Send logs from LimaCharlie to Security Onion
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Send logs from LimaCharlie to Security Onion
PLEASE test with a test instance of Security Onion before attempting in Production

  1. Sign up for a free account at

  2. Download the sensor package and follow the instructions to activate the sensor on a supported OS.

  3. Create your detection rules.

  4. Add an output for s3 or syslog, selecting to alert on Detections. If using syslog make sure to send using TLS and specify your IP, then a port of 6514, like: SECURITYONIONIP:6514.

  5. Make sure to allow LimaCharlie logs via Security Onion (Example, for syslog: sudo ufw allow proto tcp from LIMACHARLIE_IP to any port 6514) and your firewall (make sure to configure your Security Group if AWS).

  6. On a test standalone instace, copy the files in the s3 or syslog folder to /etc/logstash/custom, with the exception of securityonion.conf (this file is only included as a reference for how you should expose logstash-limacharlie-template.json through LOGSTASH_OPTIONS).

  7. If using the s3 input, specify the bucket name, access key id, and secret access key in 0000_limacharlie_s3.conf.

    If using the syslog input, you'll need to add configuration to /etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf and create a cert to send syslog securely:

    source s_tls {
                tls( key_file("/etc/syslog-ng/ssl/logserver.key")

    Also add source(s_tls); to the log {} stanza with the other sources like bro, ossec, network, etc.

    The following link is what I've used to create the cert:

    Restart syslog-ng with sudo service syslog-ng restart.

  8. Run the following commands to remove old templates, and to sync the files and restart Logstash:
    sudo so-logstash-stop
    curl -XDELETE localhost:9200/_template/logstash*
    sudo so-logstash-restart && sudo tail -f /var/log/logstash/logstash.log

  9. Wait until Logstash log shows "Pipelines running...".

  10. Trigger a detection rule on the host with sensor installed and wait for the event to flow through Logstash/Kibana (try filtering events with event_type:limacharlie.