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Online documentation for Stan language and platform
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Repository docs

Documentation for Stan language and platform

GitHub Pages

This repository uses GitHub Pages to serve the project pages site with URL The publishing strategy is to serve the contents of the directory docs on branch master. The docs directory contains an empty file named .nojekyll so that GitHub will treat the contents as pre-generated HTML instead of trying to run jekyll.

Directory Structure

  • src : directory of source files for Stan manuals and book, each in its own named subdirectory.

  • docs: the directory docs on branch master is the publishing source for the project pages site. Whenever a verified member of the Stan organization pushes to docs on branch master, GitHub (re)builds and (re)deploys the website.

  • python script which compiles markdown files under src to html and pdf and populates the docs dir with the generated documentation.

    • arg 1: MAJOR Stan version, required (expecting number, should be positive int)
    • arg 2: MINOR Stan version, required (expecting number, should be positive int)
    • arg 3: name of document (optional - will build entire docset)
    • arg 4: output format, either "html" or "pdf" (optional - default builds both html and pdfs)
  • LICENSE: licensing terms.

Generating the static site

  1. Install R packages: bookdown

  2. Install on OS and ensure on PATH: pandoc, pandoc-citeproc, pdflatex

  3. Run python <MAJOR> <MINOR> (<document> (<format>))

  4. The generated html and/or pdfs will be in the versioned subdirectory of docs.

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