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(in-package :gcode)
(defun make-raster-line (y)
(make-long-line :a (2dp 0 y) :b (2dp 1 y)))
(defun line-intersections (line curve)
(let ((*epsilon* 0.1))
;; (format t "~%")
(loop for seg in curve
for intersects = (intersection-object line seg)
appending intersects
;; unless (null intersects)
;; do ;;(format t "~A~% intersects with seg ~A =>~% ~A~%" line seg intersects)
(defun intersecting-y (curve y)
(loop for seg in curve
for start = (object-start-point seg)
for end = (object-end-point seg)
when (or (and (<= y (2d-point-y start))
(>= y (2d-point-y end)))
(and (>= y (2d-point-y start))
(<= y (2d-point-y end))))
collect seg))
(defun nearest-seg-point (seg y)
(let* ((start (object-start-point seg))
(end (object-end-point seg)))
(if (> (abs (- (2d-point-y start) y))
(abs (- (2d-point-y end) y)))
(defun intersecting-points-line (curve y)
(let ((segs (intersecting-y curve y))
(line (make-raster-line y)))
(loop for seg in segs
for intersects = (intersection-object line seg)
for nearest = (nearest-seg-point seg y)
;; do (format t "y: ~A segment: ~A~% interse: ~A~%nearest: ~A~%" y seg intersects (nearest-seg-point seg y))
appending (if (or (null intersects)
(< (abs (- (2d-point-y nearest) y))
(abs (- (2d-point-y (first intersects)) y))))
(list (nearest-seg-point seg y))
(defgeneric extend-seg (obj step))
(defmethod extend-seg ((l1 line) step)
(let ((norm (normalize-vector l1)))
(with-slots (a b) l1
(make-line :a (point-+ a (point-* norm step))
:b (point-+ b (point-* norm (- step)))))))
(defmethod extend-seg ((a1 arc) step)
(defun remove-points-clever (points)
(when (oddp (length points))
(let ((p2 (remove-duplicates points :test #'point-=)))
(if (evenp (length p2))
(return-from remove-points-clever p2))))
(when (oddp (length points))
(dolist (*epsilon* '(1 0.1 0.001 0.001 0.0001))
(let ((p2 (remove-duplicates points :test #'point-epsilon=)))
(if (evenp (length p2))
(return-from remove-points-clever p2)))))
(defun intersections-to-segments (intersections y)
(let* ((*epsilon* 0.001)
(sorted-points (sort intersections #'< :key #'2d-point-x)))
;; (format t "intersections: ~A~%" sorted-points)
(setf sorted-points (remove-points-clever sorted-points))
;; (format t "sorted points: ~A~%" sorted-points)
;; (format t "length: ~A~%" (length sorted-points))
(loop for (a b) on sorted-points by #'cddr
unless (null b)
collect (make-line :a (2dp (2d-point-x a) y) :b (2dp (2d-point-x b) y)))))
(defun sdl-draw-raster (curves &key (start-y 0) (end-y 300) (step 1))
(sdl:with-init ()
(sdl:window 1240 600)
(setf (sdl:frame-rate) -1)
(sdl:clear-display (sdl:color :r 0 :g 0 :b 0))
(dolist (curve curves)
(sdl:with-color (col (sdl:color :r 255 :g 255 :b 255))
(draw-curve (curve-to-arcs curve) :color col))
(sdl:with-color (col (sdl:color :r 255 :g 0 :b 255))
(dolist (seg (raster curve :start-y start-y :end-y end-y :step step))
(draw-curve (list seg) :color col))))
(sdl:with-events ()
(:quit-event () t))))
(defvar *current-curve* nil)
(defun raster (curve &key (start-y 0) (end-y 300) (step 1))
(let (res
(*current-curve* curve))
(loop for y from start-y below end-y by step
appending (intersections-to-segments (intersecting-points-line curve y) y)))))
(defmethod cnc-distance ((p1 2d-point) (p2 2d-point))
(let* ((line (make-line :a p1 :b p2))
(intersections #+nil(mapcan #'(lambda (x) (intersection-object line x))
(setf intersections (remove p1 (remove p2 intersections :test #'point-epsilon=)
:test #'point-epsilon=))
;; (format t "cnc distance ~A ~A : ~A~%" p1 p2 intersections)
(if (null intersections)
(max (abs (- (2d-point-x p1) (2d-point-x p2)))
(abs (- (2d-point-y p1) (2d-point-y p2))))
(defmethod cnc-distance ((p 2d-point) (l line))
(min (cnc-distance p (line-a l))
(cnc-distance p (line-b l))))
(defun raster-tsp-nearest-neighbor (segments &key (start (2dp 0 0)))
(loop with current-segment = (nearest-neighbor start segments)
with old-segment = nil
with current-point = (line-b current-segment)
with rest-segments = (remove current-segment segments)
for line = (unless (null old-segment)
(make-line :a (line-b old-segment) :b (line-a current-segment)))
;; do
;; (format t "old ~A~%current ~A~%point ~A~%" old-segment current-segment current-point)
unless (or (null old-segment)
(> (line-length line) 5)
(not (null (line-intersections line *current-curve*))))
;; check crossing of mill path, maybe move later to milling phase
collect line
;; XXX up in the air
;; unless (or (null old-segment)
;; (> (line-length (make-line :a (line-b old-segment) :b (line-a current-segment))) 5))
;; do (format t "connecting~%")
;; else do (format t "not connecting~%")
collect current-segment
until (null rest-segments)
do (setf old-segment current-segment
current-segment (nearest-neighbor current-point rest-segments)
rest-segments (remove current-segment rest-segments :test #'line-=))
(setf current-segment (reorder-line current-point current-segment)
current-point (line-b current-segment))))
(defun reorder-line (p l1)
(with-slots (a b) l1
(if (< (line-length (make-line :a p :b a))
(line-length (make-line :a p :b b)))
(make-line :a b :b a))))
(defmethod nearest-neighbor ((p 2d-point) segments)
(let ((segment-distances (loop for m2 in segments
collect (list (cnc-distance p m2) m2))))
(let ((line (second (first (sort segment-distances #'< :key #'first)))))
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