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Intuitive interface to RooFit
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Intuitive interface to RooFit

Table of contents

Release notes


November 5, 2019

  • initial public release



  • ROOT 6 (with RooFit and Minuit2 support)
  • CMake 2.8


cd /some/directory
git clone
cd FooFit
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make install
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/some/directory/FooFit/build/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH"
export ROOT_INCLUDE_PATH="/some/directory/FooFit/build/include:$ROOT_INCLUDE_PATH"

It is recommended to set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH and ROOT_INCLUDE_PATH variables in your shell configuration file.

Quick start

If LD_LIBRARY_PATH and ROOT_INCLUDE_PATH are set, root should be able to find the library automatically. If not, there are several ways to load the library:

ROOT command line interface:

root [0] gSystem->Load("");

Interpreted macros:

void FooFitMacro()

Compiled macros:

root [0] .include /some/directory/FooFit/build/include
root [1] .x FooFitMacro.C++

Class hierarchy

FFRooModel             : base model pdf class
  FFRooModelPol        : polynomial function model
  FFRooModelChebychev  : Chebychev polynomial function model
  FFRooModelExpo       : exponential function model
  FFRooModelGauss      : Gaussian function model
  FFRooModelGaussBifur : bifurcated Gaussian function model
  FFRooModelLandau     : Landau function model
  FFRooModelHist       : histogram-based model
  FFRooModelKeys       : model using kernel estimation
  FFRooModelComp       : base class for composite models
    FFRooModelSum      : sum of models
    FFRooModelProd     : product of models

FFRooFit               : base fit class
  FFRooFitHist         : class for fitting histograms
  FFRooFitTree         : class for fitting trees
    FFRooSPlot         : class for sPlot fits of trees

FFRooFitter            : base high-level fit class
  FFRooFitterUnbinned  : class for high-level fitting of unbinned data
    FFRooFitterSPlot   : class for high-level sPlot fits of unbinned data
  FFRooFitterBinned    : class for high-level fitting of binned data
FFRooFitterSpecies     : class representing a fit species

FFFooFit               : namespace for utility methods
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