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(in-package :gcode)
(defun offset-line (line offset)
(let* ((normal (vector-normal line))
(offset-normal (point-* normal offset)))
(make-line :a (point-+ (line-a line) offset-normal)
:b (point-+ (line-b line) offset-normal))))
(defun offset-arc (arc offset)
(with-slots (a b centre direction) arc
(let ((vb (normalize-vector (make-line :a centre :b b)))
(va (normalize-vector (make-line :a centre :b a)))
(off2 (case direction
(:cw offset)
(:ccw (- offset))))
(l1 (arc-radius arc)))
(if (and (< off2 0)
(>= (abs off2) l1))
(offset-line (make-line :a a :b b) offset)
(make-arc :centre centre :direction direction
:a (point-+ a (point-* va off2))
:b (point-+ b (point-* vb off2)))))))
(defun point-= (p1 p2)
(and (= (2d-point-x p1) (2d-point-x p2))
(= (2d-point-y p1) (2d-point-y p2))))
(defun line-= (l1 l2)
(and (point-= (line-a l1) (line-a l2))
(point-= (line-b l1) (line-b l2))))
(defun point-epsilon= (p1 p2)
(and (epsilon-= (2d-point-x p1) (2d-point-x p2))
(epsilon-= (2d-point-y p1) (2d-point-y p2))))
(defun arc-= (a1 a2)
(and (point-= (arc-centre a1) (arc-centre a2))
(if (eq (arc-direction a1) (arc-direction a2))
(and (point-= (arc-a a1) (arc-a a2))
(point-= (arc-b a1) (arc-b a2)))
(and (point-= (arc-a a1) (arc-b a2))
(point-= (arc-b a1) (arc-a a2))))))
(deftest :offset-arc "Offset cw arc outside"
(let ((arc (make-arc :centre (2dp 100 100)
:a (2dp 90 100)
:b (2dp 100 90)
:direction :cw)))
(arc-= (offset-arc arc 5)
(make-arc :centre (2dp 100 100)
:a (2dp 85 100)
:b (2dp 100 85)
:direction :cw)))
(arc-= (offset-arc arc 10)
(make-arc :centre (2dp 100 100)
:a (2dp 80 100)
:b (2dp 100 80)
:direction :cw)))
(arc-= (offset-arc arc 20)
(make-arc :centre (2dp 100 100)
:a (2dp 70 100)
:b (2dp 100 70)
:direction :cw)))
(deftest :offset-arc "Offset ccw arc outside"
(let ((arc (make-arc :centre (2dp 100 100)
:a (2dp 90 100)
:b (2dp 100 90)
:direction :ccw)))
(arc-= (offset-arc arc 5)
(make-arc :centre (2dp 100 100)
:a (2dp 95 100)
:b (2dp 100 95)
:direction :ccw)))
(null (offset-arc arc 10)))
(null (offset-arc arc 20)))
(defun wrap-around (curve)
(concatenate 'list curve (list (first curve))))
(defgeneric intersection-object (obj1 obj2))
(defstruct long-line
a b)
(defmethod intersection-object ((l1 long-line) (l2 line))
(let ((res (line-intersection (long-line-a l1) (long-line-b l1) (line-a l2) (line-b l2))))
(cond ((null res) nil)
((eq res :parallel)
(list (line-a l2)))
((on-segment-p l2 res)
(list res)))))
(defmethod intersection-object ((l2 line) (l1 long-line))
(intersection-object l1 l2))
(defmethod intersection-object ((l1 line) (l2 line))
(let ((res (intersection-line l1 l2)))
(cond ((null res) nil)
((eq res :parallel)
;; XXX flubbidel
((and (on-segment-p l1 res)
(on-segment-p l2 res))
(list res)))))
(defmethod intersection-object ((a1 arc) (l2 long-line))
(let ((results (intersection-line-circle (long-line-a l2) (long-line-b l2) (arc-centre a1)
(line-length (make-line :a (arc-a a1)
:b (arc-centre a1))))))
(loop for res in results
when (on-arc-p a1 res)
