triggers_enabled( int status );
void change_trigger_mode( const char *tmode );