Assets 2
  • Improvement: SAML configuration with environment variables
  • Improvement: Upload file with pasting from clipboard
  • Fix: /_api/revisions.get doesn't populate author data correctly
  • Fix: Wrong OAuth callback url are shown at admin page
  • Fix: Connecting to MongoDB failed when processing migration
  • Support: Get ready to use new config management system

@yuki-takei yuki-takei released this Dec 21, 2018

Assets 2
  • Feature: Show line numbers to a code block
  • Feature: Bulk update the scope of descendant pages when create/update page
  • Improvement: The scope of ascendant page will be retrieved and set to controls in advance when creating a new page
  • Fix: Pages that is restricted by groups couldn't be shown in search result page
  • Fix: Pages order in search result page was wrong
  • Fix: Guest user can't search
  • Fix: Possibility that ExternalAccount deletion processing selects incorrect data
  • Support: Upgrade libs
    • bootstrap-sass
    • i18next
    • migrate-mongo
    • string-width

@yuki-takei yuki-takei released this Dec 19, 2018

Assets 2
  • Fix: Specified Group ACL is not persisted correctly
    • Introduced 3.3.0

@yuki-takei yuki-takei released this Dec 19, 2018

Assets 2
  • Feature: NO_CDN Mode
  • Feature: Add option to show/hide restricted pages in list
  • Feature: MongoDB GridFS quota
  • Improvement: Refactor Access Control
  • Improvement: Checkbox behavior of task list
  • Improvement: Fixed search input on search result page
  • Improvement: Add 'christmas' theme
  • Improvement: Select default language of new users
  • Fix: Hide restricted pages contents in timeline
  • Support: Upgrade libs
    • googleapis
    • passport-saml
Dec 18, 2018

@yuki-takei yuki-takei released this Dec 7, 2018

Assets 2
  • Fix: Pages in trash are available to create
  • Fix: Couldn't create portal page under Crowi Classic Behavior
  • Fix: Table tag in Timeline/SearchResult missed border and BS3 styles
  • I18n: Installer

@yuki-takei yuki-takei released this Nov 29, 2018

Assets 2
  • Feature: Attachment Storing to MongoDB GridFS
  • Fix: row/col moving of Spreadsheet like GUI (Handsontable) doesn't work
  • Fix: Emoji AutoComplete dialog pops up at wrong position
  • Support: Upgrade libs
    • codemirror
    • react-codemirror2

@yuki-takei yuki-takei released this Nov 16, 2018

Assets 2
  • Improvement: Add an option to use email for account link when using SAML federation
  • Fix: Editor layout is sometimes broken
  • Fix: Normalize table data for Spreadsheet like GUI (Handsontable) when import
  • Support: Improve development environment
  • Support: Upgrade libs
    • googleapis
    • react-dropzone

@yuki-takei yuki-takei released this Nov 6, 2018

Assets 2
  • Feature: Import CSV/TSV/HTML table on Spreadsheet like GUI (Handsontable)
  • Fix: Pasting table data copied from Excel includes unnecessary line breaks
  • Fix: Page break Preset 1 for Presentation mode is broken
  • Fix: Login Form when LDAP login failed caused 500 Internal Server Error

@yuki-takei yuki-takei released this Oct 26, 2018

Assets 2
  • Feature: Add select alignment buttons of Spreadsheet like GUI (Handsontable)
  • Improvement: Shrink the rows that have no diff of revision history page
  • Fix: Login form rejects weak password
  • Fix: An error occured by uploading attachment file when the page is not exists
    • Introduced by 2.3.5
  • Support: Upgrade libs
    • i18next-express-middleware
    • i18next-node-fs-backend
    • i18next-sprintf-postprocessor