collect res)))
(defmethod intersection-object ((l2 long-line) (a1 arc))
(intersection-object a1 l2))
(defmethod intersection-object ((a1 arc) (l2 line))
(let ((results (intersection-line-circle (line-a l2) (line-b l2) (arc-centre a1)
(line-length (make-line :a (arc-a a1)
:b (arc-centre a1))))))
(loop for res in results
when (and (on-arc-p a1 res)
(on-segment-p l2 res))
collect res)))
(defun intersection-2-circles (c1 c2)
(let ((d (line-length (make-line :a (circle-centre c1)
:b (circle-centre c2))))
(r1 (circle-radius c1))
(r2 (circle-radius c2))
(x1 (2d-point-x (circle-centre c1)))
(y1 (2d-point-y (circle-centre c1)))
(x2 (2d-point-x (circle-centre c2)))
(y2 (2d-point-y (circle-centre c2))))
(cond ((> d (+ r1 r2))
((< d (abs (- r1 r2)))
((and (= d 0)
(= r1 r2))
(t (let* ((dis (!! (sqrt (((square (r1 + r2)) - (square d)) *
((square d) - (square (r2 - r1)))))))
(coeff (!! ((square r1) - (square r2)) / (2 * (square d))))
(x_first (!! ((x1 + x2) / 2) + coeff * (x2 - x1)))
(y_first (!! ((y1 + y2) / 2) + coeff * (y2 - y1)))
(_x1 (!! x_first + ((y2 - y1) / (2 * (square d))) * dis))
(_y1 (!! y_first - ((x2 - x1) / (2 * (square d))) * dis))
(_x2 (!! x_first - ((y2 - y1) / (2 * (square d))) * dis))
(_y2 (!! y_first + ((x2 - x1) / (2 * (square d))) * dis)))
;; (format t "dis: ~A~%" dis)
(if (or (= d (+ r2 r1))
(and (= _x1 _x2)
(= _y1 _y2)))
(list (2dp _x1 _y1))
(list (2dp _x1 _y1)
(2dp _x2 _y2))))))))
(deftest :intersection "2 circles"
(let ((c1 (make-circle :centre (2dp 0 0) :radius 2))
(c2 (make-circle :centre (2dp 4 0) :radius 2)))
(format t "interesection 2 circles: ~A~%" (intersection-2-circles c1 c2))))
(defmethod intersection-object ((l1 line) (a2 arc))
(intersection-object a2 l1))
(defmethod intersection-object ((c1 circle) (c2 circle))
(intersection-2-circles c1 c2))
(defmethod intersection-object ((a1 arc) (a2 arc))
(let ((points (intersection-object (make-circle :centre (arc-centre a1)
:radius (arc-radius a1))
(make-circle :centre (arc-centre a2)
:radius (arc-radius a2)))))
(cond ((eq points t)
(if (arc-= a1 a2)
(format t "equal arcs ~A ~A~%" a1 a2)
(error "equal arcs ~A ~A" a1 a2))
(let ((res))
(when (point-= (arc-a a1) (arc-b a2))
(push (arc-a a1) res))
(when (point-= (arc-a a1) (arc-a a2))
(push (arc-a a1) res))
(when (point-= (arc-b a1) (arc-b a2))
(push (arc-b a1) res))
(when (point-= (arc-b a1) (arc-a a2))
(push (arc-b a1) res))
(remove-if-not #'(lambda (x)
(and (on-arc-p a1 x)
(on-arc-p a2 x))) points)))))
(deftest :intersection "intersection 2 segments"
(test-assert (point-= (first (intersection-object
(make-line :a (2dp 0 0) :b (2dp 0 1))
(make-line :a (2dp 0 1) :b (2dp 1 1))))
(2dp 0 1)))
(test-assert (point-= (first (intersection-object
:A (make-2D-POINT :X 200.0 :Y 35.0)
:B (make-2D-POINT :X 30.0 :Y 35.0))
:A (make-2D-POINT :X 35.0 :Y 30.0)
:B (make-2D-POINT :X 35.0 :Y 200.0))))
(2dp 35 35))))
(test-assert (null (intersection-object
(make-line :a (2dp 0 0) :b (2dp 0 1))
(make-line :a (2dp 0 1.1) :b (2dp 1 1)))))
(defgeneric offset-object (object offset))
(defmethod offset-object ((l1 line) offset)
