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# Some functions for NLP
# Author: Wes Barnett
from re import sub
from string import punctuation
from nltk.stem.porter import PorterStemmer
from sklearn.feature_extraction.text import CountVectorizer
def process_text(txt):
"""Processes text in preparation for word stemming. Specifically it makes all
letters lowercase, removes line breaks and tabs, and converts numbers, urls, email
addresses, and dollar signs into symbolic characters. Removes additional
txt : string
The text to be processed.
txt : string
The processed text.
# Make text all lowercase, remove line breaks and tabs
txt = txt.lower()
txt = sub("\n", " ", txt)
txt = sub("\t", " ", txt)
txt = sub("/", " ", txt)
txt = sub("", "", txt)
# Convert numbers, urls, email addresses, and dollar signs
txt = sub("[0-9]+", "number", txt)
txt = sub("(http|https)://[^\s]*", "httpaddr", txt)
txt = sub("[^\s]+@[^\s]+", "emailaddr", txt)
txt = sub("[$]+", "dollar", txt)
# Remove additional punctuation
table = str.maketrans({key: None for key in punctuation})
txt = txt.translate(table)
return txt
def stemmed_words(doc):
"""Calls the text cleaner and then does stemming. This should be defined as the
'analyzer' in CountVectorizer() when called later.
doc : string
The text that will be processed and with words that will be stemmed.
tokens : Generator
Stemmed and tokenized words.
doc = process_text(doc)
stemmer = PorterStemmer()
analyzer = CountVectorizer(decode_error="ignore").build_analyzer()
tokens = (stemmer.stem(w) for w in analyzer(doc))
return tokens
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