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URL Shortener - Werval Sample Application

The URL Shortener sample implement an extremely simple HTTP API using GET methods only and outputing JSON documents. The shortened URLs are stored in-memory, not persisted. They do not survive an application restart.

URL Shortener is implemented using the Hashids implementation included in werval.

A simple page served at / allow you to play with the API using HTML forms.

You'll find bellow the various httpie commands you can use to use the HTTP API.

  • List all shortened urls: http http://localhost:23023/api/list
  • Shorten a given url: http "http://localhost:23023/api/shorten?url=http://example.com/"
  • Expand a url given its hash: http "http://localhost:23023/api/expand?hash=9W6k"
  • Lookup existing short url for a given one: http "http://localhost:23023/api/lookup?url=http://example.com/"
  • Open shortened url, get redirection: http://localhost:23023/9W6k

This is the simplest sample and it is intended to be so.

It demonstrate the following:

  • defining routes,
  • basics of controller implementation,
  • basics of Global object usage.

Even if this sample is damn simple, it has unit tests covering the whole HTTP API. They are implemented using rest-assured from Jayway making them short and expressive.

Whatever would be your Werval usage, you are encouraged to read this sample code.

To run in development mode: gradle devshell

To run in production mode: gradle start

To run tests: gradle check

To build a production distribution: gradle distZip

To see all available tasks: gradle tasks