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@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ th-cmd -- triggerhappy commander
-B<th-cmd> --socket B<< <socket> >> [B<--passfd>] [B<--clear>|B<--enable>|B<--disable>|B<--mode> I<< <mode> >>|B<--quit>|B<--udev>|B<--add> F<< <devices...> >>|B<--remove> F<< <devices...> >>]
+B<th-cmd> --socket B<< <socket> >> [B<--passfd>] [B<--tag> I<< <foo> >>] [B<--clear>|B<--enable>|B<--disable>|B<--mode> I<< <mode> >>|B<--quit>|B<--udev>|B<--add> F<< <devices...> >>|B<--remove> F<< <devices...> >>]
@@ -60,6 +60,11 @@ Instead of instructing the daemon to open the device, open the device and pass t
Grab the device; the triggerhappy daemon will try to get exclusive access to the device, other applications will not receive the events emitted by it.
+=item B<--tag> F<foo>
+Label the added device with the tag I<< <foo> >>; this can be used to limit the scope of event
+handlers to a subset of input devices.
=head1 AUTHOR
@@ -145,6 +145,15 @@ receive a press and release of the corresponding key. This is especially useful
to remap or mirror events generated by devices exclusively serviced by the
triggerhappy daemon.
+It is possible to create handlers that only react to specific devices: to achieve
+such behaviour, add the input device using B<th-cmd> and supply it with a tag; this
+tag can then be used to limit the scope of a trigger to this device:
+ <remote>KEY_ENTER 1 /usr/bin/mpc stop
+Defining the hotkey in this way will only trigger the handler if the event is received
+from a device tagged "remote".
=head1 AUTHOR
Stefan Tomanek E<lt>stefan.tomanek+th@wertarbyte.deE<gt>

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