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Add a note explaining what to do to get around export restrictions.

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Brian Donovan
Brian Donovan committed May 12, 2010
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@@ -39,6 +39,13 @@ For example:
For more information, please refer to the
[Bouncy Castle documentation](
+**NOTE:** Due to US export restrictions, your version of Java may not ship with a
+security policy that enables the use of AES-256 by default. If you're affected, you'll
+see this when you run Grendel and do an operation that requires it:
+ com.wesabe.grendel.openpgp.CryptographicException: org.bouncycastle.openpgp.PGPException: Exception encrypting key
+If that happens you need to install the non-export security policy from [Sun's website]( under "Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files 6".
3. Build Grendel
@@ -66,7 +73,7 @@ Grendel requires a single configuration file, usually named
-Replace ${DBUSER}, ${DBPASSWORD}, and ${DBHOST} with values appropriate for
+Replace ${DBUSER}, ${DBPASSWORD}, and ${DBHOST} with values appropriate for
your system.
The `zeroDateTimeBehavior=convertToNull` option may be required to compensate
@@ -91,29 +98,29 @@ appropriate JDBC connection URL and Hibernate dialect in the configuration file:
You'll also need to place the JDBC drivers for your database on Grendel's
classpath when running Grendel:
java -cp postgresql-8.4-701.jdbc4.jar -jar target/grendel-${VERSION}.jar etc.
5. Run Grendel
For help, simply run:
java -jar target/grendel-${VERSION}.jar
(Replace `${VERSION}` with whatever version you're running.)
To generate a full database schema script, run this:
java -jar target/grendel-${VERSION}.jar schema -c
To generate a migration database schema script, run this:
java -jar target/grendel-${VERSION}.jar schema --migration -c
To run Grendel as a web service, run this:
java -jar target/grendel-${VERSION}.jar server -c -p 8080
This will run Grendel on port 8080.

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