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A time tracking skill for Mycroft A.I.
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Time Tracker


Track the amount of time you spend on your projects/tasks/activities. Great for freelancers or individuals who want to track the time on their projects/tasks/activities. Multiple tasks can be tracked at the same time, just make sure to stop all of them. All project names and time spent on them are stored in a projects.json file.

Usage 📝

Add project: Writes a new task name on file.

Delete project: Deletes a task name on file, if it exists.

Start project: Starts the timer on a task.

Stop project: Stops the timer on a task.

List projects: Lists all avaliable projects.

Create csv: Creates a csv for each project in a folder projects_csv in the skill's directory.

Details: Returns the past week's amount of time spent on a task.

Examples 🎤

  • "Add activity {running}"
  • "Delete activity {running}"
  • "Start activity {running}"
  • "Stop activity {running}"
  • "List all projects"
  • "Create csv for my projects"
  • "How long did I work this week on {job project}?"


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