(offset-line l1 offset))
(defmethod offset-object ((a1 arc) offset)
(offset-arc a1 offset))
(defun segment-end (seg)
(cond ((typep seg 'line)
(line-b seg))
((typep seg 'arc)
(arc-b seg))
((typep seg 'list)
(segment-end (first (last seg))))))
(defun circular-segment-p (seg)
(point-epsilon= (segment-start seg) (segment-end seg)))
(defun segment-start (seg)
(cond ((typep seg 'line)
(line-a seg))
((typep seg 'arc)
(arc-a seg))
((typep seg 'list)
(segment-start (first seg)))))
(defun seg-stop-at (seg at)
(cond ((typep seg 'line)
(make-line :a (line-a seg)
:b at))
((typep seg 'arc)
(make-arc :a (arc-a seg)
:b at
:centre (arc-centre seg)
:direction (arc-direction seg)))))
(defun seg-start-at (seg at)
(cond ((typep seg 'line)
(make-line :a at
:b (line-b seg)))
((typep seg 'arc)
(make-arc :b (arc-b seg)
:a at
:centre (arc-centre seg)
:direction (arc-direction seg)))))
(defun object-line (object)
(cond ((typep object 'line)
((typep object 'arc)
(make-line :a (arc-a object) :b (arc-b object)))))
(defun offset-curve (curve offset &key (step nil))
(let* ((curve2
(steps 0)
(last-part (first curve2))
(last-seg (offset-object (first curve2) offset))
(last-last-seg (offset-object (car (last curve2)) offset))
(intersect (intersection-object last-seg last-last-seg))
;; (setf curve2 (wrap-around curve2))
(when intersect
(setf last-seg (seg-start-at last-seg (first intersect))))
(flet ((insert-seg (seg)
;; (format t "INSERT SEG: ~A~%" seg)
(setf res (insert-segment-with-intersection res seg))
(unless (null step)
(sdl:with-color (col (sdl:color :r 0 :g 0 :b 0))
(sdl:clear-display col))
(sdl:with-color (col (sdl:color :r 255 :g 0 :b 0))
(draw-curve curve))
(sdl:with-color (col (sdl:color :r 255 :g 255 :b 255))
(draw-curve res))
(unless (null step)
(draw-curve curve)
(draw-curve res))
#+nil(push seg res)))
(loop for part in (cdr curve2)
for seg = (offset-object part offset)
for intersect = (when seg (intersection-object last-seg seg))
(unless (null step)
(sdl:with-color (sdl:*default-color* (sdl:color :r 0 :g 0 :b 255))
(draw-curve (list seg))
(sdl:with-color (sdl:*default-color* (sdl:color :r 0 :g 200 :b 255))
(draw-curve (list last-seg)))
(draw-curve (list seq))
(draw-curve (list last-seq))
(when (= steps 0)
(setf steps (read)))
(decf steps))
(cond ((null intersect)
(insert-seg last-seg)
(when (null intersect)
(let* ((length (line-length (make-line :a (segment-start seg)
:b (segment-end last-seg))))
(arc (if (< length 0.1)
(make-line :a (segment-end last-seg)
:b (segment-start seg))
(make-arc :a (segment-end last-seg)
:b (segment-start seg)
:centre (segment-start part)
:direction (if (> offset 0)
;; (format t "insert ar intersect: ~A ~A~%" arc length)
(insert-seg arc))))
(insert-seg (seg-stop-at last-seg (first intersect)))))
(setf last-seg seg)
(setf last-part part)))
(push (make-line :a (object-end-point (first res))
:b (object-start-point (first (last res)))) res)
(nreverse res)))
(defun insert-segment-with-intersection (segments segment)
(let ((restliste segments)
(do* ((list segments (cdr list))
