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Updated README with more clarity around Powerline fonts installation.

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####Step-by-step installation
1. Drop the `cobalt2.zsh-theme` file in to the `~/.oh-my-zsh/themes/` directory.
2. Open up your ZSH preferences at `~/.zshrc` and change the theme variable to `ZSH_THEME="cobalt2"`.
+3. Install Powerline and necessary fonts, one way is using [PIP](
+ * For first time *PIP* users refer to this [PIP installation guide](
+ * To install Powerline using pip
+ ```
+pip install --user powerline-status
+ ```
+ * Now install all necessary fonts by downloading or cloning git repository.
+ ```
+git clone
+cd powerline
+ ```
3. In iTerm2 access the *Preferences* pane on the *Profiles* tab.
4. Under the *Colors* tab import the `cobalt2.itermcolors` file via the *Load Presets* drop-down.
5. Under the *Text* tab change the font for each type (*Regular* and *Non-ASCII*) to '**Inconsolata for Powerline**'. (Refer to the [powerline-fonts repo]( for help on font installation.)

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