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Grendel is a RESTful web service which allows for the secure storage of users' documents.

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Fix tests that fail if you aren't in Pacific time zone.

These tests were comparing a java.util.Date.toString() (which falls in the default system time zone) to a hard-coded Pacific time zone string. Changed the hardcoded string to UTC and added a date formatter to spit out the comparison value in UTC as well.
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Octocat-spinner-32 Fix doc reference to ETag support. January 03, 2010
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Grendel is a RESTful web service which allows for the secure storage of users' documents.

When a Grendel user is created, an OpenPGP keyset (a master key for signing/verifying and a sub key for encrypting/decrypting) is generated. When the user stores a document, the document is signed with the user's master key and encrypted with their sub key.

Other users can be granted read-only access to these documents. For instance, if a web service stores documents securely for users, a user might grant the service administrators temporary shared access to their documents for support purposes, or may grant permanent access to another user for sharing purposes.

To get started using Grendel, read

To read about how to use Grendel, read

For a longer overview of the ideas behind Grendel, read "Protecting 'Cloud' Secrets with Grendel."

To read Grendel's distribution license, read

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