Sends HTML email commit messages splitting commits that were pushed in one step. Changes are highlighted per word.
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Git Commit Notifier

by Csoma Zoltan (Primalgrasp) (zoltan 'at' primalgrasp 'dot' com)

Sends email commit messages splitting commits that were pushed in one
step. Email is delivered as text or HTML with changes refined per
word. Emails have a scanable subject containing the first sentence of
the commit as well as the author, project and branch name.

For example:

[rails][master] Fix Brasilia timezone. [#1180 state:resolved] 

A reply-to header is added containing the author of the commit. This makes follow up really simple. If multiple commits are pushed at once, emails are numbered in chronological order:

[rails][master]000 Added deprecated warning messages to Float#months and Float#years deprications.
[rails][master]001 Enhance testing for fractional days and weeks. Update changelog.

Example email:


  • Ruby
  • RubyGems
  • diff/lcs gem
  • SMTP server or sendmail compatible mailer
  • mocha, hpricot gems for testing

Installing and Configuring

Before installing the Git Commit Notification script, make sure the following Git settings are correct:

  • git config hooks.mailinglist (email address of the recipient, probably your mailing list address)
  • git config hooks.emailprefix (application name, used in email subject)

See /usr/local/share/git_commit_notifier/config/config.yml for overriding these settings

Run the automated installation script:

sudo rake install

To update already installed script, use:

sudo rake update

See /usr/local/share/git_commit_notifier/config/config.yml for setting your SMTP server address and some other mail options.


MIT License, see the file LICENSE.