(elt (first segments) (first list)))
((null list)
(if (null restintersection)
(cons segment segments)
(append (list (seg-start-at segment restintersection)
(seg-stop-at (first restliste) restintersection))
(cdr restliste))))
(let ((intersection (intersection-object elt segment)))
(cond ((= (length intersection) 2)
(warn "arcs schneiden sich in 2 punkt, igitt, nicht jetzt"))
((= (length intersection) 1)
(let ((intersection (first intersection)))
;; (format t "objekte shcneiden sich in ~A~%" intersection)
(setf restintersection intersection
restliste list))))))))
(deftest :insert-segment-with-intersection ()
(let ((l1 (list
(make-line :a (2dp 0 10) :b (2dp 0 20))
(make-line :a (2dp 0 0) :b (2dp 0 10)))))
(insert-segment-with-intersection l1 (make-line :a (2dp -1 4) :b (2dp 10 4)))))
(defparameter *test-curve*
(list (make-line :a (2dp 30 30) :b (2dp 200 30))
(make-line :a (2dp 200 30) :b (2dp 200 200))
(make-line :a (2dp 200 200) :b (2dp 30 200))
(make-line :a (2dp 30 200) :b (2dp 30 30))))
(defun make-line-curve (coords)
(let (res)
(loop for (_a _b) on coords
when (null _b)
do (setf _b (first coords))
(let ((a (2dp (first _a) (second _a)))
(b (2dp (first _b) (second _b))))
(push (make-line :a a :b b) res)))
(nreverse res)))
(defparameter *test-curve2*
(make-line-curve '((30 30) (30 200) (200 200) (200 30))))
(defparameter *test-curve3*
(make-line-curve (reverse '((150 110) (140 120) (150 130) (120 130)
(150 140) (160 120) (150 130)))))
(defparameter *test-curve4*
(list (make-arc :a (2dp 100 90) :b (2dp 90 100) :centre (2dp 100 100) :direction :cw)
(make-arc :a (2dp 90 100) :b (2dp 100 110) :centre (2dp 100 100) :direction :cw)
(make-arc :a (2dp 100 110) :b (2dp 110 100) :centre (2dp 100 100) :direction :cw)
(make-arc :a (2dp 110 100) :b (2dp 100 90) :centre (2dp 100 100) :direction :cw)))
(defparameter *test-curve5*
(list (make-arc :a (2dp 100 90) :b (2dp 90 100) :centre (2dp 100 100) :direction :cw)
(make-arc :a (2dp 90 100) :b (2dp 80 110) :centre (2dp 80 100) :direction :ccw)
(make-arc :a (2dp 80 110) :b (2dp 90 120) :centre (2dp 90 110) :direction :cw)
(make-arc :a (2dp 90 120) :b (2dp 100 110) :centre (2dp 90 110) :direction :cw)
(make-arc :a (2dp 100 110) :b (2dp 110 100) :centre (2dp 100 100) :direction :cw)
(make-arc :a (2dp 110 100) :b (2dp 100 90) :centre (2dp 100 100) :direction :cw)))
(defparameter *test-curve6*
(list (make-arc :a (2dp 90 100) :b (2dp 100 110) :centre (2dp 100 100) :direction :cw)
(make-arc :a (2dp 100 110) :b (2dp 110 120) :centre (2dp 110 110) :direction :cw)
(make-line :a (2dp 110 120) :b (2dp 110 100))
(make-line :a (2dp 110 100) :b (2dp 90 100))))
(defparameter *test-arc*
(list (make-arc :a (2dp 100 90) :b (2dp 90 100) :centre (2dp 100 100))
(make-arc :a (2dp 110 100) :b (2dp 100 90) :centre (2dp 100 100))))
(defun reverse-curve (curve)
(let ((res))
(loop for elt in curve
do (cond ((typep elt 'arc)
(with-slots (a b centre direction) elt
(make-arc :a b :b a :centre centre :direction (case direction
(:cw :ccw)
(:ccw :cw)))
((typep elt 'line)
(with-slots (a b) elt
(push (make-line :a b :b a) res)))))
(defparameter *test-curve7*
(list (make-line :a (2dp 120 100) :b (2dp 100 100))
(make-arc :a (2dp 100 100) :b (2dp 100 104) :centre (2dp 100 102) :direction :cw)
(make-arc :a (2dp 100 104) :b (2dp 100 108) :centre (2dp 100 106) :direction :cw)
(make-arc :a (2dp 100 108) :b (2dp 100 112) :centre (2dp 100 110) :direction :cw)
(make-arc :a (2dp 100 112) :b (2dp 100 116) :centre (2dp 100 114) :direction :cw)
(make-arc :a (2dp 100 116) :b (2dp 100 120) :centre (2dp 100 118) :direction :cw)
(make-line :a (2dp 100 120) :b (2dp 120 120))
(make-line :a (2dp 120 120) :b (2dp 120 100)))))
(defun sdl-curve-offset (curve offset)
(let ((curve (curve-to-arcs curve)))
(sdl:with-init ()
(sdl:window 1200 480)
(setf (sdl:frame-rate) -1)
(sdl:clear-display (sdl:color :r 0 :g 0 :b 0))
(sdl:with-color (col (sdl:color :r 255 :g 0 :b 0))
(draw-curve curve :color col))
(cond ((listp offset)
(dolist (off offset)
(sdl:with-color (col (sdl:color :r 255 :g 255 :b 255))
(draw-curve (offset-curve curve off) :color col))))
(t (sdl:with-color (col (sdl:color :r 255 :g 255 :b 255))
(draw-curve (offset-curve curve offset) :color col))))
(sdl:with-events ()
(:quit-event () t)))))
(defun sdl-curve-step (curve offset)
(let ((curve (curve-to-arcs curve)))
(sdl:with-init ()
(sdl:window 1240 480)
(setf (sdl:frame-rate) -1)
(sdl:clear-display (sdl:color :r 0 :g 0 :b 0))
(offset-curve curve offset :step t)
(sdl:with-events ()
(:quit-event () t)))))
(defparameter *test-curve8*
A (list (make-ARC
:A (make-2D-POINT :X 122.70350720208663d0 :Y 91.4762717112958d0)
:B (make-2D-POINT :X 129.17455000574907d0 :Y 80.83247047936504d0)
:CENTRE (make-2D-POINT :X 135.0327466532994d0 :Y 91.68301987970003d0)
:A (make-2D-POINT :X 129.17455000574907d0 :Y 80.83247047936504d0)
:B (make-2D-POINT :X 143.4106116342254d0 :Y 80.60407206612663d0)
:CENTRE (make-2D-POINT :X 136.5449449127566d0 :Y 96.44811250298646d0)
:A (make-2D-POINT :X 143.4106116342254d0 :Y 80.60407206612663d0)
:B (make-2D-POINT :X 144.77168014187748d0 :Y 80.73988759002842d0)
:CENTRE (make-2D-POINT :X 144.1751993954996d0 :Y 79.82964178998908d0)
:A (make-2D-POINT :X 144.77168014187748d0 :Y 80.73988759002842d0)
:B (make-2D-POINT :X 144.52164220608933d0 :Y 78.90127172899423d0)
:CENTRE (make-2D-POINT :X 142.6560272385542d0 :Y 80.09129091066121d0)
:A (make-2D-POINT :X 144.52164220608933d0 :Y 78.90127172899423d0)
:B (make-2D-POINT :X 130.17592040803706d0 :Y 58.75405954637904d0)
:CENTRE (make-2D-POINT :X 96.12895779148438d0 :Y 98.17803507637039d0)
:A (make-2D-POINT :X 130.17592040803706d0 :Y 58.75405954637904d0)
:B (make-2D-POINT :X 123.67971459857519d0 :Y 52.00811909275808d0))))
(defun bla ()
(with-transform ((translation-matrix -100 -100))
(with-transform ((scaling-matrix 4))
(sdl-curve-step *test-curve7* 5))))
(deftest :intersection "line interesection"
(test-assert (point-=
(first (intersection-object (make-line :a (2dp 115 115)
:b (2dp 100 115))
(make-line :a (2dp 105 116)
:b (2dp 105 112))))
(2dp 105 115))))
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